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The first trailer for the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLC Old World Blues is upon us, and it looks…interesting. The trailer itself features a skin stripping procedure, robo-scorpions, a mad scientist that sounds like Hubert J. Farnsworth, and an epic quest to “GET YOUR BRAIN BACK!”

It’s already been confirmed that you aren’t stripped of all your gear at the start of the DLC, so even if you aren’t a fan of the grindhouse-esque trailer, that’s easily a good thing. We’ll let you know how the finished product is pretty close to release, so stay tuned.

Today EA Sports presented fans with a look at NCAA Football 12 during a one hour live stream which can be seen above. This year presentation is the biggest focus as team entrances are enhanced, dynamic exposure lighting is added, game tracks are provided which recap highlights of specific players, and much more. For those simulation gamers like myself, you can rest easy as both Road to Glory mode and Dynasty mode have seen some intriguing additions as well. All in all, NCAA Football 12 is looking to be a strong step in the right direction for the franchise.

Be sure to check out the demo on June 28th for the PS3 and Xbox 360 where you can engage in two matchups between Oregon @ Texas and Alabama @ Florida State. If that isn’t enough, sharing the demo with friends will unlock Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the full retail version of NCAA Football 12. And after seeing Virginia Tech’s Nike Pro Combat uniforms last year, you’d be crazy not to share the demo with friends.

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Limited Look: InFamous 2
By: | June 11th, 2011


This week brought the release of the sequel to Sucker Punch’s critically acclaimed title InFamous. While fans of the first most likely, without hesitation, have purchased InFamous 2, those who have their concerns should check out this limited look. Should you be one of the few that have yet to check out InFamous, be sure to take advantage of Sony’s Welcome Back program as it is easily one of the better deals in the short list of options you have there. Enjoy this limited look at InFamous 2 and expect the written and video review on Sunday or Monday.

With the solid addition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, the future of the Tiger Woods series was looking bright. The addition of focus was an innovative change that felt extremely refreshing and greatly changed the way players approached each and every shot. This year, we see the addition of the caddie and the Masters as its “selling point”.

That iconic green jacket is a dream for every PGA golfer out there and it is now your turn to walk this very road. But is the Masters event enough to take you away from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11? Is the caddie system as innovative as focus was last year? Well, these questions only raise more questions so follow that annoying, yet necessary break. Read more… »

The demo opens up with Drake in truly Sam Fisher fashion as he stealths his way through a cruise ship. Everything from the environment, to the weather effects, to the sea looks absolutely fantastic. Naughty Dog continues to push the PlayStation 3 in each installment of this Uncharted trilogy.

As Drake makes his way through the cruiser we are shown some impressive stealth kills. Despite the lack of action in the beginning it is hard not to feel immediately drawn into what is going on. But, of course, the action picks up quickly as Drake draws his gun, makes use of a grenade, and blows a hole in the cruiser. The moment the water comes rushing in is the very moment I found my jaw dropping. But my words just can’t do this demo justice. Watch it for yourself after the break and enjoy a bit of special news for an opportunity to get your hands on the full Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience before the title’s release on November 1st.


Ever since the Tomb Raider reboot was announced in Game Informer, I was convinced that it would be exactly what the franchise needed. While the game looks absolutely beautiful and emits a dark, gritty feel, the demo shown at Microsoft’s press conference has me concerned. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than the overuse of QTEs (quick time events) in games – a la God of War.

Despite my distaste for this outdated gameplay mechanic, I remain convinced that Crystal Dynamics will stay true to Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise. The presentation is there, the set pieces seem to be there, and hopefully the gameplay proves to be more than what was shown. If it isn’t, the future of Tomb Raider will be more grim than ever. Judge for yourself though with a video of the demonstration after the break. Read more… »

Controversy! It isn’t an E3 without it. From what I saw during the demo of Modern Warfare 3 during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2011, I truly question whether this demo was played live. While it isn’t really a huge deal, it is real fishy as you can see in the video after the break that the controller disconnects, pauses, and then what looks like a video input switch occurs.

Nonetheless, this demo of Modern Warfare 3 was full of some fantastic looking set pieces as it opens up with forcing a submarine to surface, infiltrating it, launching some missiles, and eventually escaping as battleships blow up around you and the skyline of Chicago in the distance is falling to shambles. What else can you expect from a Call of Duty title though? Be sure to hit the break for a little bit of extra news regarding Modern Warfare 3 and of course the aforementioned video.



Duke Nukem Forever demo was made available today for those that pre-ordered the game or had purchased the Game of the Year edition of Borderlands. Above you can find the first of what I hope to be many Limited Looks at games – be it demos, retail, open betas, etc. This 30 minute demo is, well, Duke Nukem. It is honestly exactly what one would expect going into the game – outdated gameplay mechanics but mindless fun nonetheless. Despite taking 12 years of development, Duke Nukem Forever will be released on June 14th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when Activision roll out the first reveal trailer of the next Call of Duty game ready for release in November. This time it’s Modern Warfare 3, and it’s a predictable affair: real-life locations have come under siege, husky soldiers riot through sprawling urban locations guns blazing, and helicopters crash and explode with cinematic bombast. And not to be outdone by Battlefield 3, it too has a falling skyscraper shot straight out of Transformers 3.

The trailer also hints at the game’s globe-trotting locations which includes the likes of Germany, France and England which is a refreshing change from the Middle East.

Set your sights on the first gameplay reveal of Modern Warfare 3 after the jump.


Tonight, the night before rapture, myself and my friend Curtis will be diving into Portal 2 co-op now that PSN is back. Won’t be paying attention to chat but feel free to hit the jump and tell us how fail we are.

Update: I love Portal 2 so much. Co-op was an absolute blast. Still plenty to go but myself and Curtis worked real well together and didn’t have too many issues. Way too many funny moments as well. Enjoy the night’s Gamer Limit Live above. At the least, watch for one minute at about 1 hour 29 minutes in. Good times. Read more… »

Another night of L.A. Noire. Really hoping the game can draw me in, otherwise I might move onto another game. We shall see. Enjoy the movie like experience and follow the break for the chat.

Update: Nope. Can’t play this game. Honestly, it is outrageously repetitive, boring, controls terribly, and falls apart logically at times. Add this to the long list of Rockstar games I tried and didn’t enjoy. Not sure whether I’ll revisit it or not. If I do, it won’t be during a live stream because I have a feeling this game will be filled with annoyances that just make me want to stop playing. And that isn’t something I like to do during a stream. Anyhow, feel free to observe my frustrations above and after the break as well. Read more… »

Tonight I will be diving into Rockstar’s L.A. Noire. Join me as I solve some crimes and interrogate some suspects. As always, the embedded chat is after the break. Enjoy!

Update: Not sure about this game thus far. Albeit I’m only two hours in so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt but so far some of the logic is flawed, the controls are awful, and the game feels pretty boring. Really hoping it draws me in soon otherwise it will be like every single Rockstar game I’ve ever played – play for a couple hours, say “meh” and move on to another game.