There’s nothing secret in revealing that the Internet has brought about a staggering change to the way we do a lot of things and these shifts have reflected in different other business models pushing more and more companies to either adapting or being left behind. There are numerous examples that can be cited to prove how the Internet has changed almost every industry.

Apple’s iTunes and downloadable music has had a tremendous impact on the music industry changing it from CDs and albums to downloadable songs. Similarly, Amazon has changed the way in which books were available to us. Netflix and other video streaming services have outshone video rental stores and make many high flying Blockbuster Video out of business. Even communicating through text message, email and other messaging apps like Whatsapp has also transformed the way we interact with each other.

iGaming burgeoning into a multi-million-dollar business

Amidst the several industries which have started to embrace the Internet, one of them is the casino or the gambling industry. iGaming or online gaming is gradually soaring to become a multi-billion dollar industry, especially in Europe and America. Previously, online gaming only lured young men but now women and people of older age are equally attracted to online gaming through their smartphone apps. Online gaming generates almost $9.8 million by the end of the year in places like New Jersey.

Roulette Time – A powerful game in this industry

One such popular online game is Roulette Time by Leo Vegas, who is touted to be the King of Mobile Casino. Roulette Time is a game which you can have both on your smartwatch and on your mobile phone. You can take the joyride to endless entertainment through your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch with European Roulette at Leo Vegas.

What if you want to play it on your Apple Smartwatch?

Yes, you can definitely do so in a simple way as Leo Vegas are proud to even punch this and make it available for your Apple watch. You just require downloading the app and loading up your account through either the mobile or the desktop version and everything else will function as the normal game. Just switch to your watch to keep spinning your way and winning from a tap on your wrist.

Leo Vegas as the King of Mobile Casino

Leo Vegas is the award winning casino entertainment leader which offers online casino games to your desktop, tablet or mobile. Leo Vegas’ mobile casino also offers you some lucrative bonus offers and few royal campaigns along with a wide array of selection of casino games.

Roulette Time – Benefits of this online game

As soon as you download this game, you immediately get access to the following:

  • Live roulette game captured through 30 cameras and with HD streaming on your smartphone
  • More than 200 slot games, which include Starburst, Rainbow Riches & Gonzo’s Quest
  • Progressive jackpots with huge amounts as winning prizes
  • Secured and fast method of withdrawal and deposit
  • Customer care support 24*7
  • VIP service

So, what are you waiting for? Visit your Apple Store and download app in order to reap the benefits of playing Roulette Time from the comfort of your home. Experience the way in which Internet and smartphone apps have changed the entire face of gaming and casinos.