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Nintendo DLC Update: 12/27/10
By: | December 20th, 2010

Back in the day when I was still wearing braces,  getting in trouble for skate boarding in the school yard and was death afraid of girls (who at the time stood at least a head taller than me) my favourite multiplayer game was…well, I guess it was Goldeneye. That was the first, and unfortunately only, FPS that I was able to whoop everyone and there brother at.

My second favourite multiplayer game back then was…Super Smash Bros. Dammit. Well, a game I really liked was Mario Party 2 and it’s out out this week on Virtual Console. Hit the jump for more info on that and this week’s other releases.


Last week, developer differentcloth brought the award-winning indie title lilt line to Nintendo’s Wii-Ware service. In a recent interview, lilt line developer Gordon Midwood had some interesting things to say about the Wii and the rhythm genre in general.


Not much is known about the upcoming swan song to Gaijin Games’ Bit.Trip series - Bit.Trip FLUX. However, some images of the title have surfaced. These screens were unlocked by completing the Bit.Trip level of  Mission in Snowdriftland. Now this is all wild speculation but from the looks of things, FLUX may be something akin to Bit.Trip BEAT in reverse.

While details on this title may be scarce, excitement for it definitely is not. Why not whittle away the time until FLUX‘s release by checking out the Wii-Ware demos for Bit.Trip FATE and lilt line, the full games, the four other Bit.Trip titles on Wii-Ware, or Bit.Trip Beat for Steam/the iDevices.

Also, why not hit the jump and check out the rest of these sexy Bit.Trip FLUX screens.


You may already be familiar with this week’s big title if you have an iPhone. However, now Wii owners have the opportunity to enjoy Different Cloth’s lilt line.  lilt line is “an award-winning rhythm racing game with a dubstep soundtrack and a visual aesthetic that will confound your senses and rock your soul.” lilt line makes its way to the Wii-Ware service  as Gaijin Games’, the developer behind the Bit.Trip series, first attempt at publishing. Lacking a touch screen, lilt line‘s Wii release reportedly features similar controls to those of Bit.Trip Beat.

I had the opportunity to speak with Gaijin Games CEO Alex Neuse  in Los Angeles during E3. He seemed excited, but a little nervous about lilt line and Gaijin Games’ first foray into the publishing world. Do these guys a favour and try out lilt line. A free demo version is available via Wii-Ware for a limited time, so you really have no excuse not to at least try this sweet rhythm-racer out.

Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s releases.

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Gamer Limit Review: Epic Mickey
By: | December 11th, 2010

When Warren Spector, of Dues Ex and Thief fame, was announced as the Director of the new Mickey Mouse game, I was shocked. Generally Mickey’s forays into the video game world are overflowing with cuteness – something Spector doesn’t really project in his games.

Now I’m no stranger to Disney – I used to live ten minutes from the Magic Kingdom, I own almost every animated feature on video, and I love all the classic SNES Mickey titles. If you’re like me, odds are you’re going to get more enjoyment out of Epic Mickey. If not, read on to find out why you may want to be more cautious.


The most exciting title hitting Nintendo’s downloadable services this week is Fluidity. I had an opportunity to play this title while at PAX. It’s a fun, physics-based puzzle platformer and it’s definitely worth a look. The game puts you in control of a flow of water, and rotating the Wii remote will rotate the scenery and will allow you to navigate the water through the mazes which make up the title’s levels.

A demo of the game is also available on Wii-Ware…so you have no excuse to try this title out.

The rest of this week’s titles await you after the break.


In the primitive yesteryear of 2009, humble developer FreeStyleGames went beyond downloadable content for Guitar Hero and set to work on their brainchild: DJ Hero was born.  It was a ton of fun to play between the soundtrack, innovative peripheral, and the same effective imagining of a DJ star that Guitar Hero does with wannabe rock legends.  The big drawbacks were the lack of multiplayer appeal that made Guitar Hero shine as well as a hefty price tag.

These problems unfortunately lent themselves to weaken sales figures, but that didn’t deter Activision.  Now DJ Hero 2 has hit shelves exactly a year later and refines, tweaks, and hones the formula for another memorable, thoroughly entertaining, and notably more social experience.


Another week, another Nintendo update…this week’s exciting title is a little game called Cave Story. While it has been available on both PC and Wii for a while now, Daisuke Amaya’s indie classic is now available via Nintendo’s DSi-Ware service. Additionally, a demo for the Wii-Ware version is also now available.

This week’s downloadable titles await you after the break.


Donkey Kong Country will always have a special place in my heart. I not only fondly remember the first time I ever played it, but I remember just about every session of the game I’ve ever had. The game was just so ahead of it’s time in terms of the visual style, and was one of the hardest, most rewarding games on the platform. Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, at least, managed to meld a perfect union of challenge and flair; enchanting you while it punished you at the same time.

So, with all those expectations, does DKC: Returns live up to the original’s name? I’d answer with a resounding “yes”. Read more… »

It’s taken them the better part of a decade, but it seems like Sega is finally listening to fans. Not only has Sonic returned to the 2D platforming scene in Sonic 4, but Sega has decided to release a game that takes everything that was good about Sonic Unleashed without all that “werehog” business.

But does it break the dreaded “Sonic Cycle”? Hit the jump to find out.


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Nintendo DLC Update: 11/22/10
By: | November 23rd, 2010

This week demos are making their return to Wii-Ware. In addition to your usual weekly assortment of downloadable titles, four demos made their way to the Wii-Ware service today. They’re actually pretty decent titles as well. Unfortunately, these titles are only around for a limited time only…so download them while you still can.

The full list of this week’s titles and demos awaits you after the break. Read more… »

Bit.Trip FATE is the fifth and penultimate installment of Gaijin Games’ Bit.Trip series. Like the four titles preceding it, FATE meshes distinctly retro aesthetics with rhythm-based gameplay, crafting a familiar and nostalgic experience that still manages to be unique in its own right. Also like its predecessors, FATE borrows greatly from classic-retro titles. This time, Gaijin Games pays homage to the venerable Shoot ‘em up genre in what might be one of the most interesting titles of the series.

But is it any good? Hit the jump to find out.