It is an undisputed fact that rummy is the most popular game among card game lovers. From families to friends, get-togethers to festivals, rummy is the popular game chosen to have some great fun and entertainment. Indian rummy, popularly known as the 13 card game, is in fact very popular in our country.

While the basic rummy rules remain the same, detailed rules vary with each version of rummy. However, here is a quick rundown on the basic rummy rules as below:

  • Be attentive of your and as well as your opponents’ moves
  • Never pick a card from the discarded pile. This would give a fair idea about your cards to your opponents
  • Pay attention to the cards that are getting discarded

With increase in the number of professional online rummy players, there is more to the game than mere rules. Nevertheless, it is a game that you could play for fun as well as for real cash.

Innovative rummy rules are rather tricks that do not just make the game interesting, but also increase your chances of winning.

Rule #1 – Aim for a pure sequence

The basic rummy rules require you to form sequences and sets; you need to form at least 2 sequences with one pure sequence. While Indian rummy rules are a little different from the basic version, you should always aim for the pure sequence.

Rule #2 – Follow the colour of the cards

One of the easiest rummy rules is regarding the colour of the cards. With the cards available in colours of black and red, the arrangement of cards in a particular way clears confusion while formingthe sequence. You can either opt for a black-red-black-red or red-black-red-black arrangement. One of the biggest advantages is you get to know which cards to discard and which sequence you should be aiming for.

Rule #3 – Be attentive of opponents’ moves

While there are no specific rummy rules that confirm your win, but what is rather more important is to be attentive of your opponents’ moves. Check which card he is picking or discarding. This would help you in guessing his sequence.

Rule #4 – Use joker only after the pure sequence

If you have a joker or wild card, make the maximum use of it. Rummy rules do not describe specifically when to use a joker. In order to have an upper hand in the game, it is best advised to use it only after you have achieved one pure sequence.

Rule #5 – Keep your middle cards

Middle cards, like say 5, help you in building sequences like 3,4, 5 or 4, 5, 6, or 5, 6, 7. The more you hold on to your middle cards the more are your chances of forming the sequences. At times this could be distracting your opponent, and prompting him to discard cards that could take you closer to winning.


The rules of Indian rummy may give you insights on how you could better your game, but the true test for a beginner lies in understanding the game itself, its nuances, rememberingthe cards, their sequences and also about the opponents.