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EA’s press conference has opened with the announcement of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by the team who pioneered the Burnout series, Criterion Games.

Now that the keys have been handed over to Criterion, the franchise is set to go back to its roots with “exotic cars, epic drives and hot pursuits,” with a new career mode that allows you to play as either a racer or as a cop. A pre-rendered trailer was shown featuring intense high speed chases across a desert landscape, complete with Bugatti Veyron police cars.

Criterion also announced a feature entitled “auto log,” which will be the basis for the game’s online and split screen connectivity. This was demonstrated live on stage as the representatives went head to head as a cop and felon respectively.

My only question is this: why has it taken this long for a new Hot Pursuit to arrive? The series has been crying out for this revival for too long now.


Following on from last week’s teaser trailer, a brand new trailer for the upcoming Killzone 3 has surfaced, only this time it features true gameplay footage.

Taken from the “Frozen Shores” mission, the video showcases the brutal melee system that was hinted at in the teaser trailer, along with some new pieces of kit including a Helghast jetpack and WASP missile launcher.

It all looks very slick indeed, and should hopefully live up to its predecessor. Stay tuned for next week’s Sony E3 conference where more details are likely to emerge.


Two months ago, a rag tag group of low budget film makers put together an incredible Modern Warfare 2 fan film that was made for the extremely low price of only $200. Even with this low price tag, the production value of the piece was through the roof, and caught a lot of people’s attention.

Now those same guys have returned to bring us part 2 of the series, which includes more epic action sequences, great special effects, and a couple of Easter eggs specifically for fans of the series.  This one cost a little more than the last installment, but at $600 I’d say they know how to budget properly.  If you are a fan of the games, or if you just like epic action, you need to check this video out right now! Read more… »

In the run up to E3 next week, Ubisoft has launched a new teaser website for the forthcoming new entry in the Driver franchise. Tentatively referred to as Driver, the game will mark the first Drivertitle in four years since Driver: Parallel Lines and the first to feature on the current generation of consoles. Details are scarce for the moment, but the website includes a countdown for Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, so expect full details to arise at the event.

In a knowing nod to both the opening cinematic and first level of the original Driver from 1999, the live action trailer features a lone driver putting a classic Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger through a timed challenge around a deserted underground car park.

As a keen follower of the series that brought movie car chases to video games, I can’t tell you how much I’m anticipating its next generation debut. Let’s just hope it has more in common with the original than its increasingly lacklustre successors.


Activision’s long running Guitar Hero series is set to further shred the saturated market this September with the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the direct sequel to Guitar Hero 5. The game will feature an all new story-driven Quest mode, narrated by Gene Simmons from KISS, that will have players trek from New York clubs to molten lava fields in a bid to save rock and roll from “The Beast” – this is already sounding a trifle familiar.

A new gameplay mode entitled Quickplay+ has also been announced, which will feature 13 new challenges for every song including Band Streak, High Score and Power Challenge. A brand new guitar peripheral is also said to be in the works, and is said to reflect the game’s art style with an emphasis on shredding.

90 songs will feature in the final setlist, with a focus on more rock-centric tracks than in Guitar Hero 5, making it the largest collection of tracks to be found on disc to date. A listing of the songs that have been confirmed for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock so far can be found after the break.


Following the official announcement of Killzone 3 last week, Guerrilla Games have posted a new teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to one of the PlayStation 3′s biggest shooters on the new Killzone website.

As you can see from the video above, the trailer primarily serves as a sneak peak of the new melee combat system, as protagonist Sev demonstrates by pummelling waves of Helghast soldiers before, intriguingly, donning a Helghast helmet.

It’s a beautifully made video that is sure to get tongues wagging – don’t forget to post your reactions in the comments below.


The first reveal trailer for the hotly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops is finally here after the all too fleeting teaser trailer from a few weeks ago.

Do you really need any more introduction than that? I think not – hit the jump to catch a more lengthy insight into Treyarch’s follow-up to World at War, due for release November 9th.


EA and Epic have gone all out to promote their new partnership. With front-man CliffyB waxing lyrical left, right and centre about the awesomeness of the new IP coming from Painkiller producer People Can Fly.

Well we finally get a chance to check it out for ourselves with the very first trailer being launched today. To me it looks something like the bastard child of Borderlands and Bioshock but I will let you guys make your own minds up on this one.

Either way it looks great fun and should be a solid title to check out when released Q4 of 2011 for PS3, 360 and PC.

In what seems to be the latest trend Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be getting a new four player online co-operative mode entitled “Onslaught“.

This news hits as the latest patch for BFBC2, v1.02, goes live bringing with it some game balancing tweaks, XMB crash fixes and also access to the new SPECACT kits.  This kits will set you back around $2.00/£1.19 each or $5.50/£3.99 for the bundle.

There are four SPECACT packs each opening up four Trophies and four new awards each.  The bad news?  These kits are only available in the EU for now with and American release “coming soon”.

By now, we’ve all grown tired of the classic game cliché of shooting down hapless helicopters, but it’s rare we get to experience it in a racing game. This is set to change however, as Disney Interactive have revealed two new game modes entitled Air Attack and Air Revenge in the run up to the release of Split/Second: Velocity.

Air Strike has you hurtling around the track whilst avoiding an onslaught of missiles from an overhead attack helicopter. You are granted three lives and it’s essentially a game of survival, meaning the longer you survive intact the more points you will accumulate. Air Revenge ups the ante by replacing points with power, allowing you to will jam the pesky chopper’s targeting system and send it crashing down in an orgy of explosions and devastation.

From the video posted above, it all looks like tremendous fun and will hopefully be a worthy addition to the game’s arsenal when it comes crash landing on May 18th in the US and May 21st in Europe.


So check this bombshell out: I didn’t really like Lost Planet 1. I thought it was fairly bland, every level felt the same, and the multiplayer component was lacking. But if the coverage of Lost Planet 2 is to be believed, the upcoming sequel will fix all of those problems, and feature ridiculous cross-overs the likes of the world has never seen before.

In other words, Lost Planet 2, over the course of a few months, has changed from a “possible price drop pickup” to a “must buy” for me. Just watch the video, and make sure to stay until the end for an epic boss battle.

After only being announced just yesterday, a new teaser trailer has emerged for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch’s upcoming entry in the long running shooting saga. While the trailer doesn’t reveal much in the way of plot, it does deliver several split second snippets of action sequences, chilling voice-overs and glimpses of locations that are bound to cause rife speculation for the fans.

As the trailer confirms, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be ready for deployment November 9th, but in the meantime you can watch the first footage of the game after the break.