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HD remakes are some of the most polarizing releases in the current gaming climate. On one side, you have fans who are clamoring for more of the thing they love, so much so that they don’t even care if it’s a near identical re-release. On the other, you have gamers who want developers to try new and innovative things over re-hashing the same ideas on a constant basis, arguing that it curbs the fostering of new ideas and concepts.

Honestly, I’m somewhere in the middle, because at the end of the day, I just like great videogames. But whatever side of the fence you’re on, one thing is for sure — Wind Waker HD is a fantastic remake, and I sincerely hope Nintendo pursues more of them. Read more… »

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Review: Rayman Legends
By: | September 3rd, 2013

Rayman Legends had an…interesting development cycle, to say the least. After being announced solely for the Wii U (but not 100% confirmed as a hard exclusive), it turns out there were other platforms in the mix — other platforms that ended up delaying the original Wii U release for over half a year.

Fans were angry, developers were confused, a consolation challenge app was offered to Wii U fans, and now, we’re at a point where we can see whether or not the wait was worth it.

I’ll save you the trouble of finding out on your own: it was totally worth it.


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Review: Pikmin 3
By: | July 31st, 2013

Pikmin is one of the cutest franchises in gaming, but it’s also one of the most terrifying. As an alien invader, you’ll take full control of some of the most adorable little creatures of all time, but you’ll use them to do things like attack other innocent creatures, and carry their corpses back to a machine that converts them into more Pikmin.

After around 30 minutes, you’ll stop, look at the screen, and realize the severity of what you’ve just done. You may even be disgusted with yourself. But you won’t be able to stop. Read more… »

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Review: Game & Wario
By: | June 24th, 2013

Wario is one of the strangest ideas Nintendo has ever created. He’s not quite a “main” Mario character, as he almost never appears in the core titles like Galaxy or the New franchise, but he’s popular enough to warrant a ton of best selling games, and garner some of the most creative talent Nintendo has to offer.

Fast forward to today, where everyone is clamoring for another WarioWare entry to take advantage of the unique hardware mechanics the Wii U has to offer. Except, we aren’t quite getting that game, as Game & Wario is not actually a proper WarioWare title. Instead, we’re getting a minigame collection with 12 [mostly] solo games and four strictly multiplayer games.

And that’s completely okay with me.


Mutant Mudds was one of my favorite games released last year. While some may bill it as a “slow” platformer, I heartily enjoyed the Gargoyle’s Quest “hover” style technical gameplay, and it offered up some of the most challenging retro tasks in recent memory outside of Super Meat Boy.

Now, developer Renegade Kid is ready to unleash the Deluxe version, exclusively for the Wii U. To be blunt, it’s the definitive version of the game, even if it doesn’t offer as much new content as one would hope. Read more… »

With PAX East behind us and GDC in full swing, it is understandable that Capcom be on a tear of announcements and new content. With a little hop from Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2, over DuckTales Remastered, and back into the realm of Umbrella Corp, they deliver unto us a brand new gameplay video for the Resident Evil Revelations console and PC port.

Rachel, the blonde, squirrely-voiced Federal Agent with luscious locks ever covering her eyes, gets all the attention as she shows off her skills in Raid Mode. A climactic and quasi metaphysical video it is, as she winds up coming face to face with … well, you’d just have to see.


LEGO City Undercover might be the most ambitious LEGO game yet. Not only does it promise an open world adventure, but it also wants to win over your heart and mind with its eccentric action movie references that appeal to an older crowd, and full Wii U GamePad support.

While it doesn’t totally deliver on any of these fronts, it builds a great compromise. Read more… »

Bit.Trip Runner was one of the biggest surprises ever on WiiWare. Although the previous Bit.Trip games were excellent, the abstract presentation really turned off a lot of mainstream gamers from enjoying the franchise. But Runner was different.

Runner presented people with a very familiar veneer — a game that looked like one of those countless “runner” games on mobile devices. But in actuality, it was more than that — it was still very much a Bit.Trip title — and in my opinion, it’s easily the best of the franchise.

So, the people have spoken, and we’re getting another Runner game — this time, with a much bigger budget, and with a lot more features.

Let’s see how it turned out.

This past weekend, I was able to attend the Washington DC Wii U Experience event, which basically had every Wii U game currently announced for domestic release on display.

That list includes Project P-100, Just Dance 4, ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, Game and Wario, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Ninja Gaiden III, Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, and Pikmin 3.

Are you curious as to what the event had in store for me? Of course you are! Read more… »

Another E3 has come and gone; and despite favorites being uncovered from the heaps of announcements and demos, the overall verdict was that there was no clear winner. Rather, the whole event was quite underwhelming — a lot of focus on already known IP with very little surprises.

If anything, 2012′s E3 was a textbook study of company philosophy. On a high level, Microsoft played a familiar hand showcasing its tendency to favor 3rd party partnerships ala Nike. Sony touted its tried and true dedication the developer network, letting Quantic Dream take the stage with Beyond: Two Souls and front runner Naughty Dog with The Last of Us. That left Nintendo.

Many knew Nintendo had a lot to prove, as it was the only one with new hardware to promote. Its strategy was a savvy one with three presentations strategically placed: one just before, one at the beginning and one toward the end of the expo. Of course, the goal was to put Nintendo and the Wii U at the top of everybody’s minds. This strategy didn’t quite work, however, but not because its lineup or hardware was lackluster as many may think.


nintendo e3 2012

We’ve already presented you with some highlights from Microsoft’s and Sony’s press conferences, so now it’s Nintendo’s turn. As expected, Nintendo showed off it’s upcoming next-gen console, the Wii U. However, some of the aspects they decided to showcase left me with mixed feelings.

Here are some of the biggest highlights from Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference.


At the Nintendo Direct pre-E3 event today live at 6PM EST, President Iwata unveiled the brand new, never before seen Wii-U Pro Controller for the upcoming console.

Right now we have no idea if this will come packaged in the introductory console purchase (probably not). Hopefully Nintendo actually follows through with Pro Controller support this generation, as a large number of their Wii titles had Classic support mysteriously absent. In fact, all we really know right now is that it looks an awful lot like a 360 controller.

We’ll have to wait until their official Conference on Tuesday for more information, but hey, at least we know it exists!