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Review: Awesomenauts
By: | May 14th, 2012

Awesomenauts Review

Developer Ronimo Games proved with Swords & Soldiers that they’re adept at merging real-time strategy gameplay with a two-dimensional world. But how did they do marrying MOBA mechanics with frantic side-scrolling action? The following should give you a hint:

When you start playing a game that features a giant robot, a space cowboy, a monkey with a jetpack, and the word “awesome” is mentioned well over five times within the intro movie, you know you’re in for something out of the ordinary. Welcome to the world of Awesomenauts.


Awesomenauts Wallpaper

Bad news Awesomenauts fans. Today I received word from Ronimo Games that the publisher, DTP Entertainment AG, has filed for insolvency. Jasper Koning from Ronimo says,”We’re unsure what this means for the game, but we’re working hard to try and resolve the situation.”

I reached out for comment, but so far there’s no word on whether or not Awesomenauts will launch as planned on May 1st on PSN and May 2nd on XBLA. I really hope they get this all figured out as it looks like it’ll be a fun, possibly insane, game. DTP Entertainment is a German company known for publishing games like Drakensang, Divinity II and Cursed Crusade.

Trials Evolution

You guys like that Trials Evolution game, right? Well turns out you’re not alone. RedLynx’s Trials Evolution set the record for the highest grossing day-one sales on Xbox Live Arcade. How many sales did they need to break that record? Try over 100,000 in its first day after release. Hot damn!

RedLynx has to be pleased with those numbers. Demand for the game was so high that according to Gamasutra, Microsoft had to add more servers to accommodate all the users. In addition Gamasutra reports “leaderboards for Trials Evolution‘s recorded 120,000 users playing the game just a day after its release, and around 180,000 playing in its second day.”

[Source: Gamasutra]

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Gamer Limit Review: Fez
By: | April 12th, 2012

Fez has been in the works for many years — odds are if you are reading this review, you have heard of the game.

So, given the game’s prestige, I’ll keep this intro short — the wait was worth it. Read more… »

Since it ‘s been marinating so long in development hell, most people don’t remember the name “Fez”. But fear not, patient gamers, as Polytron’s pitfall plagued platformer will be out this Friday for 800 Microsoft Points.

Fez is particularly notable, as it’s appeared in Indie Game: The Movie, and pretty much every single Indie Roundup for the past five years or so.  Personally, I’m getting a good Tomba vibe from the game, but we’ll see if it really meets the hype this week. If it’s successful, the developers would consider additional platforms (my guess is Steam/PC).


You guys have heard of Awesomenauts, right? If not, go here and check it out. I’ll wait. Now that you’re properly hyped, the game has official release dates.

According to a press release, North American PS3 users will be able to download the game for $10 on May 1, while worldwide PSN and XBLA users will have to wait until the next day. The game fuses MOBA style gameplay with 2D sidescrolling action with a nostalgic 80s flair. Sign me up, please.

If you said ten years ago that the Xbox 360 would be the premiere choice for shoot ‘em ups (shmups), I would have laughed in your face. But with a number of rare gems being ported to XBLA like Radiant Silvergun, and a handful of Cave ports transposed onto the retail 360 market, Microsoft has no doubt taken the shooter market by storm.

Sine Mora (latin for “without delay”) is a horizontal shoot ‘em up co-developed by both Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture, that’s basically a mix between Einhander and the bullet hell genre. It carries a lot of expectations, given all of the hype and the fact that Suda is not involved with the project itself.

So, sine mora, it’s time to get to the review. Read more… »

It’s good to be the king. You get to sleep in under comfy silk sheets while your vassals wake at dawn and go out to till the land. Architects build your towers. Wizards slave over mysterious, glowing artifacts. All the while, your coffers fill with gold.

One day, you’re awoken by one of your purple robed advisers alerting you that a rival lord’s army is at the gates. Such a travesty! Who does he think he is? And why does your adviser sound like a caricature of Sean Connery?

Defenders of Ardania (DoA) for Xbox Live Arcade starts with the player waking to find the enemy at the outskirts. Tower defense battles quickly carry you off into the lands of Majesty, in search of ancient evil, gathering key allies and powers along the way. With effective gameplay twists (yes, there is tower offense), DoA offers a gaming experience that may be rough around the edges, but is thoroughly entertaining.


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Gamer Limit Review: Orcs Must Die
By: | October 24th, 2011

The tower defense genre has always been one of my favorite ways to kill time when gaming. There’s something that is just so satisfying about building the perfect line of defense and watching your maze of death take care of everything. While this genre has previously been relegated to modifications and other derivative works (WarCraft III custom maps, etc.), now digital distribution services like Steam allow game developers to create fleshed out, full fledged titles. Orcs Must Die is one of these full fledged tower defense titles.

As the name implies, Orcs Must Die involves building a series of traps so that wave after wave of oncoming Orcs meet a grisly end. This sounds entertaining on paper but, as gamers know better than anyone, the proof is in the play. To see if Orcs Must Die is worth your money, hit the jump. Read more… »

This review of Dungeon Defenders must begin with a short study of M. Night Shyamalan’s film, Lady In The Water. It’s a worthy comparison in its own way. Both game and film feature casts of characters who must defend their precious jewels from evil (in the film it’s a lady and in the game it’s an actual jewel).

One character in Shyamalan’s film also serves as a metaphor for the game as a whole. It’s Reggie the Guardian, that guy with one super buff arm and one regular arm. Translate that into Dungeon Defenders; from one side it seems to have true strength as a co-op RPG. Take a look from another angle, and it’s a rather bland tower defense title.


This is the second week of my personal, three week journey through blood and horror. Beginning with a review of the highly anticipated Dead Island, this month started off rather well. If you liken it to a plot in a good B-movie horror flick, this would be around the time we get a twist. Whether it’s a good one will surely depend on your point of view.

While horror films are lauded for their incongruous material, that’s not something you really want to see in a video game. Not when incongruity means poor design, lack of depth and self mutilation. On that note, I have to say I feel my review of BloodRayne: Betrayal is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.


With Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 right around the corner, there is no better time to fill that desire we all have for an enjoyable dungeon crawler than right now. Crimson Alliance sets out to do just that. And in all honesty, it can — if you let it.

This co-op action RPG for the Xbox Live Arcade is a throwback to titles like Gauntlet and  provides the most basic elements of your typical dungeon crawler. This isn’t a bad thing, but it is up to you to decide if that will provide enough content to your liking. For me, it did.