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If you’ve never heard of Bubble Bobble, go google it. Created by Fukio Mitsuji, this lovable game follows the adventures of two dinosaurs named Bub and Bob, as they blow bubbles to smite their foes. The original was hailed for it’s classic arcade gameplay, co-op, and 100 level longevity. Wiiware is getting a remake, complete with all original 100 levels and an additional 300. Hit the jump for some remake screenshots. Read more… »

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World of Goo Review
By: | January 24th, 2009

By accident I found an early gameplay video of 2D Boy’s “World of Goo” last year. I immediately bookmarked the video and would frequently check in on the World of Goo website to see just how much longer I would have to wait before I could play the quirky-looking little game for myself. When I finally got my hands on the title, I was very pleased with what I saw. I waited a long time–and the wait was most-definitely worth it.



If you haven’t played Meat Boy yet, here’s a taste of what Super Meat Boy might be like. The game is an odd-ball 2d adventure, and is set to be released as a WiiWare title. There isn’t much to say about this title except that when it comes out, it will be insanely popular. Read more… »


If you haven’t heard of it yet, Crystal Defenders is a tower defense game for the Ipod/Mobile platforms, that has sprites from Final Fantasy Tactics. Read on for more details. Read more… »

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Free World of Goo soundtrack
By: | January 21st, 2009


Just a short bit of news, but you can follow the link in the story and download the soundtrack to the World of Goo free! Kyle Gabler created the tunes, and drew his influences from Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer just to name a few. Read more… »


The developers of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix one of the most hyped upcoming puzzle games have just released a Flash demo of the game, it’s pretty well done and definitely leaves you wanting more.


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Megaman 9 Review
By: | November 2nd, 2008

Get equipped…with retro greatness!

In anticipation of Megaman 9’s release, I blew through MM2 and MM3 the week before.  Despite the fact that I hadn’t played them in years, I completed them without much effort.  Shocking for me, since when I was younger, they both caused me great angst, cursing, and controller throwing.  And yet, here I am, crushing both of them with the expertise of a speed runner.  I was worried; was Megaman truly not the great challenge I once thought it to be?  And will the same translate into the 9th edition?  My fears really became heightened when I first began playing Megaman 9.  I began with Galaxy Man’s stage, since I had heard through the grapevine that he was the “first” boss that should be conquered.  I sped through the stage and downed Galaxy Man on the first try.  Without losing a single life.  Now I had real doubts about the “challenge” that MM9 was going to deliver.