Online Casino Evolution- From the Beginning

You may not be in agreement, but common opinion agrees that the first online gambling site was Microgaming’s Gaming Club online casino. This ground breaking casino went live in 1996 and set the stage for things to come. Within a year there were more than 10 online casinos in operation, with numbers swelling fast thereafter.

Now, there are hundreds of online casinos in operation and the games we can enjoy are a far cry from those first offerings. Online casino software has improved by such leaps and bounds that the two are difficult to compare, and technology and faster Internet speeds have ensured that today’s gaming experience is authentic, realistic and accurate.

The Introduction and Growth of Mobile Online Casinos

Interestingly, online casinos took a while to really take off, but the advent of mobile casinos has seen accelerated growth in a short period of time.2016 had Google reporting that mobile searches outstripped those made on desktop, and, as a result, has now upped its efforts to make sure that the sites which enjoy high rankings are able to provide an excellent overall experience by means of smartphone and tablet.

Google is backing sites that show a good response for mobile users, and, thanks to the fact that these are enjoying far higher rankings, online casino software developers are making it a priority to ensure mobile access and support is readily available.

Online casino technology has changed vastly thanks to the growth in mobile technology, with online casinos offering players 3D games with hi-definition graphics, and more mobile pokies and other popular games being made available for smartphone and tablet users. Real money gaming apps are commonplace, and online casinos that have not jumped on the mobile bandwagon are being left behind.

AppsAlteringGambling Online

Mobile gambling has surpassed the $100 billion mark, and there are roughly 160 million people using their smartphones and tablets to place bets on various sporting events, buying lottery tickets on the go, and playing a range of sophisticated pokies titles.

2018’s projections clearly show that mobile gambling activities will comprise up to 40% of the online gambling market, and mobile casino game applications are a large part of why. Mobile gaming has made online casino entertainment even easier to access and a greater number of people are able to enjoy what’s on offer, at their convenience.

What Does the Future Hold?

There are many different business sectors that have started showing interest in getting hold of their share of the online gambling market. Virtual Reality is just one of these sectors, as are the designers of smartwatches and other wearable’s and the creators of Augmented Reality games. Gamblers can fully expect to enjoy an enhanced online or mobile gaming experience in the future, as further innovations emerge.

The growth and advancement of the online gambling industry is truly phenomenal, and, thanks to how dynamic this market is, particularly as regards mobile gambling, the trend is set to continue.