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Review: Bioshock Infinite
By: | March 28th, 2013

I had a number of problems with the original Bioshock. Barring the fact that it completely fell apart near the end, I didn’t really feel like Irrational delivered a truly unique experience once you were past the cool looking setting. Beyond the initial reveal of the underwater city of Rapture, I wasn’t really enamored by its cold, rusty Altanis-like veneer. A lot of areas felt too similar, and combat was a bit too basic.

Bioshock Infinite, on the other hand, casts its own shadow on other games in the genre — aesthetically, and otherwise. It’s the real deal. Read more… »

With PAX East behind us and GDC in full swing, it is understandable that Capcom be on a tear of announcements and new content. With a little hop from Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2, over DuckTales Remastered, and back into the realm of Umbrella Corp, they deliver unto us a brand new gameplay video for the Resident Evil Revelations console and PC port.

Rachel, the blonde, squirrely-voiced Federal Agent with luscious locks ever covering her eyes, gets all the attention as she shows off her skills in Raid Mode. A climactic and quasi metaphysical video it is, as she winds up coming face to face with … well, you’d just have to see.


When Metal Gear Rising came across Platinum’s desk, there were already plans for the game in motion. It was originally supposed to tell the story of Raiden’s journey from Metal Gear Solid 2 to 4, and it even was initially thought up as a side story involving Snake’s arch-nemesis, Gray Fox.

But none of that initial plan came to fruition. Instead, an all new story and concept was formed, taking place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, directly tying into the events that concluded the game. Naturally, people were worried.

But I have to say: Platinum really knocked it out the park on this one. Read more… »

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Review: Dead Space 3
By: | February 8th, 2013

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dead Space 1

Dead Space 2, however, blew me away. I don’t know if it was the increased variety from a raw gameplay standpoint, or the more interesting locales, but Dead Space 2 had me hooked.

Now, it seems as if Dead Space 3 is set to combine the survival horror elements of the first game alongside of the more action oriented portions of the second, as it introduces new systems like weapon crafting, cover, and human on human conflict.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem — they just…went a little overboard and took away from what made the series so special in the first place.


I’m not really a fan of Sir Hammerlock — in fact, he’s probably the only character in the first game I didn’t like. I get that the game was going for an “old bean by jove” gentlemanly hunter type, but I felt like he was mostly just a walking trope.

Naturally, I was hesitant to get excited over a new DLC featuring Sir Hammerlock. But you know what? He’s probably the best part of it. Read more… »

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Review: DmC: Devil May Cry
By: | January 16th, 2013

I was never a fan of Ninja Theory. Kung Fu Chaos was a muddled mess, Heavenly Sword felt like a short tech demo for the first God of War, and Enslaved, although a beautiful and astounding film-esque experience, was a very sub-par video game.

But whatever you think of their history, the time has come to judge Ninja Theory’s work on a much larger stage: the handling of one of the biggest (if not the biggest) action franchises of all time. Given their spotty past, of course I was skeptical going in.

Let’s see how they did.

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Got your blunderbusses ready? (That’s a gun in Borderlands 2, right?) Hope so because the third out of four planned DLC packs, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC today!

However, PS3 Borderlands 2 players in Europe and Oceania will have to wait until tomorrow to sally forth in search of big game.


Up until now, gameplay videos for Remember Me have sampled the unique ‘memory remixing’ mechanics, missions, and scripted events to be expected from Capcom and DONTNOD’s upcoming action adventure. The latest Kid Xmas trailer, however, is all about how the main character Nilin can kick some tail.

It’s time for the Christmas show! If we can steal the words of the boss highlighted in this video.


The new DmC Devil May Cry trailer has Dante stomping down the easiest streets that you can walk on. It also has him smacking a soda can out of an innocent, little girl’s hand.



The latest doomsayer “magic date” is tomorrow, 21 December 2012. Last time it was 22 August 2006. Oh, and remember the whole 1999 Y2K theory?

Ok, I’m not saying that the world won’t end tomorrow. I’m not saying that it will. What I’m saying is, if you were to bet one way or the other, what would be the odds? Deep Silver, the folks behind upcoming Dead Island Riptide, worked it out. We have the release date somewhere down there as well.


The idea of selling a MOBA on a console is a fairly uphill battle. MOBA community members have played DotA for about seven years now on a PC, and such a drastic change could have drastic challenges for a development team.

Enter Guardians of Middle-earth — a console MOBA that strives to incorporate all of the potential fans who always wanted to play the genre, but never really could get into all of the advanced mechanics, or face the community. Read more… »

Borderlands 2 was in your face pretty much at all times, and I loved it for it. The quality of writing and fun factor were increased tenfold in the sequel, so much so that I feel like it’s an entirely new IP.

Naturally, people are probably expecting quite a bit from each of the four Season Pass offerings, after Gearbox hyped them up and equated all of them to the highly lauded General Knoxx.

We already had the chance to experience Scarlett’s Booty, a DLC that sought to offer up a new type of adventure, and now we have Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage. Although it isn’t Earth-shattering, Mr. Torgue carries on the heart of the original game.