A Guide To Horse Racing Festivals

First things first, the Cheltenham Festival is about to breach this weekend and millions of bettors are eagerly looking forward to placing their wagers on some of the spectacular races. Speaking about that if someone’s still searching for the Cheltenham betting predictions and results 2017, he/she may just follow the link and find all the required information. However, what if a person has no slightest idea about how the betting on horse racing is arranged and what, basically, he/she needs to do? Hasten to say, we provide our guide mainly for those, who aren’t yet familiar with horse racing events.

Knowing the odds

In order to place wagers the correct way you, of course, need to know how the odds are calculated. Those, in fact, may appear in either fractional (4/1, 7/1, 5/2) or decimal system (5.00, 3.00). Fractional odds show you the payout without your own wager being included. Thus, if you stack £10 with odds being 4/1, you’ll get £40 as a winning sum, plus £10 that you stacked. Decimal odds already include your own wager and to know the winning you simply need to multiply your stack by the given odds. Example: if the odds are 5.00, you multiply you £10 stack by 5 to get £50 as a winning sum.

Wagering on win

This is the simplest type of wagers. You just bet on a definite horse to win the race. Speaking in advance, there are always the race favourites in each event, the ones that are most likely to cross the finish line first. Stacking on them usually grants you with lower payouts, however, the chances to win are high.

Betting on place

In this type of wager, you bet for your horse to come in either first or second. Naturally, the payouts depend on the odds on offer.

Choosing trifecta option

This type of wager is placed on three horses at once. You bet for them to finish first, second and third in a set order. Normally, the reward is huge in case of a win. But, surely, chances are lower compared to all the above-mentioned types.

Double, treble and fourfold

To make things simple, when choosing these options, you are betting on 2/3/4 horses in the 2/3/4 races at once. Again, the payouts are huge yet, only experienced punters may happen to win this bet.

Other options

Besides the earlier mentioned, there are other types of bets such as Yankee, Super Yankee, Lucky 15, Heinz, Goliath and more. All of them are placed on multiple races and involve nearly all the existing types of bets to wager on the whole group of horses. Of course, winning in those is a matter of some extreme luck in combination with enormous experience and for a beginner, it’s highly recommended to skip them. Yet, they are included as options and for you not to be confused it’s recommended to know of them at once.