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Zuma Deluxe: FAQ
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Braid: FAQ/Walkthrough
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Marble Blast Ultra Easter Egg Guide
By: | February 20th, 2009


Marble Blast Ultra Easter Egg Guide

Author: ShadowsDieAway
Mike Merin

E-Mail: TeamObsessed at hotmail dot com


LT/A: Jump
RT/B: Use Powerup
LB/RB/X: Blast
Left Thumbstick: Move Marble
Right Thumbstick: Move Camera

The Eggs

As a note, you do NOT need to finish the level to confirm that you have gotten the egg. Once you have gotten the egg, you can exit the level and you’ll see that you have gotten the egg when you look on the level select screen.

– Beginner Levels

1. Level 1: Learning to Roll From the beginning of the level, go up the ramp, and follow it to the steps, then follow those all the way up. At the end of the steps (it says “be careful not to fall off the ledge”), turn left and you’ll see a ledge right at the top of the steps. You should see the egg at the far end. Jump blast up the ledge and then jump to the next one, then use the beam on the right side to make it to the egg ledge, and jump up the ledge to get the egg.

2. Level 3: Gem Collection.

Go forward, make a right after the first gem, and go forward up the ramp in front of you towards the time travel powerups. Go up two more slants (you’ll be going in a circle) and at the end of the last slant make a right, and go

straight until you hit the wall. Jump blast onto the top of that wall and you’ll see a gyrocopter sitting there. Grab it, then you can do this part one of two ways. Turn around and face the large pillars that you’ve been circling around and:

  • 1. Activate the gyrocopter and jump towards the pillar, and bounce into it to gain some extra height, then use that extra bounce to land on the top of the pillar where you’ll find another gyrocopter.
  • 2. Go towards the pillar on the left side, activate the gyrocopter and jump up to the lowest pillar, then once you land jump blast up to the tallest pillar where you’ll find another gyrocopter.

Both ways are easy, try #1 first. Once you get on the top turn left and you’ll see a pillar on the far left with the easter egg on it. Activate the gyrocopter and jump towards it and you’ll land right on it, or just pick it up as you swoop by.

3. Level 9: First Flight

Get the gyrocopter and land on the second ledge down (it has the checkpoint on it). Grab the gyrocopter in front of the checkpoint, then face towards the exit, and then turn left. See the glass in front of you? Well, the egg’s below the floor where the glass is. Activate the gyrocopter and go directional forward-right and fall off the edge, then as soon as you fall off the edge hold directional forward-left and you’ll land in a little compartment below and the egg will be on your left. Use the blast if you need a little extra height.

4. Level 17: Ramp Matrix

Go forward down the ramp and make a left, then go down that ramp and get the super bounce. Go down the rest of the ledges and go to the exit (make sure you don’t have all the gems). Stand on the exit, literally, and then do a super jump blast to get the egg that’s hanging above the exit. To do the super jump blast, jump up and then press the blast button and the super jump button at the same time and you’ll skyrocket up (using regular controls: LT, RB+RT).

5. Level 20: Upward Spiral

This is a fun one. Go through the entire level up to where you pick up the second super jump powerup. Get the powerup, but don’t use it yet. Locate the direction where the exit is. Wait for another super jump powerup to spawn, and when it does, roll towards it and once you touch it use the super jump powerup and you’ll jump twice as high as a regular super jump. While you are super super jumping head towards the exit, and on top of the exit (the level above the exit) the easter egg will be right in front of it. Be careful though, as if you jump too far you’ll end the level but if you jump to close you’ll just fall down onto the level under it. It will take a few tries to get this egg.

– Intermediate Levels –

6. Level 21: Mountaintop Retreat

Go through the level till you hit the checkpoint. When you touch the checkpoint keep the camera where it is, and go backwards down the ramp and park yourself on the outside corner on the left. Turn the camera 90 degrees right, and move the marble one marble length to the left. Fall off the ledge and hold forward a split second after you fall off, and you’ll land on the egg (it’s just out of bounds, so you’ll see out of bounds, and then you’ll get the egg).

7. Level 22: Urban Jungle
Go forward, go straight at the checkpoint intersection, follow the path around going straight at the next intersection, and at the bottom of the two ramps make a left and you’ll see the super jump powerup. Grab it but don’t use it. Wait for it to respawn and when it does use it to super super jump onto the top of the pillar in front of you, where you’ll find a gyrocopter (use the blast if you need some extra height). Turn around and jump blast back to where the super jump ability is. You’re goal is to get on top of the pillar that’s on the inside corner where the super jump powerup is. Activate the gyrocopter and then immediately grab the super jump powerup and super jump blast with the gyrocopter to get to the top of the pillar where you’ll find the egg.

8. Level 32: Obstacle Course

Go through the level to where the first checkpoint is. Turn right and go down the two ramps, and then you’ll see the trap doors across the gap. Jump onto the one in the middle and fall through it to get the egg.

9. Level 33: Fork in the Road

Go straight and up the ramp, make the left, and keep going straight till you reach the part of the level with holes in the ground, then go past that part and up the ramps with the time travel powerups. At the top you’ll find the gyrocopter. Now, jump off the ledge to the right and when you land, look under the “U” shaped curve and you’ll see the easter egg under the curve. To get it, activate the gyrocopter and head straight towards it, then when you are near it use the blast to gain the extra height to grab the egg.

10. Level 35: Black Diamond

Here’s an annoying one. Go through the level staying towards the right side.  After the first checkpoint, keep staying towards the right side, and after you go up the slope and past the dip you’ll find yourself on a long, straight, smooth path sloping down for a long time. Use that to gain speed and just keep going straight once the path levels out. Hit the edge of the end of the first dip and you’ll skyrocket up. The egg is literally in the middle of the air just floating there. When you are flying through the air, if you don’t use the blast you’ll be just below the egg, so when you can see the egg use your blast and you’ll hit it. If you’re too high then blast a little later, if you’re too low then blast a little sooner.

11. Level 38: Whirl

Go all the way to the exit but don’t go in it. Turn around and jump blast on top off the loop that you last came up, then continue forward in the center of it and you’ll find the egg.

12. Level 39: Hop Skip and a Jump

Go through the level till you find the gyrocopter, then look up at the pillar on your right; the egg is right behind it. Activate the gyrocopter and jump blast a little bit to the left of it and you’ll see the egg rightin front of you. If it’s too high above you when you reach it then you hit the blast too late, and if it’s too low below you then you hit the blast too early.

– Advanced Levels –

13. Level 43: Ordeal

Go through the level up to the first checkpoint. Go forward and turn left hitting the first gravity modifier, then turn left and go to the edge of the ledge. Look down over the ledge and you’ll see two more ledges below you. Jump down to the bottom one and head to the right edge. Look down it and you’ll see the egg. Just drop down and you’ll get it.

14. Level 44: Daedalus

From the start, follow the path to the left, going straight at the 3-way intersection, and you’ll find a gyrocopter. Go through the level to the exit (again don’t get all of the gems) and directly under the exit is the egg. To get it just activate the gyrocopter and glide off of the ledge and use the blast to gain the height you need to get the egg. If you want to do it a different way, then when you are on the final moving platform that takes you to the exit activate the gyrocopter and jump directly towards the bottom of the exit for the egg.

15. Level 48: Scaffold

Head all the way to the exit, but don’t go in it (of course). Facing the exit, look under the left ledge close to the exit and you’ll see the egg.  Position yourself directly above the egg on the edge of the ledge and then roll off of it, holding forward as soon as you fall, and use the blast to get a little extra boost to get the egg.

16. Level 51: Battlements

Go into the tower where the exit is. Turn left and jump blast onto the top of the corner piece to your left, and then jump on to the pillar where the fan is. When you are on the pillar, face the exit, and go to the corner on the left side. You should be able to see the bottom of the egg under the exit. Build up the blast and then jump towards the egg and blast near it to get the height to get the egg.

17. Level 52: Three Fold Maze

From the start, turn completely around and go towards the ramp with the gravity modifiers on it. Hit the one on the left, and when you get off the ramp turn right and go down the ramp in front of you. Follow the path around, passing the first gem, and when you see the next gravity modifiers, grab the one on the right. Turn right and follow the path, but right before the ramp look to your left and you’ll find a gyrocopter. Grab it and turn around, and keep going straight in the same direction after you’ve passed the ramp on your left, and you’ll see a platform over the edge where a gem is. Drop down and touch the checkpoint where the gem is (believe me you’ll be thankful that the checkpoint is there). Now, turn around and hit the gravity modifier on the left, then go all the way to the end where some more gravity modifiers are lying, but don’t pick them up. Now, go into the corner left of the modifiers and face them. Activate the gyrocopter and slide left off the edge holding forward as soon as you slide off, and you’ll see the egg sitting on the outside of the wall. Use the blast to gain some extra height to grab it. If you miss it, then you’ll start from that very close checkpoint.

18. Level 54: Will o’ Wisp

Follow through the level, and after you get the second gem, continue down the path, and when you get to a part where there’s another path under you, drop down it, and where the two paths cross will be a gyrocopter. Grab it and head for the exit. When you first land on the same platform that the exit’s on, well I don’t know how to describe this so I’ll draw a picture:
_| |_
|_   _|

See where the ^ is? Well the “O” is where you first landed on the platform,
look under the inside corner where the ^ is and you’ll be able to see the
egg sitting in the supports. Activate the gyrocopter and drop off the ledge
to glide to the egg, using the blast if you need extra height.

19. Level 58: King of the Mountain

Follow through the level and after the annoying bumpers you’ll reach a checkpoint. Go up the ledges and past the two fans and you’ll find a gyrocopter. Wait for another gyrocopter to spawn, then activate yours and grab the one that respawned, then jump up the wall in front of you. You’ll literally find a whole new path around the mountain. After you jump up the wall you’ll land on a yellow ramp. Continue forward and you’ll see a ledge that you can drop down to. Follow it around, jump the gap, and on the right side you’ll see a veeeeeery thin path along the side of the mountain for you to walk across. Go all the way across it, past the corner, and when you hit the wall, face the wall that you’ve been hugging, then with your blast at full, activate the gyrocopter and jump blast up the wall, bouncing into the wall to give you extra height, and the egg will be on top of the mountain.

20. Level 59: Natural Selection

Go through the level, and when you get to the part where the platform has just came up through a hold as you went up numerous ramps, and then you choose to take two paths as the platform is about to go into the small gap in the wall (you’ll be at about 1 minute if you started on the moving platform around 4 seconds), take the left path, and when you get to the top platform you’ll find a gyrocopter. Get the gyrocopter and wait for another one to spawn. When it does, activate your gyrocopter, grab the one that just spawned, and jump up to the level right above you. Look in front of you and see the very tall pillar? The egg’s on top of it. Go forward and on the right side CAREFULLY drop down onto the level below, and on the bottom part you’ll see the super jump powerup. Activate the gyrocopter, grab the super jump powerup and then super jump up to the top of the pillar to get the egg.

Closing Stuff

I hope you found this guide useful. Please give me feedback at my email address teamobsessed_at_hotmail_dot_com with any comments or suggestions.

Copyright (c) 2006 by ShadowsDieAway.
Please don't copy and post this FAQ without my permission.

Please don't copy and post this FAQ without my permission.


Centipede & Millipede Achievement Guide

Written by: Unknown50862
Gamertag: TOO Taco Bob

Here we are, the first dual arcade game, each with six achievements.  This might be self-explanatory, but I’m going to say it just in case, the first six achievements are for Centipede and the other six are for Millipede.  The only
big difference between the two games is that there seems to be a lot more going on in Millipede than in Centipede.  With Millipede you have loads more enemies and such, but not everything is bad, there is an advanced mode that is quite helpful to get the point achievements.

There are a couple things I want to point out, before we get to the achievements.  One is that I, and many top scorers, find classic mode to be a lot easier than evolved.  I’m sure this is all up to personal opinion, but I
believe it’s worth a shot to try classic out.

Another thing is that in Millipede, there is something called advanced mode.  Advanced mode is where you basically hit a checkpoint every 15,000 points, starting at 30,000.  Once you have reached a checkpoint, it gives you the option to start 15,000 points before that checkpoint, once you run out of lives.  So let’s say you reached the 45,000 checkpoint, if you ran out of lives before reaching the next checkpoint, you will then be given the option to start at 30,000.  To activate advanced mode, just wait a second after you lose all your lives and input your initials.  It should then ask you to press start for advanced mode, press start and your good to go.  Just make sure you press start every time you have to continue.  But be careful, every time you lose without reaching the next checkpoint; it sets you back to the previous checkpoint.  And if you lose at the first checkpoint, it’s game over.  This is especially helpful in reaching the otherwise impossible Marauder achievement.

1. Slayer (10)

Score over 16,543 to beat the high score table Centipede – Default difficulty.

I don’t want to go into much detail on this one, since I think you should get this on your own.  You need to be able to score at least this much, if you plan on getting any of the other achievements.

Here are a few pointers anyway.  Keep the bottom as clear as possible, so you don’t struggle with the centipede if it manages to get close.  The spiders are an excellent way to get points towards the beginning, if you want don’t go
after the centipede until it’s about half-way, just aim for the spiders.  Remember the closer the spiders are to you, the more points you get.  Don’t worry about the dropping bugs, they only give you 200, and they are not worth
the risk in my opinion.  Later on you will see a snake cross the map and change the colors of mushrooms, these mushrooms make the centipedes straight down, which could be a blessing or a curse.  If you manage to shoot these snakes then you will get a good sum of 1000 points.

2. Stalker (10)

Score over 50,000 points Centipede – Default difficulty.

This is probably the hardest achievement in both of the games.  This one takes a load of practice and patients.  Just try to follow my pointers above, and just get a good feel for the game.  Some might think it isn’t worth it for 10
Gamerpoints, but if you are aiming for 200/200, then I believe it’s worth it.

3. Maniac (20)

Score over 15,000 Centipede – Throttle Monkey mode.

This one came to me easy.  All I did was force the centipede down two columns of mushrooms, so basically it was coming straight down, easy for me to shoot.  In fact I didn’t even have to move much, but I can’t say if you all will be as lucky.  Just try to form a column some where, stick to it, and try your best to dodge the spiders.

4. Spirit (20)

Have 3 lives in hand Centipede – Default difficulty.

Basically, all you need for this one is to gain a life without dieing.  It is possible to get this later on during the game, but it’s much easier to just get it at the beginning.  You get a life every 12,000 points, so that means you
need to survive until you reach that score.  Not much to tell you here, except just follow the pointers above and it shouldn’t take long to get it.

5. Barren (20)

Destroy all mushrooms on the screen Centipede – Default difficulty.

I’ve heard some people have trouble with this, personally I didn’t.  Just focus on the mushrooms, and try to avoid the centipede as much as possible.  You will want to wipe out the centipede when it gets into the lower regions of the board, but your main aim should be on the mushrooms.  You should finish off the mushrooms, before the 3rd or 4th centipede.

6. Exterminate (20)

Reach wave 8 without a centipede reaching the bottom Centipede – Default

Once again, this one takes practice.  You might want to try to form columns, to force the centipede down, so you can get an easy shot on it, but it doesn’t always work.  Just try to get rid of the centipede as fast as possible.  Just
keep an eye out for the snake and poison mushrooms.  If the centipede hits one of those tainted mushrooms, it will rush towards the bottom.  You can shoot the leading head to stop it or you can intercept it with your body.  Sure this will kill you, but at least it didn’t reach the bottom.

7. Prowler (10)

Score over 41,916 to get on the high score table Millipede – Default difficulty.

This one, like the Slayer achievement, should be done on your own.  Just go for it and try to get a handle on the minor changes from centipede.

Here some pointers for this one as well.  If you are really going for score, then the best thing to do is to not hit the DDT (exploding blocks), until the perfect moment.  This could either be where you will wipe out a whole centipede, or during a bonus round.  I prefer to use them in bonus rounds, since it gives you loads of points, but if you can’t hold off till then just try to get as many centipedes as possible with them.  Spiders are still another good points grabber in this one, but don’t waste your DDT, trying to get the 1800 spider, unless you are going for the achievement.  Keep an eye out on this game, there are a lot more enemies, including beetles that come from below and turn mushrooms invincible.

8. Marauder (10)

Score 125,000 points Millipede – Default difficulty.

This one is a pain, but is loads easier when compared to the Stalker achievement.  The advanced mode written above, is a blessing.  I wouldn’t try this until you are pretty good at the game, because it can still get pretty hectic, even with advanced mode.  The bonus waves are an excellent source of points, and if you use your DDT blocks well, you will have no problem reaching the checkpoints.

9. Lunatic (20)

Score 25,000 points Millipede – Throttle Monkey mode.

I had more trouble on this one, than I did on the Maniac achievement.  The column technique doesn’t seem to work too well.  There isn’t much that I can tell you, except learn how to dodge the various critters and try to get points
as fast as possible.  The DDTs are essential in this one; if you aren’t too good at using them, then you better get good, otherwise you can kiss this achievement goodbye.

10. Entity (20)

Have 3 lives in hand Millipede – Default difficulty.

Just like the Spirit achievement, you basically just have to survive long enough to get an extra life.  Although this time you don’t get a extra life until 15,000.  It shouldn’t be too hard though, in fact it should be easier than the centipede one, since it’s a lot easier to score points.  Follow the tips above, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

11. Poison (20)

Destroy a spider for 1,800 points Millipede – Default difficulty.

This might perplex a bunch of you, but this is probably the easiest achievement in the game.  Don’t do what I did, and try to kill spiders when they get really close, because the most you can get that way is 1,200 points.  All you have to do for this one is kill a spider using a DDT block.  The easiest way is to use the lower-left DDT, at the very beginning of the game, and just wait for a spider to get near it.  Shoot it, and you should have gotten yourself an easy achievement.

12. Eradicate (20)

Reach wave 8 without a millipede reaching the bottom Millipede – Default difficulty.

Millipedes take top priority in this one.  Make sure you keep your bottom area clean of mushrooms, since it can get bothersome if it’s too crowded.  Watch out for the discolored mushrooms as well.  If you see a millipede touch one, and start heading down, either shoot it or collide with it.  Anything is better than letting it reach the bottom and ruin your achievement.

If you have questions about the game or how to unlock an achievements please feel free to ask here.

This Achievement Guide is copyright 2007 by Unknown50862 – TOO Taco Bob.  It may not be posted anywhere but, and without consent from the author.

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