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Is the New Xbox Experience wearing off on you? Do you need something shiny to keep you satisfied? Well, wait no longer! Microsoft has detailed what the next update for the Xbox 360 will include when it hits later this summer.

We’re brokenhearted to be forced to inform you that this next update does not include Facebook, twitter,, Zune Marketplace, or Instant On 1080p. These updates are coming later, presumably near the time NXE launched last year.

You are getting the Avatar Marketplace, Games on Demand, and a sleugh of other features. It’s quite substantial, really. Hit the break for the full press release!



Just moments ago the ticker on the official Battlefield 1943 website rolled over the forty-three million kills needed to unlock the newest map in the fastest growing sensation to hit the downloadable title market.

Xbox 360 fans united together and achieved what some are considering a record of sorts. Not only did the Microsoftites bog down the servers, have over five million kills the first day, but broke forty-three million kills first!



I consider myself to be a man of fairly average intelligence. I only wear a helmet when the occasion  calls for it, and the bus I rode to school was the traditional length. I test well, I received exemplary grades all throughout my educational career – so why is it then that I’m absolutely dreadful when it comes to puzzle games?

You would think that if I’m capable of determining the value of x, I’d also be able to form a row of blocks in Tetris, or group the matching gems in Bejeweled - but that’s simply not the case. Read more… »

Readers, I have something to admit to you. It’s not easy, but I have never played a single Worms title. Of course, I remember the glory days of the two tanks blasting each other on my PC monitor at school, and to your certain dismay, the reboot of that classic has never graced my home desktop or my console.  However, those days are over and I’m finally ready to open a can of Worms 2: Armageddon.

So, hit the jump if you want to live.



First person shooters are not a rare commodity, and the majority that do exist, don’t derserve the $60 price tag publishers slap on there.  You’ve got your Conflict: Denied Ops, Quantum of Solace, Haze, The Darkness (decent, but not $60), Call of Juarez, Perfect Dark: Zero…I could go on.  However, now that companies are starting to test the limits of downloadable gaming we are starting to see original, and higher budget, titles creeping onto each system.

Last week, PSN released their new FPS The Punisher: No Mercy, which hasn’t fared too well critically, and now both sides are getting a taste of DICE and EA’s Battlefield 1943. So, hit the jump and report in, soldier! Read more… »

Battlefield 1943 is now available to download from the Xbox Live Arcade. Hop into this multiplayer-only game to enjoy the thrills of Pacific WW2 battles. Available is the full game for 1200 Microsoft Points and a FREE trial version of the game.



Today LucasArts announced that the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island will hit both the PC and Xbox 360 Wednesday, July 15.

Featuring selectable new graphics, full voice acting and a re-orchestrated score, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will arrive on the PC via Steam and on the Xbox 360 though Xbox Live Marketplace. As of right now no official price has been announced. Read more… »


It’s quite interesting. Despite all of the hubaloo surrounding the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott, the pre-orders for Valve’s upcoming sequel are twice what they were this time last year.

Are you one of them?


Just a few hours ago we reported a listing of brand new achievements for Battlefield 1943, thinking that the release date would not be far off. It looks like we were correct in our assumptions. Next Wednesday and Thursday, the battle shall begin anew!

For your console’s equivalent of $15.00, you can enjoy four new maps, a brand new destruction engine, updated graphics, colorful locals, and lots and lots of killing.



Shooting stuff is the American way, is it not? Now then, don’t go starting a controversy! You know how we Americans love our first person shooters! Wanna know something else that sounds a lot like a gun? Fireworks! So now we have to decide: Will we shoot guns on TV, or shoot fireworks in the real world? Such a hard decision. Wait! Double XP all weekend?

Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty World at War are offering a double xp weekend in celebration of our independence! What better way to celebrate than by fighting real and imaginary wars on our televisions?



At the very least, Battlefield 1943 will release for Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network within the next two weeks. Rabbid fans are eagerly anticipating any confirmation on the release date, and perhaps this listing of achievements is enough to make them “feel better”.

Assumedly, these Achievements are very similiar to the PS3 Trophies. None of them are all that difficult, just time consuming. Check out the full list after the jump!



Today Microsoft announced that the free beta for 1 vs. 100 is now open to Xbox Live Silver members, until Sunday, June 28.

Once 1 vs. 100 is officially released, players will have the chance to win real prizes including Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Arcade games. To get bigger and better prizes, the player dubbed “The One” must eliminate members of “The Mob” by correctly answering trivia questions. The longer “The One” outlasts “The Mob” the bigger the payout. If “The One” misses a question, the remaining “Mob” get the prizes. Read more… »