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The Battlefield franchise has a lot of hardened fans, and the life of the series has transfered well onto the consoles. The “hardcore” in that group would say you couldn’t play it right without a mouse and keyboard, and they could be right. With Battlefield 1943 coming, and the esstablished populary of Bad Company, the rumor that Battlefield Heroes is headed to Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network is not at all surprising.



Space Invaders is heralded as one of the first, if not the first, shoot ‘em up every created. The “invader” could possibly be argued as the most well-known game icon right up there with the pong paddle.

Taito has given Space Invaders an “extreme makeover”, and has had success on the DS and PSP platforms. Now, we are given an XBLA version, with is essentially a remake of the PSP iteration, with online play and updated graphics. So how does it measure up to the original, and modern shoot ‘em ups as a whole? Read on to find out. Read more… »


Why should Nintendo and Sony have all the fun?  Word has been circulating for some time that Microsoft is itching to bust into the handheld gaming market.  Team Xbox has recently reported that the juggernaught company is in the final stages of the new handheld, and it will feature Live Anywhere.  Click continue for more. Read more… »

Battlefield 1943 takes you back to WWII and throws you into the battlefield across the islands of Wake, Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal. This new trailer features Pacific warfare in Iwo Jima loaded with ground combat and carpet bomb attacks from fighter planes. Hit the jump to read more and watch the clip.



XBLA’s Castle Crashers (a 4 player, 2D hack and slash) has recently achieved a stunning 900,000 people on their leader-boards! In order to celebrate their possible run up to 1 million players, game devs The Behemoth have issued a challenge! There are multiple gifts and prizes to be won, and they’ve personally assured everyone that the prizes will be “awesome; nay… SPECTACULAR!”. Hit the jump for the full details!



Want to know what the winning lottery numbers are tonight? Do you want to know who will win the World Series? What about what is for dinner? When are you going to die? How much money will you make in your lifetime? Who will the love of your life be? Well, with Fable II‘s See The Future DLC you can do none of the above!


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Power Trip #6: Braid
By: | May 7th, 2009


This week’s power-up comes from a very unlikely protagonist.  He’s as subtly gifted as he is short.  The abilities he possesses aid him in warping the very fabric of reality to his beckon call.  No pesky keys or trick ladders will stop him from piecing together the puzzle of his life and finding his princess.  Caught in a world of obscurity and loneliness, the only constant he has is the power to defy consistence. Read more… »

1vs100header2Playing a gameshow over Xbox Live is an interesting idea, and I think Microsoft might be onto something! As the beta-testing continues before an unnanounced spring launch date, we’re being treated to more and more tidbits about how this free for Gold Subscribors game is going to integrate the achievement system.



Everyone here at Gamer Limit is excited at the recently announced Turtles In Time remake. It seems that footage of the game has been caught on a cell phone camera and put out onto the Internet. Hit the jump to check it out! Read more… »


Mash-ups. Neither the fighting game genre nor comic books are strangers to the cross pollinating of two intellectual properties. Since first watching “The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones,” my fascination with mash-ups has been unquenchable. However, among those franchises that attempt the delicate cross breeding, very few are a success. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is one of those few. Read more… »

turtlesintimeheader1The 25th Anniversary Tour for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is making its rounds throughout the United States, and along with it comes a demonstration for a remake that could be for the most popular TMNT game ever. We’ve got one screenshot, and what platforms it will likely be seeing.



Back several months ago news hit the Internet that Microsoft was erasing gamerscore from accounts that were linked to cheating. While you would think people would have learned their lesson, it looks like Microsoft is bringing down the giant eraser of doom again.