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Both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are titles that will forever be heralded as the top two first person shooters for the Nintendo 64. A sleuth from Xbox360Achievements has discovered what they believe could be a slip of the image. If you’ll look closely at the picture above, the arrow is pointing to what looks to be Joanna Dark, the protagonist from Perfect Dark.



The XNA Game Studio provided by Microsoft is a unique tool that is allowing independent developers to showcase their games through the Xbox Live Marketplace. I say showcase, but in all honesty they are just hidden away under a tab that not very many people can even find. When I did venture in, I discovered a gem simply known as Groov. The way I look at music games will never quite be the same.



Still very much in the rumor stage at the moment but it looks likes Fatal Fury (Garou): Mark of the Wolves is coming to the XBLA, well in Korea at least. Will this be the stepping stone to a western re-release? We hope so.



What’s worse than being buried behind stacks of dirty dishes for less than minimum wage and no respect?  Try having your heart ripped out, being systematically hunted by zombie cyborg assassins, and your sister willfully becoming one of them. This is the plight of the nameless Dishwasher from SKA Studios latest game.  The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai may have been the winner of Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play game development contest in 2007, but does the finished product get the blood pumping or leave you checking for a pulse? Read more… »


If you’ve strictly been playing on consoles for the past few years, you might not know about Peggle, which has been the virtual heroin for PC Gamers over the last few years. Fortunately, now’s the time to catch the addiction as Peggle arrives on the Xbox Live Arcade, brought to you by casual juggernaught, PopCap games. Read more… »


Last month it was announced that ‘Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram’ was coming out on the Japanese XBLA… Well Sega just confirmed via Kotaku that they are also giving the west some Virtual love.



SRPGs (Strategy Role Playing Games) are few and far between. Most of them cater to the hardcore gamer, offering thousands of customized options, weapons and spells, which would scare off any casual fan. Band of Bugs seeks to debunk the “SRPGs are hard” myth, but the question is: is it worth the money? Read more… »


Today creeping onto the XBLA is the latest Final Fantasy spin-off, Crystal Defenders. Crystal Defenders is yet another tower defense games, except with the ‘twist’ per se of featuring characters from Final Fantasy Tactics and being based after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.


witswagersmainscreen3Ah, board game video games. Every once in a while a sucessful table top game will come along and attempt to win family’s hearts through a television instead of a “typical” family game night. Wits & Wagers manages to balance questions that range from “impossible” to “I know that!” in one entertaining package. Read more… »

Re-releases of retro games and retro remakes come and go like the wind. Often times, a developer will attempt to slightly reinvent an ancient franchise, and expect to get $10 per customer out of it. Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a polar opposite of that trend. Former Capcom employees who worked on the original NES version served as consultants for Rearmed. The effort that was put into this remake could have equated to a $15 purchase, but Capcom ultimately decided to sell it for $10. Read on to find out why Bionic Commando: Rearmed has set the bar for retro remakes. Read more… »

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