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ACE Team, the independant developer responsible for Zeno Clash, has been discussing the probability of bringing their cult classic to the Xbox Live Arcade.

We’ve been having conversations about a possible XBLA version of the game and we’re currently talking with a publisher, but we still haven’t closed that yet.” According to the co-founder, Carolos Bordeu


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R.I.P. Xbox 360 Coffin
By: | June 9th, 2009


Who would’ve ever thought that the coffin would be put to rest? Kind of ironic, isn’t it? I’ve gotten two of these coffins, and am honestly not sad to see them go by the wayside. Perhaps this is a sign that they’ve got their hardware issues under control?

Joystiq has reported that you’ll be packing up your RRoD, or E74′d Xbox 360 all by yourself. On the flip side, Microsoft will still be paying for the shipping costs, but you’ll provide the box.



If you were to name your top five games on the Nintendo 64, Perfect Dark is more than likely somewhere on that list. Fans felt a defeated when they were told Goldeneye may never see the light of day on our newest consoles, but these latest screens, and details of Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade are enough to make up for any of that.

The game will include the four-player multiplayer you’ve come to expect from the title, along with all the bots you had from the single analog stick days. Although it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the cooperative play is online, the offline is still there. Perhaps the biggest news to reach our ears is something many of us expected, but were not sure would come to fruition.



That nerdy/crazy/awesome/funny host of the Late Show, Mr. Jimmy Fallon has just confirmed via twitter that we should expect a “Mini-E3″ next Wednesday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The same man who had Keifer Sutherland record a voicemail on his iPhone is going to have a very awesome, very special guest on his show.



When we were told at the begining of the press event that we would see games, we did. We saw trailer after trailer, demonstration after demonstration, then of course the beautiful Project Natal. According to Microsoft’s Shane Kim, we haven’t seen everything yet.



If you’re like the rest of us here at GamerLimit, Project Natal absolutely blew your mind. At first it looked gimmicky, but once Milo hit the stage I think the concensus became much more positive. While its retail debut is likely afar off, there are plenty of media assets to enjoy.

Miss the Microsoft Press Conference? This is what we were treated to live, and the video you’ll be watching over and over. If this works the way they showcased it…Microsoft has made leaps in the industry today.



E3 Breaking News: Felicia day just came onto the stage to demo Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live.

Features include:


  • Allows integration between your Xbox Live friends list and Facebook friends.
  • Update/Check Facebook status updates
  • View photos
  • Post screenshots/text to Facebook profile straight from games


  • Intuitive interface
  • Live updates/images

Both systems will be available this fall.


Breaking E3 News: Another big announcement from Microsoft, Music is coming to Xbox Live! will allow you to listen to over a million songs right in your living room. You’ll be able, if your a Gold Subscribor, to listen to it for free this fall!

For those who don’t know what is… wikipedia to the rescue.

Should be pretty damn awesome.


Telltale games has finally released the first episode of their Wallace and Gromit adventure series on the Xbox Live Arcade, entitled Fright of the Bumblebees. Episodic content is a fairy new venture in the realm of consoles, but PC users have been enjoying this distribution method for quite some time.

Despite your concerns regarding how an adventure game would translate to a console, the Wallace and Gromit Telltale series actually plays better with a controller than a mouse and keyboard. Read on to find out if the game is worth it’s $10 price tag. Read more… »


I’ve got a slight feeling that Wolfenstein 3D will not quite have that same amazing charm that it did the first time I played it. Killing the Nazi regime is fun and all, but I don’t know if it is quite the same as it used to be.

All 60 levels of Wolfenstein 3D will be hitting both consoles on June 4th, and it will give gamers something else contructive to do besides hit refresh over and over to check out the latest news for E3. One of the unique things is a slight twist they’ve put on the game, and I personally think it is a smashing idea!



If you’re like us, you’ve been jealous of our Canadian brethren getting in on a beta before the rest of us. Well cool your heals, take a deep breath, and put down the knife: it’s coming to America.

On Monday, June 1st, the 1 vs. 100 beta will be opened to all United States residents with a gold Xbox Live subscription. No news on when the 1st season will begin, so let us all just enjoy the beta for now. Will you be the “one” or the “mob”? The obligatory Xbox Press Release comes after the jump.



When Battlefield 1943 his the digital shelves sometime later this month, it is going to come with a very unique feature build in to encourage gameplay. EA issued a community challenge that, when unlocked, will reveal a fourth and final map for the game: Coral Sea. The challenge? Achieving forty-three million kills on Xbox LIVE and PSN.

The new Coral Sea map will be an air superiority map, and therefore “airplanes only”. Dieing for more? Check out the press release and then just anticipate this game like the rest of us: with a lot of drooling.