With the spring horse racing season in the books for the Australian horse racing industry, now is a great time to take a look into the immediate future of Australian horse racing betting tips and information for 2017. International punters will want to keep in mind that while much of Europe’s top horse racing venues will be in hibernation until March, North America will still be offering top races from both California and Florida. This comes in addition exciting horse racing action down under from some outstanding summer horse racing venues.

Horse Racing Resources for 2017

As has been the case in most recent years, horse punters can count on many of the same online horse racing resources in 2017 that they have been using in the past. If they could get racing tips today from one online resource, they should be able to rely on that same resource next year. The only difference might come with addition of new online bookmakers or horse racing information websites.

Online Bookmakers – The Top Online Resource

In recent years, Australian bookmakers have built loyal customer bases by offering value added features. Online race books have been particularly sensitive to the needs of online horse punters, resorting to offering free horse racing betting tips, handicapping tools and some exciting and potentially lucrative betting promotions to help make things a little more interesting.

Most online bookmakers will employ a reliable handicapper or tipster to help prepare free picks that offer punters a realistic chance to make a few dollars even if they choose not to do their own handicapping. Online bookmaking is a volume-driven business that counts on customers to keep coming back for more action. It’s a numbers game that often works out in favor of the bookmaker.

The handicapping information is provided as a value-added option, intended to keep the punter locked into the race book. They can now find everything they need to handicap races and make their wagers in a one-stop environment.

By throwing in the horse racing betting promos, online bookmakers have made it difficult for horse punters to consider any other option than to punt on horses with their favorite online bookmaker. With free handicapping information and the right betting promo, punters can turn some horse racing tips today into a bigger bankroll for tomorrow.

Horse Racing Information Websites

Often forgotten by regular punters, there is a growing number of horse racing websites that provide a nice variety of information for the everyday horse punter. Websites such as the one’s operated by Racing Nation, Form Guide and Racenet are chalked full of information that could prove valuable to the most astute punters. The typical information includes racing news and highlights, entries, results, horse/jockey/trainer/owner profiles, handicapping tools and free picks. All of this information is easily accessible from each website’s respective home landing page.

The value that can be derived from this information is dependent on how a punter uses the information to their benefit. These websites have been increasing in popularity because they are free, and they offer information that has proven to be reliable. The reason these websites can offer that level of information for free is because they rely upon “pay per click” advertisers for its revenue.

The horseracing world now finds itself squarely in the 21st century. The industry has embraced modern technology, which makes it infinitely easier for punters to get the information they want and need to become better horse punters. In 2017, current bookmakers and information sites will be looking for other ways to help punters play the horses. The industry can also count on there being a new website or two popping up on mobile the Internet as the online horse racing industry continues to grow.