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To give our readers some PSP love,  check out this “new” video for the soon-to-be-downloadable title, LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival.

It’s basically the same as the launch trailer released last month, but now with captions describing the onscreen action!  It showcases the new “boing!” mechanic (read: wall bounce) and promises to be much more difficult than the last two incarnations. Read more… »

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Brütal Thoughts with Jack Black
By: | September 18th, 2009

With Brütal Legend merely weeks away from worldwide release, Jack Black has let loose his sixth instalment of “Brütal Thoughts with Jack Black”. In today’s episode, the tenacious Black shares his thoughts on the often-unappreciated roadie, with hilarious outcomes.

We all know Black is a fan of promoting his work, as we saw with Kung Fu Panda, and more recently appearing in cosplay as Brütal Legend’s Eddie.

Hit the jump to check out the new clip, and if you haven’t seen any of the previous episodes, don’t worry, we’ve compiled them all for your viewing pleasure.


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If you haven’t heard of 3D Dot Game Heroes, imagine the original Legend of Zelda game… then pop it up into three dimensions, and don’t change anything else. Taa-daa! You have an upcoming PS3 game that’s on a lot of gamers’ radars.

From Software (the guys that made Demon’s Souls) have produced their next masterpiece, and the new trailer will make you love with a passion you haven’t felt since 1986! You know – when Zelda first came out. Of course.


Halo 3 ODST banner

Per an anonymous tip sent to Xbox Insider, here’s the Legendary difficulty ending of Halo 3: ODST!  You didn’t want to actually have to beat the game, did you?

See the video after the jump!



Do you remember back in the days when gaming was a simpler time? You went to the shop, bought a cartridge, came home and played? Any gamer would be lying if they said a little bit of them didn’t yearn for those golden years.

Nostalgia is important. We here at Gamer Limit know this, and, well, we’re here to help. We’ve managed to get our hands on a exclusive cache of original, recorded, gaming advertisements from the US, Japan, Australia, and even a couple of obscure or banned ones too.

Every Thursday we’ll upload a new one for your viewing pleasure, thus giving you, if only for about 30 seconds, a little visual taste of the past.


Rush Rush Dreamcast box banner

Sega’s last foray into the hardware world debuted on 9/9/99.

Ten years later (plus a month, whatever), and a new game is getting set to be released: Rush Rush Rally Racing.

Hit the jump to see the trailer!


[Feel free to check out the trailer on Gamer Limit's brand new Youtube channel!]

Ghostfire Games sure knows how to deliver hype: trickle content out on a weekly basis! Considering the game consists entirely off boss fights, it’s pretty easy to unveil one enemy at a time, and today, we get Ixthid, the floating beholder.

Hit the jump for the brand new trailer showing off some pretty exciting gameplay. Read more… »

Halo 3 ODST Live Action Trailer 2

Imagine that you are Bungie studios, creator of one of the most well known highly acclaimed game series of all time.  Now imagine that you have a new title in that series coming out soon, and you need to decide how to market it.  You could probably save a lot of money and simply get away with a short commercial that shows a couple seconds of game footage, followed by the title of the game in huge letters.  That would most likely be enough to sell millions upon millions of copies of your new highly anticipated game.

Or, you could instead spend tons of money to create a live action commercial, featuring good enough special effects to pass for any low budget sci-fi movie.  Apparently Bungie chose the latter, as is evident in their most recent Halo 3: ODST marketing video.  Hit the jump to see this incredible trailer. Read more… »

Okamiden Banner

Okamiden, the new Okami game from Capcom, just got even cuter.  Capcom released its first trailer for the world to see at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Hit the jump to see it for yourself!


Ever wanted to work for the fathers of Playstation? Well, Sony are now giving you the opportunity with the announcement of a new reality series entitled The Tester, which will run exclusively on the PSN this winter. Participants will be the subject of various elimination challenges, with the aim of testing their “mental prowess, dexterity and video game knowledge.” The winner will land themselves a position as a paid games tester, i.e. “The Tester”.

Details can be found on the offcial website – to enter you simply have to record a short video and submit it to the aforementioned website. Are we about to see Sony meets The Apprentice?

It all sounds a bit loose at the moment, but the concept of Sony conducting a reality series is intriguing nonetheless. The only snag? You have to be American to enter. Typical.



Ubisoft launched a new trailer today for Assassin’s Creed II, featuring Ezio jumping around and being stealthy to some beepy techno beats.

Hit the jump to check it out!

Behold the glory of technology. In an effort to appeal to an illiterate readership (and also craft excuses for an obnoxious oxymoron) Gamer Limit has taken a leap into the bold new frontier of video. Enjoy the above clip, in which we review the cult PC favorite, Mount and Blade.

For those of you more fond of our traditional written reviews – worry not. Hit the jump for the a textual breakdown of the above video.