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Do you think your TV is safe from gamers throwing their Wiimotes at it? Well think again, Pega have just released a Dart kit for your Wiimote, allowing you to shape it into a realistic dart… perfect for throwing at your TV.


051609_201200 has just received a scan of the latest Nintendo Power, flaunting a North American release confirmation for the latest Capcom “vs” fighting game for the Wii, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. The title features various anime characters, such as Ken the Eagle (pictured), from Gatchaman, battling all-new Capcom stars like Joe from Viewtiful Joe, and Batsu from Rival Schools.

Tatsunoko is a fan favorite amongst niche Capcom fans, who have already imported the game. The reason behind it’s delayed release is legal troubles with the licensing of certain Tatsunoko characters outside of Japan. Personally, I’ll be buying this in a heartbeat. Hit the jump for a video featuring gameplay. Read more… »

Johnny Cash

Many people throw around the term “cash-in” when it comes to the hugely successful, well-stocked Guitar Hero series. This time, however, these claims may be a little closer to the truth because Guitar Hero 5 literally has Cash in. Hit the jump for more information and a couple of screenshots that may or may not look like previous ones.



A new video has recently showed up on featuring Harrison Ford in the upcoming Wii game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.  Sounds pretty status quo, eh?  Swap that leather jacket for a trendy black vest, ditch the fedora, and you’ve got Han Solo.  Hit the jump for the video. Read more… »


Epicenter Studies, the development team working on Real Heroes: Firefighter is about to warm your heart.  The team behind the game that lets you step into the sweaty boots of firefighters is giving a share of the proceeds from their upcoming Wii title to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.  Sometimes pretending to save lives just isn’t enough, so Epicenter is fix’n to save some real lives.  Read more… »


Goldeneye is one of the most popular Nintendo 64 games, and one of the best First Person Shooters of all time. Many people bought their N64′s for such a game, and gamers everywhere have been waiting for this game to arrive on the Wii’s Virtual Console; however this may never happen. Read more… »


LucasArts continue to bridge the many gaps within the Star Wars universe, via various mediums. Arguably, these gaps don’t need filling, but filled they are nonetheless. Their latest adventure, Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, takes its style from the Clone Wars cartoon series, and promises two-player coop action.



In what is likely to be part of Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference, Red Steel 2 details are slowly leaking out to the public. Everything we’ve heard around here makes the game sound absolutely delicious, but will Ubisoft deliver? Let’s hope Nintendo partners close with their new WiiMotionPlus partner and pulls out an excellent shoot ‘n slash experience. According to these details from German magazine “N-Zone”, things are going the right way.


contraheader2The days of playing Contra with my father on the old NES might have a chance to be reborn. For some reason Konami subvertly announced Contra ReBirth for WiiWare, and you want to know the best part about it? It’s hitting Japan very soon.



Hate it or love it, the survival horror game Dead Space released to widespread critical acclaim last year. Naturally, it would be a waste for Electronic Arts to not follow up with a sequel, right?

Well, as it should happen, while a sequel hasn’t been officially announced, maybe the wait isn’t going to be all that long.



As you may already know Wii MotionPlus is Nintendo’s latest effort to give their gamers the most realistic motion sensing possible. Boasting an impressive 1:1 response ratio, the Wii MotionPlus will attach to the bottom of the existing Wii controller and work in combination with the accelerometer and sensor bar to arguably give players the most realistic precision and immersion in gameplay. Read more… »

ghostbustersWho are you going to call when you’re disappointed? Well obviously the fallout from Sony and Atari’s announcement regarding Ghostbusters was incredibly dissapointing, and we’re glad to report that things were taken way out of proportion. Nothing is getting delayed…at least in North America.