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Gamers lucky enough to be attending next month’s GameOn! event in London will be delighted to hear that Capcom will be arriving with a goodie bag full of new titles to play, including Lost Planet 2. Hit the jump to find out what else we can expect.



Lips has had a mixed reception from gamers. With the SingStar community already established, Microsoft is branching out into unknown territory of sequels for their karaoke extravaganza! Today they announced Lips: Number One Hits, the sequel to last year’s Xbox 360-exclusive karaoke title. Hit the jump for some of the known tracks to be on this latest collection.



Is the above title the best Wallace and Gromit quote ever?! You decide! Telltale has just published the first episode of their W & G adventure series on the Xbox Live Arcade, entitled Wallace & Gromit Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees.

In addition to the Xbox Live Arcade release, Episode 1 and 2 are already available on the PC, with gamepad support. Telltale is offering each episode invidiually at $8.95, as opposed to a previous season bundle deal at $34.95. The next 2 episodes, “Muzzled!”, and “The Boogey Man”, are set for release in June, and July, respectively. As Wallace would say, “I’m just crackers about cheese!”


Making the logical leap from leather biker garments to homosexuality, Rockstar has announced that the new GTA IV episode follow up to The Lost & Damned is The Ballad of Gay Tony. Assuming the role of Luis Lopez, an errand boy for nightclub manager Tony Prince, the player will confront the standard qualms of any GTA protagonist.  Determining loyalties, deciphering hidden plots, mediating feuds, the whole works.

The game will be 1600 Microsoft Points ($19.99) when it is launched on XBLA, and also as a $39.99 Lost & Damned 2-in-1 bundle which will not require the GTA IV disc.  Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City will release this fall.  Hit the jump for a full press release about The Ballad of Gay Tony. Read more… »

good“Hey guys, how’s it going?”….. silence. “Anyone there?”

Ladies and gentleman of the gaming world, please say hello to Mr. Cheerful Casual Gamer. If he’s lucky there will be another cheerful casual gamer in the lobby.

“Hi there friend, where you from?” Looking for more than just a fragfest and a high score Mr. Cheerful Casual Gamer has just ‘popped online’ for a ‘quick game’ and wants to have a chat while in the lobby waiting for the game to start.

“I’m from Pleasantville” replies Mr. Never Been Online Before.



Ahh, the last week of May. It’s the unofficial start of summer here in the US of A and that start begins with Memorial Day. Perhaps due to the holiday there aren’t many new releases this week. Well, that’s not quite true. I bet it is because we’re all eagerly anticipating a megaton-filled E3! Either way, here is what is coming out. What are you getting?


I absolutely stink at Halo 3. It isn’t that I am bad at first-person shooters, but the fact that I so poorly execute anything in Halo 3 leaves me with little desire to play it. If I pop in Call of Duty I can hold my own and do much better, so why is it that I absolutely suck at Halo?



Every once in a while, you’ll come across a completely original title that was made specifically for the Xbox Live Arcade. Gastronaut Studios managed to meet this goal with the 2D Brawler Small Arms, and it seems they’ve succeeded again with Gel:Set & Match (also known as Gel).

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, I’d seriously consider checking out what Gel has to offer.



In 2004 the poker game Texas Hold ‘Em exploded into popularity.  Doubtless you’ve been invited to poker tournaments by friends, learned the game, and gotten over the financially frivolous fad.  However, developer Wideload Games has decided that the poker craze doesn’t need death, it needs rejuvenation.  The name of the game here is playing with virtual money and cheating recklessly.  Is it worth gambling your download dollars on? Read more… »


Can’t wait for E3? Neither can we. The small trickle of new information is enough to keep us chomping at the bit for the big reveals, and the blowout of information! These new details from Mass Effect 2 come courtesy of OXM.



Let me share a big secret with you. All of the ratings boards around the world that tell you how old you should be to play certain games also have a tendency to leak out a lot of information. Guess what? That’s how we found all about Secret of Monkey Island having a chance to come to the Xbox 360.



800 MS Points? Yowsers! As a general rule, Microsoft 1st party titles have avoided the whole DLC debacle, but Halo Wars has destroyed the trend! Today the Strategic Options Add-On Pack has come, and what you get does not equal what you pay.