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It’s pretty simple really! Check out the above and below videos for a glimpse at how you can customize your new race choices in the upcoming World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion. The Worgen have a very Twilight vibe to them, and the Goblins, well, apparently love the jungle. Worgens (essentially werewolves) start off in the eerie town of  Duskhaven, located in Gilneas, and the Goblin starting area is located in Kezan.

Apologies for the quality – I wanted to get them up as soon as possible so you guys could have a look. Hit the jump for the Goblins. Read more… »

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Two Words: GT5 – Stig
By: | June 30th, 2010

Nothing says crazy car action like Gran Turismo or Top Gear.    And in this very latest trailer of the MUCH delayed racing simulator we get treated to some Stig based action.  A year or two ago I would of laid good money we would see the Stig’s face before GT5 ever reached the light of day.

The Red Bull inspired trailer shows Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel giving a voice over and his team Red Bull technical chief being consulted on the game by Polyphony Digital’s own Kazunori Yamauchi.

Not quite as disgusting as the headline suggests (almost, but not quite) this little indie title is looking rather interesting.  Coming from the makers of the rather agreeable “Ben there, Dan that!“, UK based  Zombie Cow, this title looks to all intents and purposes like a very tasty HD update of the Earthworm Jim formula, mixed with some Worms and add a hint of “indie” flavour.

The edutainment game is being produced in a joint venture between Zombie Cow and the UK TV channel, Channel 4 (snappy title huh!) and was the subject of MUCH controversy a few weeks back due to it’s content.  You see the game takes place inside of people…   I think it best I let Zombie Cow explain this one:

Privates is a platform twin-stick shooter in which you lead a teeny-tiny gang of condom-hatted marines as they delve into peoples’ vaginas and bottoms and blast away at all manner of oozy, shouty monsters. It’s rude, funny, bitingly satirical and technically pretty accurate if you don’t count the tiny people or the germs with teeth.


Robert Hewson shares some details on the upcoming XBLA title Hydrophobia.

Stay tuned to Gamer Limit for further information on Hydrophobia.

Check out this interview between Chase Cook and the developers behind the highly anticipated XBLA title LIMBO.

Be sure to check out Chase’s impressions of the game over yonder.

I can’t really explain this video – all I’ll say is it is from the Konami Conference held today, and you need to watch it.







After last week’s earth shattering reveal, the first trailer for Evolution Studios’ MotorStorm: Apocalypse has been posted, and believe me, if you thought the inclusion of an everlasting earthquake sounded good, then wait until you see it in video form. From the footage shown here, it could very well have the muscle to stand up to the competition, but unfortunately we won’t find out until 2011.

As is traditional in MotorStorm trailers, the video ends with a stranded motorcyclist retrieving his bike ready to get back into the action, only to be wiped out by an imposing hazard. First it was a rally car in the midst of a high speed rollover from the first MotorStorm trailer, then a vaulting monster truck in Pacific Rift, but can you guess what it is this time?


With Nintendo pulling out all the stops at this year’s E3, Epic Mickey has been revealed to have had more than its fair share of changes since we last saw it. Junction Point Studios’ latest title will forgo the initial “mean Mickey” elements, in favor of more Disney-friendly gameplay for the Wii exclusive.

Hit the jump for a nifty gameplay video showing how Epic Mickey is aiming to be one of the biggest Wii releases for the near future.


While we are all celebrating the belated confirmation of Gran Turismo 5‘s release date, it’s time to analyse the fine details of the latest trailer shown at Sony’s conference.

Me being me, the first thing I noticed were the shots from 00:59, which clearly featured the prestigious Top Gear test track complete with authentic camera angles lifted from the BBC show. Look closely however, and you will notice that his Holiness the Stig is behind the wheel in many of the shots – could this mean we can fulfill our motoring fantasies of being the very being whose genitals are upside down and who once punched a horse to the ground? F1 racing driver Sebastian Vettel can also be seen recording voice samples.

In addition, some beautiful night time shots were in ready supply, and we were also treated to another glimpse of the touted damage modelling. A Mitsubishi Evo X is seen to lose control and veer into a tyre wall, which crucially results in the car going airborne, indicating that rollovers might indeed be possible.

Revel in the excitement and see it all for yourself in the Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 trailer after the break.


After last week’s glorious live action teaser trailer, Ubisoft has finally unveiled Driver: San Francisco. Taking heed from the original Driver game in 1999, the game will adopt a back to basics approach with an emphasis on what the franchise was originally renowned for: hair raising, movie-style car chases.

As the title implies, the game will be set in San Francisco which again harkens back to the original. There will even be licensed cars for the first time in a Driver game, including Dodge Challengers and Ruf sports cars.

Hit the jump for further information, along with the first screenshots and videos of Driver: San Francisco.


An open multiplayer beta will commence for  Medal of Honour on June 21st for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, with VIP members of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gaining early access on June 17th if you preorder Medal of Honour.

The beta will feature two maps entitled Helmand Valley and Kabul City Ruins, spread across two gameplay modes, Team Assault and Combat Mission, for up to 24 players.

From the reveal trailer posted above, the DICE developed multiplayer seems to be an interesting cross between both Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.


EA has announced Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, an upcoming expansion for the best-selling shooter during their press conference at E3 which was revealed with a teaser trailer for us to suckle on.

According to the Battlefield Blog: “The expansion pack contains 4 brand new maps built in Frostbite including the popular Conquest and Rush game modes as well as Vietnam specific weapons, vehicles, persistence, unlocks as well as new awards, achievements and trophies.”

This will not be the first time the franchise will have infiltrated this location, after Battlefield: Vietnam was released as a standalone game in 2004. The trailer confirms that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is scheduled for a winter 2010 release window.