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The sales of Wii Fit are absolutely through the roof, and much more than we ever could have expected. It is no wonder that Nintendo is looking to capitalize on their succsess and create another Wii Fit.

If Nintendo is determined to bring to us a better press conference this year, it will be interesting to see how they balance between the casual and hardcore gaming communities. Or, will they find a way to embrace both?



If you know our founder, Colin, and feature editor, James, you’ll know that Australia has a lot more to worry about than Sexy Poker being a little bit too much to handle. Wait, why is this game coming to the Wii anyway? Kind of a strange choice. Either way, hit the jump to see why the OFLC said no on Sexy.



Ahh, the last week of May. It’s the unofficial start of summer here in the US of A and that start begins with Memorial Day. Perhaps due to the holiday there aren’t many new releases this week. Well, that’s not quite true. I bet it is because we’re all eagerly anticipating a megaton-filled E3! Either way, here is what is coming out. What are you getting?


contraheader2The days of playing Contra with my father on the old NES might have a chance to be reborn. For some reason Konami subvertly announced Contra ReBirth for WiiWare, and you want to know the best part about it? It’s hitting Japan very soon.


turtlesintimeheader1The 25th Anniversary Tour for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is making its rounds throughout the United States, and along with it comes a demonstration for a remake that could be for the most popular TMNT game ever. We’ve got one screenshot, and what platforms it will likely be seeing.


iwata2Saturu Iwata has been making quite a few comments recently, perhaps after his GDC keynote, the President of Nintendo Japan is feeling a bit more relaxed when it comes to speaking with the public. Either way, he made some quotes regarding catering to all of their customers that may just be a tiny bit of salvation for all of their “hardcore” customers. It’s not a short statement, so take just a few minutes to read.



Just when you think your indie gaming darling Tim is safe, a Super Meat Boy comes along and has its way with him. Hot off the heels of Braid’s critical acclamation after its release last summer, the art director behind the game has decided to place the suited star into his new project. Read more… »


Sometimes I wish I still took Nintendo Power, like I did for so many years. If I did, I would have been able to find out some interesting information about the location of the story in Red Steel 2, and some of the key features of the game. Hit the break for a little information, and the June 2009 cover for Nintendo Power. Yes, I know no one will get the title reference.



The right section of the screenshot above is the original flash version of Meat Boy, and the section to the left is comprised of the newly done WiiWare graphics (click the picture for a closer look).

If you haven’t played the flash game Meat Boy yet, do yourself a favor and go do it now. Like Alien Hominid, Meat Boy got it’s start as a humble flash game, and evolved into so much more. Meat Boy is known for it’s loose controls, somewhat adult oriented gameplay, and high difficulty level. Read more… »


We were all hoping for an announcement on Square-Enix’s plans for Final Fantasy on the Wii. Naturally we expected a game would be revealed. However we we’re wrong, whilst we expected one game, we got three. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata reveals all in his GDC Keynote speech. Hit the jump.



In what looks to me like a combination between World of Goo, and Loco Roco, Night is being released exclusively for the WiiWare platform. Hit the jump for the trailer. Read more… »


Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.  The title alone clues you into the quirky humor the web-based Homestar Runner cartoons are known for.  The series is also known for fondly poking fun at retro relics such as floppy disk-based PC games and the TurboGrafx, so it comes as little surprise that an ideal game version of the Strong Bad Emails cartoon would be based on the point and click adventures of yesteryear.  Does Telltale Game’s combination of old school gameplay and surreal humor strike an enjoyable balance in Homestar Ruiner, or will you feel burninated after playing?