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WiiWare free demo

Despite having some ridiculously clever gameplay ideas on their service (Lost Winds, anyone?), sales of downloadable Wii games have faltered for a number of reasons.  One is Nintendo’s lackluster online strategy, but that has honestly never been their focus.

Another cause of fail is the fact that WiiWare, unlike the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store, doesn’t offer free demos of its games, giving consumers a chance to try before they buy.  That is changing today!  Kind of.



Most people who’ve ever talked about video games with me know that I tend to resist titles that attempt to turn back the clock.  Still, I’m only one man, and the demand for such games is through the roof. Countless series in recent years have done this, and the Contra series is no exception.

Here we have the newest iteration; a deliberately old-school experience for Nintendo’s WiiWare. Although I’d love to say that this is a shining exception to my usual feelings on retro gaming, I can’t. It’s a mundane addition to a series that really deserves better.



Hot off the press, Ghostfire Games is turning up the heat with Rage of the Gladiator.  As the highly anticipated WiiWare  title gets closer to its release date, new screens and music are emerging for your audible and viewing pleasure.

For screens and music hit the jump.



For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Nintendo Wii’s online market, Ghostfire Games has been tantalizing our taste buds with its biggest production, Rage of the Gladiator.  Announced this morning, the game is the first WiiWare title to support Wii MotionPlus.

Move over Russell Crowe, Gracius is in the hizzie! Read more… »

Monkey Island surprise banner

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Telltale Games is offering the world a free, no-strings-attached download of the first episode of their new Tales of Monkey Island.

Not just to play today, but to OWN today, and forever!

Hit the jump for a link!  Do it now!



Rage of the Gladiator developer Ghostfire Games has released some info on their latest boss character: ninja extraordinaire Naginata.

What I love about these boss teasers is the fact that Ghostfire always bothers to explain them, and includes a mini tips and tricks section for each entry. Hit the jump for a full video!

contra0703 copy

Some time ago, Konami mused with it’s life partner about the idea of a new child based on an old property. Well, today, on 9/09/09, at 8AM EST, Contra Rebirth entered the world, and it’s quite strapping! (It also has The Joker in it, as you can clearly see in the bottom right of the header).

Hit the jump for the full press release, and a few screens to tide you over until you purchase it. Personally, I just can’t get enough of these retro remakes/re-releases. Including the recent news of a new Sonic 2D game, it’s quite an exciting week for classic gamers! Read more… »

[Feel free to check out the trailer on Gamer Limit's brand new Youtube channel!]

Ghostfire Games sure knows how to deliver hype: trickle content out on a weekly basis! Considering the game consists entirely off boss fights, it’s pretty easy to unveil one enemy at a time, and today, we get Ixthid, the floating beholder.

Hit the jump for the brand new trailer showing off some pretty exciting gameplay. Read more… »


Ghostfire Games, who happens to be one of the nicest development teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with, has released some new assets for their upcoming Wiiware title Rage of the Gladiator. In case you haven’t heard of this game before, essentially Rage is an old school type 3-D combat game in the vein of Punchout, and only contains high intensity boss battles.

Feel free to enjoy the exclusive battle theme, made publicly available free of charge from Ghostfire, and a new trailer after the jump. Read more… »


It has been known that Nintendo’s online market has not been up to par with its competitors: PS3 and Xbox 360.  In attempt to stimulate its growth, Ghostfire Games have been working on a new dowloadable title called Rage of the Gladiator.

The game focuses around a young prince named Gracius who, what appears, has to fight through a series of arenas to claim his crown as king of Avalance.  Right now, little is known about the storyline, but is its secrecy and appeal enough to draw a strong crowd to the WiiWare market? Read more… »


It seems that as soon as The Conduit appeared on radar after being hyped up by IGN, that almost everyone knew about it. Initially bloggers and gamers alike touted it as the Wii’s Halo killer, but nothing could be confirmed. Rumor after rumor passed by, pairing up High Voltage with this or that publisher. Even Nintendo of America was one of the rumored contenders.

The Conduit finally landed in SEGA’s court, and they handled the publishing of the game. It was a somewhat surprising pairing, but no body really blinked an eye after it was confirmed. You might be wondering how SEGA’s interest in The Conduit began, and why they decided to publish the game.



Hot on the heels of Cave Story‘s impending WiiWare release, indie developer Nicalis has announced that it’s other freeware Metroidvania, La-Mulana, is also being ported to WiiWare.

How did Nicalis announce it?  On their blog, with a nifty new preview video, of course!  Hit the jump to check it out. Read more… »