For those starting out, in long-term careers or searching for new opportunities, it can often be frustrating to learn of others earning a decent living from home. ‘How do they do it?’‘Why can’t I?’ ‘Is there a catch?’ – are some of the questions often raised. It may shock you to know you can easily join them! In this modern age with the proliferation and ease of access of technology and online marketplaces, scrupulous individuals have continued to seek out new sources of revenue.

The caveat is that for some of these examples you must be able to develop an element of professionalism in your chosen field. Photographers must have a competent portfolio clients can browse through, and eBay online stores need to have a well-reviewed and simple transaction process, which guarantees high quality items as described.

Here are a few we picked out, which may help boost your income or kick-start new business:

Online betting

Not only is it easy to make relative thousands of pounds through fairly effortless betting, but also your winnings made at online casinos like Easy Slots have the best slot games and are completely tax-free. Similarly, to make money from matched bets, you don’t necessarily need to know a lot about sports betting or carry a vested interest. It works by taking advantage of all the free bets and bonuses you often see advertised, covering all outcomes.  All risk is eliminated through betting both for and against certain outcomes. You could play one of the top slot games like starburst.



Now a tried and true formula for making some extra cash, eBay is a good start to both de-clutter your house and make some money in the process. Virtually any item, be it an old mobile phone, all the way up to old furniture and cars. Chances are someone in the world may want your item so why not put it up for auction?


Product reviews

You’re opinion matters and can be turned into cash at sites such as Toluna that will pay for reviews of a certain length. However these do require original thought and not just pages of technical specifications of the product itself.



Although new policy and stricter ad control on videos, you can still make money from videos uploaded to YouTube although you may have to think more careful about what content you upload as content can now instantly be demonetised if it doesn’t fit in with YouTube’s strict guidelines. Many people have become internet millionaires from this site so it is possible to earn big, provided you follow the rules with original content. Good luck!


Paid surveys

Websites such as ‘opinionpeople’ and others will offer voucher-based remuneration such as Amazon vouchers to take online surveys and questionnaires about anything from new products to brand opinions.

With all these options it is important to remember they do require some effort in obtaining the money. For those looking for larger sums more effort, naturally, is required and not all methods will be applicable to everyone. That being said, we hope these ideas may spark your interest and curiosity when seeking out new sources of revenue.