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Be honest, you already have preconceived notions about this game. That’s fine, I get it. After all, it is an annual sports franchise that, for the most part, takes an incremental approach year in and year out. However, last year was no such year with the introduction of GameFlow and Game Planning. Sure, it might not have been a feature for everyone, but the impact it had on the game was as important as the introduction of Focus was to the Tiger Woods franchise.

Fact of the matter is that Madden NFL 11 opened itself up to be much more accessible without taking anything away from the hardcore.  While the game wasn’t perfect, it was innovative and took a necessary step in the right direction. Madden NFL 12, on the other hand, falls right back into that incremental approach. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Read more… »

Moonshade is mysterious; Moonshade is deadly. At least, that is what she boasts. So fast you won’t even feel it, she says. So quiet … ah, enough of the hyperbole.

Moonshade is part of the assassin class in Certain Affinity’s upcoming action RPG for Xbox Live Arcade, Crimson Alliance. The final character trailer released today shows her getting her deadly on with rapid knife throws, magic blades and some out-of-screen knockouts. Of course, Gamer Limit has it for you. Of course, it’s after the break.


The debut trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture’s next game dropped earlier today and the trailer shows off a few seconds of gameplay. From that limited look it appears as though Lollipop Chainsaw might play something like a cross between Dead Rising and No More Heroes.

As with any Grasshopper title, this one is near the top of my list of highly anticipated upcoming titles. Shadows of the Damned was fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on what’s next from the twisted mind of Suda 51.

THQ has confirmed that Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will be receiving co-operative multiplayer. The mode will not be launching with the game but rather will be dropping 30 days later as free additional DLC. That is, unless you purchase the game used. It’s looking as though THQ will be using some sort of online pass seemingly to dissuade players from buying the title second hand.

So far all that is known about the co-op is that it will support up to five players, but THQ will have more information for us within the month. In the meantime, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team landed on PSN last week for $9.99 and has been available on XBLA if you’d like to check that out. I really enjoyed my time with Kill Team at E3 and am looking forward to playing both titles. Be on the look out for Space Marine when it drops on September 6.


[Update: If recent tweets and pictures of cake are to be believed Catherine managed to sell over 200,000 copies in its opening week.Yay!]

Catherine has exceeded our highest expectations,” said Tim Pivnicny, VP of Sales and Marketing at Atlus when speaking with IGN.  Citing the enormous fan response to the game’s mature themes and challenging gameplay, he went on to say “It is fitting, then, that Catherine can boast the largest launch in the 20-year history of Atlus, and continues to see strong sales at retail.” Despite the strong sales Atlus has yet to reveal any specific sales numbers.

While strange Japanese games may be popular with the enthusiast press and core gamers, I had my doubts about how well Atlus’ latest would do at retail. In a market dominated by shootersit’s rare to see something so unique be so successful. We enjoyed Catherine quite a bit, so it’s nice to see that Catherine beat the odds.

If you had any worries that Grasshopper Manufacture’s next project would be another exciting game that never made its way outside of Japan, Warner Bros has other plans in mind. While Kadokawa will be handling things in Japan, the Bugs Bunny publisher will be the one bringing Lollipop Chainsaw to your PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s in America, Europe and Australia.

We’re always looking forward to the latest from Suda 51 and will be sure to keep you posted as more details come out. In the meantime you can follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.


Catherine tells the story of Vincent Brooks, a man in his early thirties coming to grips with growing up. When his long-term girlfriend Katherine starts planning their future, Vincent begins drinking his troubles away, unsure of whether he is ready to give up his freedom and settle down. On one booze-soaked evening, the attractive young Catherine walks through the doors of the Stray Sheep Pub and into Vincent’s life, turning his world upside down and sending him into a guilt-ridden, downward spiral as his life becomes a web of lies.

While those looking for a salacious affair with Catherine are sure to be disappointed, anyone with an open mind will discover one of the most truly mature stories ever told in a video game. That, and one hell of an addicting puzzler.

Edge! Edge! Edge! Edge! Edge! Edge! Edge!


Supergiant Games’ brand new XBLA title Bastion has a lot of things in its favor. Fantastic visual style, great music, and what many will consider its greatest strength, its narrator. Logan Cunningham’s performance as Bastion’s narrator is pitch-perfect.

Cunningham augments the style and tone of the game, and really helps Bastion set itself apart from its peers. But I can’t help but feel that Bastion’s greatest strength also contributes to one of its biggest weaknesses.


Dragon Age II was met with some pretty mixed reception, to say the least. Although I personally found the combat enjoyable enough to warrant a second playthrough, there were many unforgiveable issues with the title that were tell-tale signs of a rushjob.

So, seeing as Legacy, the first piece of DLC (and not the last, according to Bioware) has just dropped four months after the fact, the burning question is: does it fix some of the core game’s glaring issues? Read on to find out. Read more… »

[Update: Apparently they won't be coming to retail after all, as GameSpot once sugggested. While Capcom has no plans for physical release, they will be available on the PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Games on Demand for $19.99.]

Earlier today at the San Diego Comic Convention, Capcom announced that you’ll be able to get your mitts on HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X come September. Resident Evil 4 HD will be landing in stores September 20th, with Code Veronica X HD arriving a week later on the 27th. Ah… I’ll buy them at a high price.

If you enjoy physically owning your games, both titles will be available at retail. But if you just want to experience the crisp Dreamcast/GameCube-era visuals straight away, they’ll also be available via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Games On Demand. So what’re ya buying, stranger?

Hot off the heels of Shadows of the Damned, the latest issue of Famitsu revealed Suda 51′s next project, Lollipop Chainsaw. Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming title centers around chainsaw wielding cheerleader, Juliet Sterling, who must use her acrobatic skills and chained blade to defeat an army of zombies that have invaded San Romero High School.

While details on the title are presently scarce, the game appears to be a hack and slash in the same vein as No More Heroes. If you’re interested in seeing more about the title, screenshots await in the gallery after the break.


Diving head first into the Comic-Con craze, Capcom has been on a tear of revelations. They’ve announced everything from games like Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3 to a fresh new look for mythical creatures. The publisher shows no signs of stopping with the release of a new gameplay trailer for Asura’s Wrath.

Well, this footage has been around for some days now. The difference is that this Thursday was marked by the release of the gameplay trailer without the dull, lethargic commentary of one of the product managers. No offense, Capcom, but with this dynamic, high action footage, it was just a strange juxtaposition.

Before you click on to see said trailer sans unenthused commentary, let’s get some legal out of the way: by clicking to read more you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old. Now, enjoy.