Online slots have improved dramatically over the last 10 to 15 years, due mostly to huge leaps forward in the technology available. Have our Online Casinos managed to take full advantage of the quantum leaps made, and what’s in store for Online Casinos in the future?

Quality Casino games are far more accessible than they ever have been in the past. Whether you are playing Blackjack or Video Poker with a Live Video Dealer or online slots games using 3D graphics on your smartphone, the games just keep on improving month-on-month, year-on-year. Here we will look at the factors that have made online casino games so good to now and how they will improve moving forward.


Mobile games have come a long way since the glory days of Snake on your antique Nokia 3310. Online slots in particular, have had several makeovers since they were first introduced. The 3D graphics of today’s best modern slots like Microgaming’s Halloween or Monster Wheels, or Play Tech’s The Matrix make the past look unrecognisable. Smoother edges, elegant and sophisticated smoothly running games, intense 3D graphics and a vivid colour sets are hallmarks of today’s best online slots. However, it is nothing compared to what they could be like in the future if they were to get a virtual reality makeover, but more of that shortly.

Advancements in Mobile Technology

Historically speaking, the gaming industry has always been an early adapter. Even as far back as the birth of the telegram, bookies were quick to catch on that the new technology could broaden the scope of their business.

Mobile technology has been the absolute key factor in bringing online casinos into the mainstream. It has revolutionised every aspect of the industry, from casually playing online slots games using 3D graphics on the train to work to in-play sports book betting at your local Sports Bar. Being able to play a favourite game when and wherever it suits you has been an incredible leap forward.

Coupled with the ever-increasing high-quality performance of modern smartphones and ubiquitous connectivity, if an excellent Desk Top game doesn’t have a great mobile version, it won’t sit well with today’s modern players.

At the same time, modern mobiles generally use either one of two GUIs (graphical user interfaces) – iOS or Android. Less GUIs means less time is spent developing multiple versions of the same game for different connected platforms. The increased adaptability has allowed online slot designers to spend more time on the quality of the games they’re developing, rather than producing multiple versions.


As the internet era dawned, many industries developing extensive businesses online realised that gaining the trust of clients was paramount.  The Online Casino industry doesn’t any cut corners when it comes to delivering absolute security for their customers. Almost across the board, they invested heavily in the use of either 128 or 256 SSL digital encryption (just like major banks worldwide) to ensure that all player data is kept safe and secure. Their reputations are dependent upon the integrity of their sites.

As people have become aware that all the major operators take security as their number one priority, it’s no surprise that ever-more people are using Online Casino entertainment. It’s a good call to stick with the bigger names, such as Betway, Bet365, Royal Vegas, Spin Palace, Jackpot City or William Hill for peace of mind.

The Future – Virtual Reality

Looking to the future, it appears that virtual reality may well revolutionise the way we experience our Online Casino. Are we looking at a not-too distant future instead of playing with our fingertips, we’ll be walking, talking and gaming in our virtual reality (VR) casinos headsets?

Playing slots inside a VR casino will be a very different experience. In VR, it will be much more immersive, which will make it feel a lot more realistic. The lines of reality between video gaming, sports betting, and online gaming are already becoming blurred. The arrival of VR will increase the need for a further crossover as the lines of differentiation will be almost invisible.

There have already been a number of examples produced of how a VR Casino might look. First impressions show that graphically there is still a lot of development to be made, but it will inevitably come. VR gaming was once mooted as a wonderful idea that was unlikely to ever come to fruition, but it is now seen by developers as the future of online gaming. Watch this space to see VR casinos take shape.