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This week, long awaited platformer And Yet It Moves (1000 Wii Points) has finally made its way to Wii-Ware.  Turn the game’s beautiful paper-craft inspired world on its head by using the Wii remote to complete mind-bending puzzles by changing the world around you.

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Ever wonder what would happen if Katamari Damacy and Pikmin got together and created an unholy love child? If the answer is yes, you might be interested in the recent Wii-Ware release A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots.

Monsters vs. Robots is the kind of game that leave players wondering what kind of psychoactive hallucinogen inspired developer Onteca to create this title. After an army of robots invades a planet inhabited by creatures called Stompies, it is up to you to gather the herd, fend off the robots, and gather natural gas. Gas bubbles are fed to an enormous Astromaggot so that its body will dramatically increase in size and float away releasing strands of silk carrying the monsters to safety.

It sounds a lot like something from an acid trip. But is this bizarre RTS any good? Find out after the jump.


Load up your Wii this week and take control of a “space jet” on a faraway planet in Calaris’ Space Trek. Outsmart the aliens to save the survivors whilst enjoying the game’s special brand of “humorous dialogue”. (700 Wii Points)

In A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots, the planet of Monsteca has become overrun by an army of robots. It’s up to you to gather the herd and defeat the invaders. This strategy game offers 20 levels and is probably the closest thing to Pikmin 3 we will be getting for a while. For 500 Wii points it doesn’t look half bad.

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This week’s Nintendo Download has a mix of games for your Wii and DSi, some more interesting than others. However, I can definitively say that the most arousing downloadable title of the week is Enjoy your massage.  Six clients are waiting for you to rub them down. The game is rated E10+ for “mild suggestive themes.” At a mere 500 Wii Points and suggestive material to be had, it would be downright criminal to miss out on this one.

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Good news, everyone! The chiptune-inspired electronic music of the Bit.Trip games is easily one of the biggest draws to Gaijin Games’ outstanding Wii-Ware series. The soundtrack for Bit.Trip RUNNER is available now over at and it is excellent. Whether you are already in love with the games or are just a fan of the chiptune scene, I can wholeheartedly recommend checking this out.

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With the retro aesthetic, infectious music, and colourful visuals of their first series, Gaijin Games have endeared themselves to the hearts of many. What the Bit.Trip titles lack in excellent high-definition visuals and Hollywood budgets, they make up with a vibrant artistic style and actually substantive rhythm-based gameplay.

Beyond the addictive gameplay that can unintentionally leave one playing for hours on end, Gaijin Games subtly weaves an intriguing tale about man’s journey through life. Bit.Trip RUNNER shows Commander Video’s journey from adolescence into adulthood. Essentially, it is a story about the maturation of this man, his existential plateau, and his climactic moment.


I gotta be honest and admit that when Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was first announced, I was extremely skeptical.  I mean there hasn’t been a good sonic game in over a decade.  Am I really supposed to believe that all of a sudden Sega has found that special spark again?

After playing the hands-on demo at E3, I am now a converted believer.  Sonic has truly gotten back to his roots, with a game that is sure to make all the old school fans of the series happy again.  To find out why I am so pleased, hit the jump. Read more… »

The Ace Attorney series is almost a decade old, and we’ve been receiving them since 2005. What can really be said about any of the original games that hasn’t been said already? Even if the WiiWare version is “new”, reviewing it feels like I’m the last person to learn about a big rumor in my circle of friends.

I’m telling them all about it with excitement as they stare at me with disbelief that I could have possibly not known yet. Imagine if I posted a review for Super Mario Bros. tomorrow; would you read that review to learn more about the game? To a smaller extent, that’s my current predicament. Read more… »

I can finally unplug my ears and stop screaming at the top of my lungs, because Bit.Trip Runner has ended it’s EU/AUS exclusivity. That’s right, it’s already May 17th, and the latest masterpiece from Gaijin Games is waiting on the WiiWare service for you to spend a measly 800 WiiPoints on.

Is it worth it? Of course! I don’t care what system you prefer or how much you’ll miss your trophies or achievements, this is pure fun in the form of retro, musical, platforming. If that doesn’t sound amazing, I think we need to call a doctor, because there’s something wrong in your brain cavity. For the rest of you, there’s video and more beyond the jump.


Gaijin Games next entry in their Bit.Trip sieries, Runner, is quickly coming upon it’s release date. How soon you ask? Expect Runner to sprint across your WiiWare channel on May 14th if you live in Europe/Australia and May 17th if you’re in America. It’s so close I can almost taste it!

And, although I’m not happy about waiting three whole days to get it, because their previous games have had much longer delays when making it to Europe/Australia (a month for the first two games and three for Void), I’m letting it slide… this time.

Now, if you need me, I’ll be sitting at my front door awaiting the return of my broken Wii and watching this video repeatedly.


Remember Punch-Out!!, the Wii-exclusive, old-school update that released last June?  Imagine that game, but you play as a gladiator instead of a boxer, and you can’t duck, but you can jump.  Then stick it on WiiWare, add a few RPG elements, and only charge $10 for it.  Taa-daa!  You’ve got Rage of the Gladiator.

That’s pretty much my review in a nutshell, although, if you never played the obvious source material, I’ll delve into it for you.


Have a dusty ol’ Wii sitting on the shelf?  Looking for a reason to boot it up again?  Well, now you have one!

Telltale Games is offering free copies of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free, and all you have to do is provide your Wii friend code, live in the U.K. or Germany, and fill out a quick survey.  Hey, you’ve done worse things for a free game, right?  Details after the jump.