The online bingo industry has boomed in recent years and that’s led to a surge in the number of places you can ply your trade if you like to listen out for the call of the balls. Unfortunately, as was the case after the online casino and poker boom, an increase in options means it’s tougher to find the right place to play if you’re a novice.


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Although seasoned gamblers can pick out a credible site at 50 paces, it’s not always as obvious to an amateur. In fact, it’s often the case that the least flashy sites are the ones with the least to offer.

Fortunately, thanks to years of experience in the industry and some diligent research, we’ve managed to compile a checklist of things you should keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect bingo site.

The Look


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In reality, the look of an online bingo site won’t have an impact on the amount of value it offers. However, when you play online it’s important that you feel comfortable and a major part of the “comfort factor” is the aesthetics of a platform.

If you don’t like an operator’s layout or colour scheme then you won’t enjoy playing on their site. Indeed, according to Alicia David (Macon Sate College) and Peyton Glore (Central Georgia Technical College), aesthetics are directly linked to a user’s perception of a site. Citing research from Fogg et al (2003), they found that 45% of people rate the credibility of a site on its looks.

So, if you want to have an enjoyable and, moreover, comfortable bingo experience, you need to find a site that suits your visual tastes.

The Games on Offer


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Since bingo became an online endeavour the range of games of offer has increased dramatically. As listed by Winkly in its ultimate guide to online bingo, the virtual scene is now bustling with options. Using the Wink bingo platform as its base and surveying the online bingo scene in general, Winkly lists the following gaming options:

  • 90 ball
  • 75 ball
  • 80 ball
  • 30 ball
  • Straight line pattern games (traditional)
  • Shape pattern games
  • Letter pattern games
  • Blackout games

In addition to Winkly’s list of options, you can also find progressive jackpot games online which allow you to turn a small stake into six-figure+ jackpots. When you’re searching for the perfect online bingo site you need to find one that offers most if not all of the above options. Anything less and you’re not getting the full online experience.

The Betting Limits


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Having access to dozens of games is great, but if you can’t afford them then it’s not worth it. All online bingo operators will offer various betting limits so you need to make sure you can afford the games you like before you ante-up.

As a general guide, the average price for a standard online bingo game card is around £0.05. Of course, there are games where tickets can cost £1+, but as a minimum limit you should be able to ante-up in most games for £0.05.

Can You Get Anything Extra?


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All online bingo operators want to give you something extra for you time online so don’t join a site until you know exactly how much extra you can get. In the gambling world you should also be looking at your mathematical expectation (i.e. how much you can make in the long-term) and one of the best ways to boost this expectation is by claiming bonuses.

Make sure a platform has a generous welcome bonus, VIP deals and free bingo sessions for loyal players. These things are standard among established operators and something you should take advantage of at every opportunity.

One final point to consider, however, is the small print attached to each deal. Low quality online bingo sites will often throw up a huge headline bonus to draw people in, but when it comes to actually claiming the bonuses the small print makes it virtually impossible. If you can find bonuses that are easy to claim and stick to the other points outlined in this guide you should discover the best bingo site with ease.