It’s the best time of the year for shopping.  That’s Christmas shopping followed by the traditional January Sales.  What costs you a fortune in December can be acquired for a fraction of the price in the days and weeks after December 25th.

But that’s if you are shopping for presents, clothes, gifts and the like.  Should you be shopping around for free casino play and the chance to collect cash prizes at no cost, there really is no time like now.

Online casinos are acutely aware of people’s habits and that has led to them giving away far more during the early winter months.  As the ‘dark evenings’ come around the figures clearly show that people are more likely to entertain themselves with some online fun.

The latest bonuses from the leading online casinos in the UK are sure to feature several ‘Advent Calendar’ promotions while traditional Online Casino Offers will be boosted during the ‘January Sales’ period.  Metaphorical ‘Bingo days’ will be December 26th and 27th which are usually the busiest day of the year for online casino and online poker play.

Like any good business the best online casinos will devise promotions designed at keeping their customers loyal while devoting time, efforts and money at attracting new customers.

Recouping the Christmas money

If you find Christmas an overly expensive time of the year, there is a very real chance you can recoup some of your money courtesy of online casino ‘new player sign-up bonuses’.  These lure people with headline offers such as ‘£500 deposit bonus’ but behind the headlines is the plain fact that you will need to deposit and wager that sum before receiving any free money to wager with.

Conversely, ‘new player no deposit bonuses’ do allow people to win real money at no cost or risk.  These are the offers newbies should be looking out for.  With spare hours at your disposal and mince pies and cold turkey at hand, you can take the opportunity to collect some free cash.

The process is no different to the principles employed by professional ‘competition players’ who enter scores of free to enter promotional competitions collecting the occasional valuable prize.

The Rules

The key to exploiting these ‘something for nothing’ no risk online casino offers is understanding the rules of the game and then having the discipline to successfully complete the qualifying criteria with discipline.

Foolishly some look upon free play money as a challenge and are eager to win as much as they can as quickly as they can.  It is all too easy to be reckless and that will only lead to you losing the free funds and not reaping the cash rewards free-play offers can give you.

Firstly you must, if you want to avail of some of this ‘no deposit required’ free money, check-out the T&C’s of any no deposit online casino bonus you are going to tackle.  Be very clear of what you need to do to achieve your objective and go about your online casino play regimentally.

Should online casino play prove too troublesome you can alternatively try ‘freeroll poker tournaments’.  Once again you do not need to part with any cash and you can collect small cash sums regularly.

In fact, as opposed to no deposit online casino bonuses, you could potentially win a life-changing sum.  In a remarkable story Ladbrokes Poker Million winner Tony Jones won $1m in a Sky Sports televised live TV event after starting his journey in a freeroll qualifier.  His is just one of the success stories that online casinos has given us.

There is such a thing as money for nothing, you just need to work for it.