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From books to movies, movies to games or even games to movies, many famous works have made the transition from one medium to another met with thunderous applause or overwhelming disgust from hopeful fans. Star Wars is a great example of this making appearances across many platforms, starting as a movie and ending up as just about everything else. A fact not all that surprising when you consider just how huge the franchise really is. But what happens when we’re not talking about video games, comics or movies anymore? Well, it seems online gambling has started to claim some household names to bring familiar faces to its players. Some titles make more sense than others. Treasure Island and James Bond are just a couple current games that just feel right when it comes to betting it all on hopes of hitting it big. However, we’re going to be talking about a few games that, while always nice to see an appearance by them, took us by surprise at first glance.


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Journey To The West

Who would have thought a famous Chinese novel about a mischievous monkey king would ever get the casino makeover? Not us, but lo and behold, the 16th-century story that was a loose inspiration for Goku of Dragon Ball is also now the inspiration for a digital slot machine of the same name. Although Journey to the West did often times feature money or treasures in an attempt to teach readers the moral pitfalls of greed, it seemed a bit odd at first to see all of the characters spinning on the screen in front of us. But, hey, it does make for a colorful display!


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A Christmas Carol

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t the most shocking considering how many times we’ve seen this on the big screen. The Muppets, Jim Carrey, Mickey Mouse and Bill Murray all tried their hands at this Charles Dickens classic, and you can’t go one holiday season without seeing it on television, so how’s seeing it one more time at the online casino much different? For a lot of those people who want Christmas all year round, we’re sure this one is a nice little treat to tide them over until the festivities begin for the rest of us.


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Speaking of A Christmas Carol, right next to the Scrooge game on the games page of, there is one of the greatest monster slayers known to man, Beowulf. Again, it wasn’t uncommon for the story to have some element of treasure as many of the monsters’ bounties yield swords and other coveted items, but Beowulf was more gambling with his life rather than his money. Either way, it’s a win in our book when we get to see the mighty dragon slayer in action.


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King Kong

While the official title isn’t King Kong, the Mighty Kong game has a picture of a giant monkey on the front nonetheless, so we think it’s safe to say the 1933 film at least partly inspired its creation. In this story, there isn’t much treasure or money to speak of but many adaptations of the giant ape have been made and the classic video game character that threw barrels at Mario in the arcade looked like a smaller cousin of the behemoth, a likeness that ended up getting Nintendo sued by Universal. If they came out with a version of Donkey Kong Country where the protagonist was searching for coins instead of bananas, we’d be all over that at the casino.

Those are just a few works out of a huge list that made the transition from movie or book to casino game. Maybe in the years to come we’ll see a Rain Man or Rounders title. Until then we’ll just settle for gigantic primates and magical monkeys.