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I can’t help it. I’m addicted all over again. Over the weekend I grinded out a crazy amount of soul levels, geared myself up quite a bit, and defeated some more demons. Tonight I plan to complete the game and move into NG+. Hit the jump to join in on the chat and enjoy another night of Demon’s Souls!

Update: Demon’s Souls complete! Great night of gaming as quite a few Demon’s Souls fans joined in and chatted it up. Enjoy the first two hours above and the last two hours after the break. Tomorrow, L.A. Noire! Read more… »

After a week of constant lower back pain I am finally able to sit back and play some more games! Tonight, after the plethora of news about Dark Souls, I have decided to dive back into one of my favorite games: Demon’s Souls. Please join me as I die many, many times and hopefully kill me some demons.

Update: This game never fails to draw me in. Tonight it was a six hour gaming session and was worth every minute. Demon’s Souls is hands down one of the best games I have ever played. While it can be frustrating at times, the sheer amount of rewarding moments that fill this game makes it more than worth it. Hit the jump to check out the latter 4 hours. Otherwise, enjoy the first two above. Read more… »

Join me tonight on Gamer Limit Live as I get back to some Dragon Age 2. At only an hour in, there will be few spoilers and lots of role playing to be had. Having gone the “good guy” route in the first Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2 will be all about being as much of a jerk as I can possibly be. So follow the break and join us in chat.

Update: Haven’t quite decided yet if I like Dragon Age 2. It feels quite lifeless compared to Dragon Age: Origins. Anyhow, enjoy the recording of Gamer Limit Live above. If I get a chance to stop at Gamestop tomorrow I’ll pre-order Gears of War 3 and play some of the beta at 8pm EST tomorrow. We shall see.

And so begins Gamer Limit Live. Tonight will be a night of Portal Kombat – Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat if it wasn’t already obvious. From 8-9:30pm will be Mortal Kombat and 9:30-11pm will be Portal 2.

Big thanks goes out to Sony and their failure at proper security as this Gamer Limit Live will be a completely offline gaming experience. Expect for future Gamer Limit Live events to allow for some online interaction with its viewers though. Enjoy and be sure to join us in chat after the break. Or, alternatively, watch at

Update: Well, technical difficulties in the beginning aside, Gamer Limit Live night one was a huge success. Above you can see the night’s activities and, as expected, I failed a lot at Mortal Kombat and Portal 2. Fun nonetheless. And, if the above recording isn’t enough, hit the break for part 2.


Starting Friday April 29th, Gamer Limit will now be providing live streamed video content! Fortunately for me, I now have an even better excuse to play video games each night. Unfortunately for you, you have to watch me fail at things like Portal 2 puzzles and Mortal Kombat ladders. Nonetheless, it is all in good fun.

Each day a post will be made here on Gamer Limit with what I’m playing, the live stream video, as well as the chat. Be sure to follow us on, Gamer Limit twitter, or my twitter to get an update on when the stream is up each night. Currently, the plan is to stream each weeknight from 8-11pm EST and anytime I feel like gaming over the weekend.

Two weeks ago, Gamer Limit got its hand on the latest The Next Big Thing teaser from Spain’s Pendulo Studios, showcasing the alluring-yet-strange leading vixen Liz Allaire. As it was in Spanish, we translated the damned thing only to shake our heads when they later released the English version.

Straight from the newswire in Paris, Pendulo has a new video for you, this time trumpeting the leading man, Dan Murray, along with some new screenshots showcasing Pendulo’s always sharp, hand-drawn style. As you’ll notice, we do not have to translate this time. Shucks.


Say you love MMORPG’s and retro games? Up until now those two categories have been mostly mutually exclusive. No longer. Today Silk Games launched NEStalgia, an online multiplayer RPG that features a retro 8-bit visual style and aesthetics. Hit the jump for more information and a trailer. Read more… »

Following on from the initial teaser trailer, EA has posted an all new video teaser of the upcoming Battlefield 3. The crucial difference this time, however, is that it contains actual gameplay footage from the game, showing glimpses of the new urban city environments and Frostbite 2.0 destruction.

What do you think of that, Activision?


After riling its PC fanbase with the cancellation of Battlefield 1943 and Onslaught, DICE seem keen to swiftly make amends as today marks the first peek at Battlefield 3, the official successor to the highly influential PC hit Battlefield 2 from 2005.

Hit the jump for the first teaser trailer and newly revealed details.


Hot on the release of Gran Turismo 5, Forza Motorsport 4 has been announced in a new debut trailer from VGA 2010.

Details are scarce at the moment other than the fact it will launch in “Fall 2011″.

Note to Polyphony: it’s taken six years for Turn 10 to churn out four Forza Motorsports compared to five Gran Turiusmos in 14 years.

It’s looking like 2011 will be the centre of the big three for Sony, as Resistance 3 joins Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 in next year’s first party line-up.

We’ve known about Resistance 3 for some time now, but VGA 2010 produced not only the very first gameplay footage in a debut trailer, but also confirmed that the Chimera’s next attack is scheduled for September 6th 2011.

It’s been three years now since Resistance 2, and the original was an important launch title for the PlayStation 3 – is it just me who misses this franchise?

As promised earlier this week, the VGA 2010 saw the premiere of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, showing the full version of the teaser trailer.

The trailer also revealed the release date will be November 1st 2011. And before you ask: yes that is indeed actual gameplay footage near the end. Excited yet?