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It’s official. All three titles under the banner of fan-campaign Operation Rainfall are being localized for Western release. Nintendo of Europe just released their Autumn/Winter software line-up, which includes The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. Both titles will be joining the European Wii library sometime next year.

If you want a reason to turn on your Wii this year Monolith Soft’s acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles is landing in European stores this week. Nintendo of America may want to keep you from playing great Japanese Wii games, but now that there are English translations in the works, that likely won’t deter ardent American Wii owners.

If you’re keen to actually play something on your Wii for a change and happen to live in Europe, then you’re in luck this week. The highly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles is launching in Europe this Friday, August 19th. If playing with a Wii remote and Nunchuk isn’t exactly your thing, the title is also coming bundled with a red Classic Controller Pro. If you’d like more information on the well-received Wii RPG, Nintendo has launched a full website for the title in addition to the trailer seen above.

Nintendo of America is keeping a close eye on how this one does at retail in Europe, so hopefully people actually buy the thing. It’s not like there’s anything else coming out for the system any time soon.

Originally landing on the Wii in early 2008, No More Heroes was met with critical acclaim and has since become something of a cult hit for punk rock game visionary Suda 51 and his studio, Grasshopper Manufacture. The game has since spawned a sequel, a first for the studio, in 2010’s Desperate Struggle. Now there’s talk of a mobile game in the works, but first, Konami will be bringing Travis Touchdown to the PS3 later this summer with Heroes’ Paradise.

While I managed to get my hands on the game last month at E3, playing games in overcrowded rooms for hours on end doesn’t always make for ideal conditions. Now having played the demo in the comfort of my home today, I have some concerns for the impeding PlayStation 3 release of Grasshopper Manufacture’s celebrated Wii title.


From cult hits like Grasshopper Manufacture’s No More Heroes to first-party million sellers, the Wii has amassed a large library of superb titles over the past five years. Unfortunately, that long list of great games no longer seems to be growing. In the past few months the Wii has stagnated, showing little sign of impressive software heading toward the launch of the Wii U. Luckily, Gamer Limit has dug up a dozen great-looking Wii titles that have yet to see releases in the United States.

Join us after the break for a naïve wish list of games that will probably never see US releases, but could help the Wii go out in a bang rather than die with a lonely whimper. Read more… »

Do you even remember the last game you bought for your Wii? Exciting Wii releases, typically few and far between, have been virtually nonexistent as of late. The Wii has stagnated to the point that fans have taken matters into their own hands. A grassroots movement called Operation Rainfall have set out to do just that, campaigning to localize three Nintendo-published role-playing games.

Though not for a lack of trying, the efforts have yet to prove successful. Nintendo of America still refuses to localize the games. Despite critical acclaim and commercial success in Japan, it seems like Americans won’t get a chance to experience these titles. You just have to wonder why though. Have they forgotten their fans? Does Nintendo even care?


XSeed is living proof that publishers can make a living off localizing weird, niche Japanese titles in Western markets. They’ve some of my favourite Wii titles, including Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon and Little King’s Story. Nintendo may not be keen to bring Japanese RPGs stateside, but it looks as though XSeed is game.


Nintendo has announced that Europeans will be able to get their hands on Xenoblade Chronicles on the 19th of August. If you’re willing to run down to the high street, British retailer Game will be offering an exclusive pre-order bundle for the highly anticipated title. The bundle features a red Classic Controller Pro, three A1-sized posters, electronically signed by Monolith Software founder Tetsuya Takahashi, and the game itself.

Back when I lived in the UK it seemed like exciting Japanese games rarely made it to the European continent, but we sure did get a lot of FIFA. It’s nice to see that Europeans will be able to get their hands on some exciting releases for once, even if North America is getting the shaft this time around.

[Source: Eurogamer]


At Japan Expo in France over the weekend Namco Bandai’s Makoto Yoshizumi  told Kingdom of Tales that there will be not be a North American release for Tales of Graces on the Wii. This is beginning to sound awfully familiar, something rather unfortunate for Wii-owning RPG fans.

As reasoning Yashizumi asserted “It would be next to impossible to condense all the game’s data on a Wii disc, so unfortunately, there will be no Wii release”, but rather would be releasing on PlayStation 3. While the localized version of the game contains features not seen in the original, saying Tales of Graces couldn’t fit on a Wii disc is interesting, seeing as the title has already seen a Wii release in Japan.


Last week’s update featured the comparatively awesome offering of Kirby’s Dream Land and Final Fantasy III. It left me wondering if Nintendo was finally going to start getting its act together. Would next week’s update bring Metroid II, Pokemon Red, or even Sonic Chaos? Nope. The disappointment continues.

Hit the jump for this week’s list of games with funny names.


After being virtually omitted from this year’s showing at E3 and with a complete lack of software coming down the pipeline, it’s become apparent that the Wii is on its way out and the Wii U will soon take center stage. Because of that, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight many the successes that the Wii has achieved over the past five years.

Nintendo may have forgotten the Wii, but that doesn’t mean we have to.


It’s Thursday and you know what that means, yet another offering of downloadable titles from Nintendo. While they’re still no where near competing on the level of Microsoft and Sony in the online department, with Kirby and Final Fantasy titles in the mix, this week’s offering is an easier pill to swallow than the last.


Well, it looks like that customer service rep at Nintendo spoke too soon when she confirmed Xenoblade for a North American release. Nintendo finally gave an official statement regarding the triplet of Wii RPGs via its Facebook account earlier today.