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L4D NXE Theme in OXM
By: | June 26th, 2009


Have you always wanted to infect your friends with a virus that could potentially turn them into a zombie? Are you tired of the boring, somewhat bland NXE themes currently available on the Xbox 360? If you answered yes to either of those questions, we’ve got a deal for you!

If you pick up the latest issue of OXM, you’ll find yourself a redemption code for a Left 4 Dead theme developed by Valve themselves.



There’s no one more serious than Serious Sam (duh)!  He’s so serious that not only is he coming to Xbox Live Arcade, but he is seriously coming to the PC! In all seriousness, Croteam has been hounded by serious fans and seriously had to consider publishing Serious Sam.

That leaves many of us seriously excited. This new, serious remake is in full HD, with seriously updated graphics. We’ll be getting serious and playing Serious Sam sometime later this summer. They must be serious about getting the game out soon! On a more serious note, it’s going to cost a serious 1200 Microsoft Points, which equals about $14.99. That’s seriously high price tag. Check out this serious press release after the break…



In 1993, Sam & Max Hit the Road became one of the most successful adventure games of all time. Creator Steve Purcell’s likable duo of Sam the dog (the straight man), and the hyper, unpredictable, Max the “bunny…thing”  were an instant hit when mixed with the creative minds at LucasArts Entertainment.  After LucasArts decided to scrap the development of the future Sam & Max titles, many developers left the company and formed TellTale Games in 2004, which led to the revival of the series.

Sam & Max Save the World is the same six episode compilation that was offered in an episodic fashion on the PC in 2006, and also hit the Wii in late 2008. The Xbox Live Arcade offering has quite a hefty price tag of $20, so read on to find out if it’s worth the price of entry. Read more… »


Hey all you Xbox Livers, get ready to spend some of those hard earned Microsoft points! Tomorrow, two brand new additions to the XBLA library will be available for 800 points each ($10).

Hit the jump to see what they are! Read more… »


If you’re a fan of Xbox, you likely know exactly who Major Nelson is! Once in awhile he puts up a tidbit or two that’ll let us know about things coming for the future of the Xbox 360.

Although nothing was mentioned durring the press conference, or in the buzz surrounding it, something you’ve all been chiming for is coming to the Xbox 360.



Y’know what is annoying? When someone logs into Xbox Live right when you think you have done something that is worthy of an achievements. Not only is it that annoying person who was halfway good at Burnout who added you, but you didn’t even recieve one point of gamerscore. Dissapointing, isn’t it?

Recently we came across a website that will help you net the gamerscore you’re dreaming of! Want to know the best ones besides Avatar and King Kong? Yeah, they’ve got you covered.



Whoa there! We thought Mass Effect was all but a dead horse, but it looks like Bioware might be trying to squeeze in a little bit more revenue from the first adventure of our spaced-out team of warriors.

Here’s the skinny: Mass Effect was added to the Games on Demand listing for the Xbox 360, and promptly pulled. For the few moments it was up there were some interesting tidbits of information that leaked out.



It is a sad state of affairs when there is an immediate outcry from gamers that tears the innermost joy from their souls and rips it asunder over a bed of hot coals. The big switch was just flipped, and Xbox Live is now down for up to twenty-four hours. This downtime includes’s My Xbox section, and the forums will be read-only. 

We’ll be sure to let you know when it is back online. Until then, we’ve made a list of things you could do in lieu of LIVE being updated…



Coming to the XBLA today are two highly polished games, Sam & Max Save the World, and the game I’ve personally been holding out for: Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers.



Remember that game for the Xbox Live Arcade that you kept hearing about for months, but never saw any footage for? That title that had nearly a hundred screenshots for characters and designs, and eventually had a trailer that was just an FMV tease? Yep: there’s finally gameplay screens, and we can see what all the hubbub is about!

Raskulls has been one of the biggest enigmas this year. We’ve seen so many cute, witty screenshots for the lovable skeleton buddies featured in the game, but never anything showing what the game is actually about. Hit the jump and prepare to have your mind blown.

Update: Added the new trailer!


The 1995 cult action game Comix Zone finally made its debut on the VC and XBLA today, if you haven’t already picked up a copy in a Genesis Collection it’s definitely worth grabbing for some comic book mayhem.



After all the hype and hooplah concerning Modern Warfare 2, it is hard to find a place in our hearts for anything else right now. That is, until we realized that there is still plenty of World at War to be played.

Tomorrow, Treyarch releases a brand new set of three maps, and a new zombie map to entertain the masses. It will cost you 800 Microsoft Points (or $10.00 USD) and you will be rewarded with new achievements, and rays of sunshine throughout your day! Hit the jump for a brand new trailer for Shi No Numa, Zambi Swamp. it’s wicked.