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Gambling: An Overview

Try asking your family or friends about gambling; they would most probably tell you that it is about online games played on their mobile devices or personal computers. Others would say, on the other hand, that it is going to the nearest casino in your area. All of these are correct as these are just a few of the most popular kinds and forms of gambling. Gambling has been with us for the longest time. Although forms of gambling have changed and evolved over time, the reasons as to why people are still doing it remain the same. So long as it is done in moderation and with control, gambling is a great and fun way to earn extra money without having to lift a box of meat products in the wet market.

How it started in Canada

It was around 1800s when Canada had been established as an independent state. You would think that this was old, but gambling was older. A famous expeditioner John Cabot had discovered the island in 1500s, and even then the natives who had lived there were already engaged in gambling activities long before Canada had been discovered many years later.

Famous Land-Based Casinos in Canada

Canada had seen its first land-based casino in Winnipeg around 1980s. And just a few years after, another one was built in Montreal. Now, more and more casinos have been built especially in provinces like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.

Here are some of the famous land-based casinos in Canada:

Lake City Casino – built in Kelowna, British Columbia. This remains as one of the biggest casino resorts in this province that locals frequent to whenever they want to have fun.

Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu – Situated in Quebec, this casino is near a ski resort and almost an hour away from a major airport which is a great news to tourists who want to spend a weekend in the casino playing their favorite casino games.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort – Built around 2004, this casino resort features its billion-dollar estate that includes more than 5,000 slot machines and 200 casino tables.

Caesars Windsor – This famous casino is near the US border and is managed by the Ontario government. While being managed and owned the government, it is operated by Caesars Entertainment, a multi-billion dollar company.

The Legality of Canadian Online Gambling

The legality of online casino gaming and gambling in Canada is something that would be described as confusing. On a federal level, each province has a right to assert its own rules and regulations. But history and legal facts would show us that no one has ever been persecuted nor fined for playing an online casino game. So, in short, Canadian citizens and tourists alike can gamble and play all they want without fearing prosecution.

You may start to gamble in Canada as early as 19 years old, with exceptions in provinces like Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba where 18 is the legal age to play both in land-based casinos and on online gaming websites.

Why Gambling is fun and popular in Canada

  • Gambling, after all, is a type of entertainment aiming to give you a fun time if you wish to relax and unwind after a long day at work. It is relaxing to be in a place where the staff is friendly and you are enjoying your drink at the casino table.
  • For patrons and customers, gambling is fun. But if you look at it in a bigger sense, it helps provincial and federal governments due to huge tax revenues.
  • The gambling industry, including land-based casinos and online casinos, gives tens of thousands of employment opportunities to people which helps decrease the overall unemployment rate of the province and the federal state.
  • The government has yet to come up with a firm legal framework for casinos and gambling in general. They are well aware that banning land-based and online casinos would never solve anything as gambling is something that takes in different forms and manners.

There you have them! These, of course, are just some of the most crucial facts that one needs to know about the gambling scene in Canada. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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