Looking for something different? Try online sports betting!

As a gamer you are familiar with the fun that playing brings- but what if I told you that there was something else you could be doing with your time that would result in you winning big cash prizes? That reality is now here with the wonderful world of online betting and gambling. From casinos to slots to online sportsbooks where you can place wagers on all of your favourite sporting events- if you are looking for a new digital kick- you can find it here! With so many different service providers available, you might get a little confused knowing which one to pick, but do not worry as there are lots of sites that offer you the lowdown on the best choice for you. You can check out the popular best betting offers here! Whatever your favourite sport is, we have got you covered so read on to find out more!


If you are a big football fan, you can easily enhance the way that you enjoy the game by adding the excitement of winning a prize! Whether you enjoy Premier League, the mega popular Champions League, Euro, World Cup, or local leagues and divisions, you will find a great range of free bets and special offers to entice you.


Rugby (union and league, there is a difference!) is a hugely popular British sport with a following to rival that of football. With no holds barred, nonstop action from start to finish it is a tougher game than football and is played with an oval shaped ball. Rugby is not for the faint hearted, and having a bet on your favourite team or player is a sure-fire way to add another dimension of excitement!


Betting on the horses is as much a part of British tradition as the race itself! From the Cheltenham Cup to The Grand National and all of the other races in between, there is a huge variety of chances to win. A sport for gentlemen, raced by gentlemen, but you do not have to be a gentleman to get involved!

Dog Racing

If the horses aren’t for you, why not try your hand at punting on the dogs? Dog racing is immensely popular in the UK and offers hundreds of opportunities to win big cash prizes!


We all love tennis, the gentle puck-sound as the ball gets batted back and forth across the net- what is not to love? But putting a bet on Wimbledon or The Open can really heat things up a bit.

American Football

Wherever you are from- American football is a great game- a combination between British football and rugby. From the Super Bowl to the NFL league- tune in and take a bet for a top-quality game!

These are just a couple of sports that you could consider betting on, although the sky is really the limit when it comes to choice. Even the more obscure sports are covered, so if you are looking for something different instead of just playing computer games, we might have found you something that will tick all of your boxes!