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A two week stint of creative thinking during Brutal Legend birthed four ideas. These ideas then manifested into Costume Quest, Stacking, Once Upon a Monster, and Trenched. An impressive two week collaboration of creative minds to say the least.

Given Double Fine’s track record, it is almost guaranteed that the art direction will be awe inspiring and the writing will be nothing less than witty. But whether this mech shooter meets tower defense will deliver in gameplay was unclear at first. Thankfully, I can confirm that Trenched delivers in every area, in almost every way. Read more… »

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team just kind of came out of nowhere. It was announced at E3, our own Kyle MacGregor couldn’t get enough of it, and now it’s upon us, all in what seems like a matter of days!

As a fan of the tabletop game myself, I had to delve into THQ’s recent rendition of the grimdark 40K universe and see if they got it right. Read on to find out the results of my adventure.

It looks like Microsoft’s year of exclusivity is running out on last year’s hot XBLA titles. Not only is Limbo preparing to make the jump to PlayStation Network, but Konami has Castlevania Harmony of Despair slated to release on Sony’s digital service later this summer. We enjoyed the game when it launched last year and now PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get in on the action.


Section 8: Prejudice was a fun little romp when it hit XBLA earlier this year. Now, TimeGate Studios is back and ready to drop a new game mode and map pack on XBLA and PC. The Frontier Colonies Map Pack will release for a cool $3.99 / 320 MSP on July 13th and the new “Skirmish” mode will be arriving for free later this summer. No word yet on that impending PlayStation Network release, but we’ll let you know when it’s coming.


Microsoft Games Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer told GameSpot: “As a first party we believe that Kinect will be important to all genres of games, be it racing games with Forza, combat games like Ryse, even games like Halo Anniversary has Kinect integration.”

It seems like Microsoft is following Nintendo’s lead again — inserting motion control into first party franchises that don’t really need it. While fans of the series probably would be happy with high-definition graphics, co-op, and Xbox Live support, it seems like Kinect will be an obligatory feature in first-party titles for the foreseeable future. Who’s up for Halo on-rails?


A large part of my childhood was spent in basements and libraries playing the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering with my brother and our friends. Sure it may have been a nerdy pastime, but I can honestly say some of my fondest memories are drawing the right card and just the right time to secure victory.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Stainless Games, I can relive my former glory in the newly released Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, a follow up to 2009′s Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers. Read more… »

Have you heard of WayForward Technologies? Well, if you’re a fan of Nintendo consoles the answer is…well actually still probably no. They have an unfortunate track record of making awesome games that just don’t seem to sell. They’re the guys behind awesome games like Contra 4, the Shantae series, Lit, and (my personal favourite) A Boy and His Blob.

BloodRayne: Betrayal mark’s WayForward’s first entry on the high definition consoles. So now that WayForward are on your system of choice, with an established IP to boot, you’d better not ignore this one.


To help promote Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine‘s impending September 6th release date, THQ is releasing Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, a third-person action shooter, on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. The title is due out this summer and is meant to whet your palette and work up an appetite for the main event. Gamer Limit had an opportunity to sit down with THQ and check out both titles.

Hit the jump for some hands-on impressions of Kill Team.


Japanese company Cave is known by many gamers as a producer of quality shmups since 1995: in fact, Cave has identified themselves with the shmup community so deeply, that most people can’t fathom a Cave product involving of another genre. Enter Nin2-Jump, a score attack platformer in the same vein as N+ and League of Evil.

Most gamers wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a new Cave game, given their pedigree, but how do they fare in the platform arena? Read more… »

It takes more than a look at the title for most to recognize Hard Corps: Uprising is actually part of the venerable Contra series.  The original Hard Corps a Sega Genesis game that was well-received but never made it to the level of greatness that its predecessors on the NES or even Contra III on the Super Nintendo did.  Like an increasing number of retro franchises Xbox Live and PlayStation Network have given Hard Corps a platform for a follow-up game and thus Hard Corps: Uprising was born.

Producer Kenji Yamamoto said that the intent was to make Hard Corps into a brand new franchise.  Does Uprising launch this new series into the stars or is it a failure to launch?  Hit the jump to find out.


Today table-top games giant Wizards of the Coast released some new details about the up coming sequel Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Slated to arrive on June 15 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Duels 2012 features a whole slew of improvements over the previous iteration. These changes include:

  • Improved Deck Editing
  • Enhanced Co-Op Game Play
  • All New Multiplayer Game Mode “Archenemy”
  • New Planeswalker Opponents
  • New Decks and Puzzle Challenges
  • Integration between the digital and paper product offering – Duels players get the first look at cards from the upcoming Magic 2012 Core Set releasing July 15, 2011

It is also said that Duels 2012 will feature “strategic single player campaign game scenarios” as well as “competitive play, robust community features and un-lockable content.” Read more… »

Rotastic swings  its way into Xbox LIVE Arcade, Playstation Network and PC Tuesday. The latest from developer Dancing Dots and Focus Home Interactive, the game promises high flying puzzle action on a foundation of simple controls and acrobatics. You play as powerful viking Fraghar, come to loot a medieval kingdom of its riches. Naturally, the game focuses on collecting gems, but there’s a twist — it’s all done while swinging through the air as for some reason or another, Fraghar cannot walk. That means falling off the screen means certain death.

Sound like fun?