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Capcom released new screenshots for its upcoming title, Dragon’s Dogma, Tuesday. They feature a new take on the Golem — a giant stone juggernaut bent on destroying your character. The fact that it’s a giant made of stone isn’t new to the Golem mythos, but, the fact that it shoots a massive laser from its face is.

Dragon’s Dogma is a peculiar title, as many of the fantastic tropes that have been revealed thus far have typically belonged to the RPG. Capcom has gone out of its way to assure us that it is indeed not an RPG, but an action adventure.


So far, Obsidian has given us Dead Money and Honest Heartsboth of which had their positives and negatives, but nothing on New Vegas’ table has been as definitive as Fallout 3′s Broken Steel.

Thankfully, Obsidian’s latest offering, the appropriately titled Old World Blues, comes close.


Square Enix announced Monday its lineup for 2011′s Comic-Con, set for July 21-24 in San Diego, Calif. Attendees will get hands-on with four major titles: Dead Island, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Wakfu. In addition, the publisher will be holding one-hour panels for the first two games on the list.

Square Enix aims to dive deep with these panels, into societies’ perception of monsters (Dead Island) and the morals behind transhumanism (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), highlighting a bit of the academics behind these anticipated titles.


The NCAA Football franchise has come a long way over the past couple of years. Year in and year out it makes great strides towards becoming the best football sim game around. Last year was easily the most contested year as more hardcore football gamers pledged their loyalty to NCAA than ever before.

This year, NCAA Football 12 brings with it improved presentation, visual upgrades, custom playbooks, revamped Road to Glory mode, coaching carousel, and a much needed collision based tackling system. But are these along with other new additions to NCAA Football 12 enough to regain the loyalty of its followers? Simple answer: absolutely. Read more… »

If you haven’t seen “Tell Your Children [Reefer Madness]“ the movie, go find it – it’s incredibly funny, educational, and it’s the basis for the brand new L.A. Noire DLC, appropriately titled Reefer Madness.

So what’s Cole up to this time? Oh, you know, same old, same old – rotating coke cans, chasing down bad guys, and accusing old women of brutally torturing and murdering their baby grandkids. Thankfully, it’s still a ton of fun.


The first trailer for the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLC Old World Blues is upon us, and it looks…interesting. The trailer itself features a skin stripping procedure, robo-scorpions, a mad scientist that sounds like Hubert J. Farnsworth, and an epic quest to “GET YOUR BRAIN BACK!”

It’s already been confirmed that you aren’t stripped of all your gear at the start of the DLC, so even if you aren’t a fan of the grindhouse-esque trailer, that’s easily a good thing. We’ll let you know how the finished product is pretty close to release, so stay tuned.

Without a doubt Valve is one of the most dedicated development studios when it comes to external media related to their games. Just one look at their “Meet the…” Team Fortress 2 shorts or the Left 4 Dead comic “The Sacrifice” and you’ll know what I mean. Today Valve announced that it has teamed up with Dark Horse comics to release all of their free online comics in a print form.

Produced under the title “Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories,” the comic collection will hit stores on November 16 for $29.99. Read more… »

Section 8: Prejudice was a fun little romp when it hit XBLA earlier this year. Now, TimeGate Studios is back and ready to drop a new game mode and map pack on XBLA and PC. The Frontier Colonies Map Pack will release for a cool $3.99 / 320 MSP on July 13th and the new “Skirmish” mode will be arriving for free later this summer. No word yet on that impending PlayStation Network release, but we’ll let you know when it’s coming.


Last weekend Ignition showed off the demo of El Shaddai that we previewed at E3 to the folks that attended Anime Expo 2011. Shane Bettenhausen, Ignition’s Business and Marketing Director, discussed El Shaddai’s religious source material . He hopes that the game won’t be seen as another religiously-themed title that just tries to “sell” religion.

Bettenhausen went on to say that Ignition “wanted to take this text and treat it in a new way, to give it to a team in Japan that doesn’t have any connection to that. They’re not religious in that way, so they could treat it as just mythology and create a new graphical style and a new gameplay style.” We’re certainly looking forward to delving into El Shaddai when it lands on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this month.

[Gamer Gaia via Joystiq]

Today at EA’s Summer Games Conference, Bioware and EA revealed the release date for Legacy, the upcoming story driven DLC for Dragon Age II. Legacy will be hitting Xbox Live, PC/Mac, and PSN on July 26, 2011.

Hit the jump for more details surrounding its release.


Had enough Black Ops? Well too bad! A third map pack is finally upon us, and in record time.

With Treyarch’s third offering, we’re graced with an airplane hangar, a golf course estate, a drive-in movie theater, a military installation, and a jungle themed zombie level. Is this set of levels enough to make Anihilation worth the plunge? Read on to find out. Read more… »

The guys over at THQ and Volition put this short video together to showcase Saints Row: The Third‘s open-world sandbox gameplay. From what’s in this video and what we saw of the title back at E3,  it really seems like these developers know what people want from sandbox games: hilarious, over the top action.

While I’ve already made it clear that I’m not one for Grand Theft Auto and the like, I’m finding myself really excited for Saints Row: The Third  – even if that just means dicking around the city of Steelport.  If this awesome video has you as stoked for it as I am, remember to look out for Saint’s Row: The Third come November 15th.