Finding Free Horse Racing Tips Online

Handicapping horse races is a difficult task if done right. There’s so much information to be dissected before a typical handicapper is able to get a field horses down to a couple of primary contenders. In lieu of investing a significant amount of time handicapping, some horse players prefer to let the professionals handle the hard work and use their picks.

Touts and tipsters come in two categories. There are quite a few that offer their online handicapping services for a fee. It’s not always advisable to pay for picks unless the actual professional handicapper has a stellar reputation for giving out reliable information. The best way to evaluate a handicapper for reliability goes beyond the number of picks they get correct. It’s not difficult to pick a heavy favorite that wins at 4/5 odds. Instead, professional handicappers should be evaluated on their ability to find horses that represent great betting value and cross the finish line first. That’s the only way paying for picks could be justified.

It’s worth noting that some professional handicappers will offer free racing tips today, hoping customers will come back at a later date to pay for picks. This is a completely acceptable practice, but horse players should still proceed with caution. Some of the less reputable online handicappers will post several different horses for the same race, knowing one of them is likely to hit for the benefit of the clients who received that particular pick. Unknowingly, the lucky horse players will believe they have found the professional handicapper of their dreams and start forking over their hard-earned cash.

The other category of professional tipster is one that is hired by a horse racing publication or online bookmaker to provide free horse racing tips as a marketing tool. While these types of free racing tips have some inherent value, horse players would be well advised to not rely solely on these picks. If a horse player will do some of their own handicapping work and then use the available free horse racing tips as a source of confirmation, they will most likely derive as much benefit out of free racing tips as possible.

So where can a horse player find free racing tips today? There are three primary sources of information. First, the Internet is filled will professional tipsters offering their services. Not all of them are reliable and not many of them offer free picks. The reality is the most reputable and successful tipster are known throughout the industry. If a horse players does a little research, they should be able to avoid the tipsters that don’t make the grade.

The second source would be horse racing publications. As a horse player reads through the their favorite publication, be it the Racing Post (UK) or the Racing Form (US), they will most certainly come across picks being provided by people that are referred to as public handicappers. In some cases, the picks will have been determined by some type of computer program or handicapping system. Since the information is not always reliable or tends to identify mostly favorites, horse players should still incorporate some of their own handicapping.

The last viable source of free picks would those provided by tipsters working for online bookmakers. The online bookmaking industry has become highly competitive. In order to draw new customers and keep the existing ones coming back, online bookmakers have to offer extra value. If the bookmaker’s in-house handicapper can provide extra value by identifying a few winners every now and again, the most ardent horse players will most likely stay loyal.

To reiterate, horse players will always be more successful if they can learn to do their own handicapping. Free picks bring some value to the table, but nothing is more satisfying for a horse player that doing their own work and getting it right.