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One week after Xbox Live Gold members get a crack at it, Playstation 3 owners will get a chance to try their free online Resident Evil 5 demo. This should come as a sigh of relief to PS3 owners, who previously thought they would never get a crack at trying the game before it’s release. Read more… »


Most of the time when there’s a big update or an add-on for a 360 game, the developer adds more achievements at a later date. The sad news is, they are solely for the flashback and combustible map packs. Read more… »

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Interpol: The Trail of Dr Chaos Review
By: | January 20th, 2009


Hunt the world’s deadliest criminals in Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (yep, that’s the title) which is a new arcade game on Xbox Live for 800 points. The game is basically a collection of eye spy puzzles, which is a very different change of pace from the action packed testosterone pumping assortment of games the 360 usually plays host to.



The developers of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix one of the most hyped upcoming puzzle games have just released a Flash demo of the game, it’s pretty well done and definitely leaves you wanting more.



I’ve had a great privilege to do an interview with Matt Grandstaff of Bethesda. I wanted to ask him some questions about Bethesda and how they operate. I thought that people should get to know one of their favorite developers in the gaming industry. Please enjoy this interview as much as I did.



Last week Game Informer created a rumor that Rockstar Games will be releasing a new Grand Theft Auto this year, well over on Kotaku Rockstar have just squashed this rumor.



Released this weekend is a bad ass new trailer for Resident Evil 5 titled ‘Playing God’. You may recognize this epic trailer from the TGS 2008 although this is the first time it has been released in non-camcorder quality, check it out below.


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Evil-Wan Kenobi
By: | January 17th, 2009


More leaked Battlefront III pictures are being paraded around the internet. This highly anticipated game, which was planned to be released on every system imaginable (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS) has been canned for the time being. Read on for rumors of this game possibility seeing the light of day.



Some people will do anything for money. Although there are tons of retail crime rings out there, this one hit a local community. Recently, in Brevard county Florida, thieves were taking high priced electronic items such as Xbox 360s, and returning the containers stuffed with books. Read more… »


Thanks to internet blogger fourzerotwo, it has become more known that there are fake Call of Duty 5 multiplayer beta invites going around people’s inboxes. It’s extremely important to delete these emails.


I was recently able to get my hands on the Resident Evil 5 Japanese demo on the Xbox 360. The American version is set to hit the Live Marketplace on January the 26th. The only seemingly different aspect of the American version is that it adds an extra level, or so it is reported. Other than that, the audio and text of the Japanese demo are in English, and the gameplay remains the same. Hit the jump for some impressions.


Just to put a damper on your day Square Enix via a Reuters business report just announced that Final Fantasy XIII isn’t expected to get a US release until 2010, although the Japanese version is still planned to be released in 2009.