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2K Play has announced today the dream game for all who wanted to run away and join the circus. 2K Play has joined together with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to create a line of circus games for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS.



Nintendo of Japan President, Saturo Iwata has officially announced the dates for the release of Wii Sports Resort, and the MotionPlus peripheral. Japan will be the first to recieve the sequel to the incredibly popular Wii launch title in June of 2009. The “overseas” markets will receive the title in July. Mr. Iwata offered no pricing for the game and peripheral, or the MotionPlus attachment on its own.



A couple of days ago Reggie Fils-Aime [The President of Nintendo America] posed a few questions as to why Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV weren’t to be released on the Wii. Chris Kramer [communications director for Capcom], has answered these questions, stating that both games were developed for high definition games systems.



For the past couple of months, rumours of a Wii remake of the original Silent Hill have been flying around. Ironic, then, that the article by Nintendo Power magazine confirming these rumours was published on April Fools’ Day. I didn’t believe it myself, especially after seeing Kojima’s ‘Metal Gear: Pensioner’ video, but some helpful souls have posted a few photos of the article – an interview with Silent Hill producer Tomm Hullett – by way of some proof.

Those of you fearing yet another rubbish remake can relax though, as it would seem the only thing that will be giving you sleepless nights will be the game itself. “This is a reimagining of the first Silent Hill, it’s not a remake or a port,” explains Hullet. “That’s an important distinction. It really feels like a new game.” Welcome words, I’m sure you’ll agree. Read more… »


Capcom have revealed opinions on not only making another Zack & Wiki type game, but also on bringing Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom over to North America. Nintendo Everything reports this as the last bit of information that came from Capcom Product Manager Colin Ferris.



Yesterday Square revealed the brand new, and very empty, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers teaser site. What a mouthful. Apparently the amount of page visits the site gets determine when we are shown new videos of the game, how sneaky.



With the announcement of Spirit Tracks for DS, and Majora’s Mask on the Virtual Console, it seems that Nintendo are going Zelda crazy. But apparently Ninty have yet another announcement to make.



Those of you who desire a true 3D Pokémon game you could really sink your teeth into, are going to have to wait a while. Pokemon Company/GAME FREAK Board Director Junichi Masuda doesn’t seem too happy about developing a Pokémon title for the Wii.



We were all hoping for an announcement on Square-Enix’s plans for Final Fantasy on the Wii. Naturally we expected a game would be revealed. However we we’re wrong, whilst we expected one game, we got three. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata reveals all in his GDC Keynote speech. Hit the jump.



The Punch-Out! series has always been known for offering a selection of charming, glaring stereotypes to beat the snot out of you.  Fighters like “Vodka Drunkenski” and “Great Tiger,” offer a glimpse to a past where Japanese game developers’ naive racism made people say “aww,” and not “arrgh!”  Punch-Out! for Wii has a new fighter in the mix, but whether he’s a stereotype is up to you to decide.  Hit the jump for the video. Read more… »


Since 1977 every generation has in some way experienced an incarnation of Star Wars. It was only natural that the franchise would eventually cross over into the gaming industry. While some gave you the opportunity to fight with the space opera’s signature lightsaber, none truly captured the feeling of wielding the iconic tool of destruction.

When it was announced that the same company that was releasing The Force Unleashed was also developing a game specifically for the Wii, speculations were a plenty. At long last were we going to be able to duel with our friends with something more than sticks, or plastic toys? Kinda…… Read more… »

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Punch-Out!! Info Revealed
By: | March 20th, 2009


More information about the upcoming Punch-Out!! game for the Wii, developed by Next Level Games, has been let loose by Nintendo of Europe. Apparently the game will support a 2-player mode, where Little Mac can square off against himself. It has also been confirmed that the game will showcase 13 playable fighters, which is about 3 more than the original Punch-Out!!, and will include Doc Louis.