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Huh? Didn’t Guitar Hero Metallica just hit retail? What about this Smash Hits game we’re getting this summer? I don’t know if I absolutely hid under a rock for this one, or if I just chose to ignore the fact that Guitar Hero 5 is a reality. Where was the fourth installment? What about all those in between? Do we have enough yet?



We all know that Reggie is still all about kicking ass and taking names, but what we did not know is whether or not Nintendo staples would be at E3 or not. However Nintendo is still confirming that Reggie Fils-Aime, Cammie Dunaway, President Iwata, and Mr. Miyamoto will all be attending, and appearing at their press conference for the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The event, which takes place at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia on Tuesday, June 2, will focus on “information about upcoming products.” The doors open at 7:30 in the morning, I’m glad I’m not going to be there for that one.



If you know our founder, Colin, and feature editor, James, you’ll know that Australia has a lot more to worry about than Sexy Poker being a little bit too much to handle. Wait, why is this game coming to the Wii anyway? Kind of a strange choice. Either way, hit the jump to see why the OFLC said no on Sexy.



The very successful Drawn to Life doodled its way into our hearts and onto the Nintendo DS over a year ago. The sketchtastic adventures of the hero of your own creation are coming again, and this time bringing life to the DS and the Nintendo Wii.



When The Conduit concluding, it comes as no surprise that High Voltage is moving onto developing new things. This must be the last place we thought the rumor of a new title would take us though. Either way, Gladiator A.D is a reality.



Ahh, the last week of May. It’s the unofficial start of summer here in the US of A and that start begins with Memorial Day. Perhaps due to the holiday there aren’t many new releases this week. Well, that’s not quite true. I bet it is because we’re all eagerly anticipating a megaton-filled E3! Either way, here is what is coming out. What are you getting?



Take a quick look around your room.  What do you see?   Besides your furniture, consoles, games, and television you may notice a plethora of game controllers.  How about a dusty Wii Zapper?  Perhaps a couple bulky plastic guitars?  A cumbersome drum kit?  There is evidence in your domicile that plastic pistols and replica rifles are being sorely neglected in the technologically advancing world of video games.  This is a call to artificial arms. Read more… »


Are you one of the Wii owning faithful who sulks as the other consoles receive big Capcom titles?  Did Resident Evil 5 leave your mouth watering?  Lost Planet have you all alone with just you and your Wii?  Kazuhiko Abe, Capcom’s Chief Financial Officer has some amazing news for you waggle-oids.  Hit the jump to see what’s coming up! Read more… »


The Metroid Prime Trilogy has officially been announced for the Nintendo Wii. After almost a year of speculation, this announcement from Redmond, Washington comes as no surprise to fans of the series. This trilogy that follows the exploits of one bounty hunter, Samus Aran spanned two systems and almost a decade of time. It will now all be rolled onto one disk, ready for you.



The folks over at Electronic Arts have just released screen shots for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. This new Joe game is set to released around the same time as the movie. Do you think we’re ready to be thrust back into the world of G.I Joe? I suppose we’re about to find out! Hit the jump for the boxart!


The cartoony Wii version caters to the casual crowd

You know what makes me feel real good? Bustin makes me feel good! You know what makes me feel good while bustin? Knowing I got a nice little trinket, or special in-game item by my side. So who you gonna call for your preorder bonus? Details inside!



The video game industry’s plight for a global recognition on par with Hollywood’s can do worse than receive a glowing endorsement from one of the biggest names ever to grace the movie business. As it happens, Steven Spielberg, the man behind such visual behemoths as Jurassic Park, Jaws and Duel, has been speaking to The Guardian about his love for an industry that he believes has a great future, as well as a glittering past.