The El Gordo lottery game can be played on and this lottery is unlike many other lotteries around the world because rather than having just one jackpot that people can aspire to win it has thousands. The biggest prize you are able to win with El Gordo is known as the Fat One which offers each winner 400,000 euros. To get a ticket for your chance to win it costs 200 euro’s however most people purchase as a group rather than on their own.

You can only get a physical ticket if you are in Spain but people from all over the world are also able to play via the internet.

As of December 2014 the very first 2 billion pound winners were announced. This huge pot is divided between the lucky winners. Christmas definitely came early for the lucky winners.

The lottery tickets were quickly snapped up by a neighbourhood in Madrid where numerous winners were seen piling onto the street popping corks from Champaign to celebrate.

The winning tickets were brought from the Cadiz province, Barcelona and even Valencia. Other winners came from within Spain including Madrid. Even the administration shop in Eliana where one of the tickets was purchased celebrating being the first to sell the big prize.

It was Madrid participants that got the biggest share of the prizes with 160 of them getting four million euros each. All 160 were purchased from one store! Many winners had been struggling in the years prior to winning and were elated to tell people how their lives are going to change as a result of winning.

One Colombian immigrant who arrived in Spain for a better life had been working in a restaurant for 14 years when she found out she was one of the lucky Spanish lottery winners.

She had decided that with her winnings she would take her young daughter for a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland, buy herself and her daughter an apartment of their own and pay off debts that had been plaguing them for many years.

A homeless dad with three children was elated to find that he was the lucky winner of one of the prizes win in Tenerife.

The main prize is 400 thousand euro’s per winner, 125 thousand for coming in second, 50 thousand as a third winner, 20,000 for the fourth and 6,000 per person for coming fifth.

The recent financial issues of the Country may be easing however, during the time many people accrued debt to stay above water.

One winner who worked as a manager at a photocopying shop said his winnings would help him to get out of debt.

One small village in El Bosque also celebrated with 20 occupants winning first prize. In the past lottery winnings were not taxed however now 20% has to go to the treasury.

The announcements which take four hours have many of Spain’s occupants and people further afield glued to television sets hoping that their own numbers will come up giving them a chance to change their lives forever.