The 13 cards Indian rummy game is considered by many as a good source of fun and entertainment. Whether you are playing the game offline or online, there are a lot of advantages to it. Did you know that playing classic Indian rummy can influence your thinking? It is an interesting fact to know, isn’t it? Playing rummy online can develop a lot of positive attributes to any player. Here are six ways in which it can influence your thinking:


Rummy requires a lot of patience to play and understand. Once the game starts, you have to be patient to get the card that you require to keep on playing. Watching the progress of the game is one advantage of waiting. This gives you an opportunity to play at the right time and with the right cards.

Strategic Planning

Plan well ahead to play a good game of rummy. As you get the cards, prepare a strategy to play the game. Plan a few moves ahead into the game by observing the rest of the players’ moves and the cards that they discard. Doing this will empower your strategic planning skills.

Analytical Thinking

Analysing a situation is always a good personality trait one can have. 13 cards Indian rummy game is one game that makes you plan things well ahead. To play a great game, one has to adapt to the gameplay and calculate the possible outcomes. Various strategies and counter strategies can be thought about to play like this. It makes a person improve one’s analytical skills which will come handy in life too.

Improves Judging Capabilities

Keep a close watch on the rummy game that is being played in front of you. After a couple of rounds, you can get a gist of how the game is going to be and which player is going to play which all cards. Use your judging capabilities in selecting or discarding the cards you require to finish your sets or sequences. While doing that, one also has to be aware of the fact that the cards you discard can be used by others to win against you. The key to win here is to correctly judge the timing to play your game.

Decision Making

Making the correct decisions while playing a rummy game is important when you play to win. Select the right card to play and when to play. Collecting and discarding is how you play the rummy game, but knowing and understanding when to execute those moves is a different thing. The will help you in making correct decisions at the right time.

Learning from Others

The advantage of online rummy games is that one gets access to a variety of players, both amateurs and seasoned. No matter who you are pitted against, there is always a game play that is unknown to you. Learning from others is a good opportunity on such an occasion. This will help you in understanding new plays, tricks to win, new usage of cards and more than anything, gain experience from others. Learning from others is an integral part of life too as it would give perspective and a chance to adapt and plan accordingly.