It’s no secret that millions of bettors wonder how to bet successfully and win more. The fact is, many of those have an impressive betting history, yet possess no special strategy to make the winnings systematic. In their cases losses happen much more often than the payouts and the damages they suffer turn to be severe. However, habit is the thing that’s hard to quit and thus, people continue betting and chase losses. All because they don’t have a developed system and don’t know how it’s done.

Understand how the sportsbooks make odds

The key factor here is the popularity of this or that team or event. The numbers will depend on the overall team’s performance and how well it is accepted by the audience. This is, surely, a rough description, yet it’s not deprived of common sense. The odds usually reflect the sportsbooks’ expectations of what the public is likely to play. They are set to attract bettors and bring some balance to the betting, however, they aren’t supposed to predict the possible outcome. A smart punter knows that and, therefore, makes the adequate conclusions.

Realize the difference between the winning probability and the odds offered

There are bettors who simply go for the highest odds possible and hope for a big sum of money to flow into their hands quickly. In terms of payout, this is, definitely, not the best choice ever. Higher odds don’t necessarily guarantee the winning; one should mind the probability factor. If you compare the public’s favorites to some less eminent teams, the latter will have lower probability (chances to win) and betting on them might turn to be a loss. Consider it prior to placing any wagers.

Mind your bankroll

As long as you intend to win money you need to have a bankroll that allows for absorbing some damages. That’s how it is. Thus, if you’re planning to make some 200 bets annually (for a start) with an approximate value of $20 each, you need to prepare $1000 and place this money aside. It’s of primary importance to draw a strict line, separating the money for playing from the money for living in order not to go broke. Only after that you can move to the site registration and get to betting. But in case you don’t have enough funds on you to cover the losses, you better leave the idea. Wait until you can afford it.

Make an extensive bookmaker’s portfolio

Many admit that in order to get maximum opportunities one needs to have more than a single account on a single bookmaker’s site. The reason is that different sites may offer different odds for the same events. Being prepared for a bettor means being fully armed. So as long as one’s full of ardor and knows the strategy, the tips will work faultlessly. And thus, sticking to the system will help to beat the bookies in the overwhelming majority of cases.