There aren’t many things in this world for free. That’s why so many online gamblers are amazed to find out that New Zealand and Australian online bookmakers are willing to offer free bets bonuses just for signing up and taking a single action. There’s still strings attached, but a couple of astute decisions, and it’s quite possible for a sports bettor to increase their bankroll with little to no risk.

About Free Bookie Bets

Throughout the world, there are hundreds of online bookmakers, all trying to a get a market share of the sports betting population. These bookmakers range in size, but they all seem to carry one common thread. They all offer free bookie bets as a way to entice new customers to join. Betting bonus bets are always available for brand new customers after making an initial deposit. In some cases, online bookmakers will even offer free bets to existing customers as a way to say thank you for their loyalty or entice them to wager on a special event.

The best betting bonus offers in New Zealand and Australian are usually the welcome offers. They typically offer a free matching bet(s) based on the customer’s first deposit amount or first real cash wager. The matching percentages can range from 50% on the low end, up to as much as 500% on the high end. In all cases, free bets come with terms and conditions that will be used to determine when the customer has done enough to earn the right to actually withdraw any portion of the bonus bet amount or the associated winnings.

Where to Find Online Free Bets

As indicated above, it would be difficult to locate a New Zealand or Australian online bookmaker that doesn’t have some type of welcome offer. In this day and age, it represents the key way online bookmakers compete with one another. It’s incumbent on prospective customers to do a little research and find the bookmaker(s) with the offer(s) that best suits their needs. There are two primary attributes prospective customers should look for in a free bet offer.

  1. Monetary Value of the OfferThe first thing people will notice about advertised welcome offers in the matching percentage and the maximum amount of the bonus that can be had. They should also pay attention to whether the bonus is tied to the first deposit or to the customer’s first real cash wager. The primary difference is a bonus tied to a real cash wager requires the bettor to take a risk before they get the free bet allocation. Beyond that, it should be clear that a $300 maximum bonus is better than a $100 bonus if all terms and conditions are equal.
  2. Terms and Conditions – Unfortunately, terms and conditions are rarely the same from one bookmaker to the next. Some bookmakers like to put heavy restrictions on how the bonus monies are to be wagered. Other bookies may require a restrictive rollover rate before the bonus amount and associated winnings turn into real cash that can actually be withdrawn from the bettor’s wagering account.

Assuming all online bookmakers under consideration in Australia and New Zealand are reputable and fair, the decision for the bettor really comes down to finding an online bookmaker that offers a fair matching bonus amount with terms and conditions that aren’t so restrictive that it becomes nearly impossible to come away with extra cash in the bankroll or bank account. As of this writing, there are plenty of top bookmakers that are offering free bet bonuses with low rollover requirements. By spending a little time and effort seeking the best deal, bettors have a realistic chance of getting something for free from websites that aren’t in the business of giving away free money.