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With Assassin’s Creed 2 coming out in little less than a month, Ubisoft is finally releasing their prequel, live action mini-series Assassin’s Creed: Lineage. The episodes will revolve around Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, father of AC2 protagonist Ezio, and will essentially set up the plot for the second game. After many rumors of a possible Assassin’s Creed movie in the works, we’ll finally be able to see “what could be” when Lineage hits YouTube on October 27th.

Hit the jump for a wonderfully gory trailer. Read more… »

Truth be told, the debut trailer from Star Wars’ new Battlefront: Elite Squadron doesn’t show much. In fact, it almost shows nothing but a brief, shiny-looking CGI cutscene for fans to take a peek at. LucasArts are pretty honest when it comes down to it, they even note that these sharpshooting visuals aren’t the actual gameplay footage; how nice of them.

If 33-second trailers involving space Stormtroopers are your thing, scoot inside. Read more… »

Just recently, Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden, an activist group stationed in Germany, announced that it was holding a modern day [book] game burning, and invited everyone out to willingly turn in their “killer” violent video games all in the name of justice.

Well, it happened yesterday, and someone went to catch it all on camera: can you say “fail”? I honestly can’t tell what they have in that vat other than San Andreas, but if I had to guess, it would be a Gameboy game, a few PS2 titles, and a pack of Pokemon The Trading Card game cards. Read more… »

Gotta catch ‘em all! Well, not in this case: Pokepark is a new Wii title featuring Pikachu, with one simple objective – make friends while playing minigames! The above video features some gameplay, as well as an incredibly odd “news report” from an actual Japanese show: Chimchar suit and all.

In the video, get get to see some new and old Pokemon, which I assume is an attempt to sway old fans. While the graphics look similar to a Nintendo 64 game, I’m really not expecting anything graphically exciting out of a Pokemon title. What do you think? Is this inexcusable (check out the pixelation on Torterra at 0:27), or are you too much of a Pokemaniac to care?


In a new presentation video for Japanese audiences, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere discusses the upcoming Heavy Rain for Playstation 3 through an extended gameplay tour. The walkthrough focuses on the character of Ethan and his role in the unfolding story, so spoilers are inevitable.

Heavy Rain is one of the PS3′s most anticipated exclusive titles, which promises to be a uniquely cinematic and immersive console experience. The sheer scale of the production is touched on in the interview, revealing that a staggering 170 days of motion capture footage were shot, amounting to around 3 motion pictures.

Heavy Rain is scheduled for release sometime next year, but a confirmed date is said to be announced soon.


Every time I think I’m ready to put my Wii away for good, Nintendo goes and does something that reminds me why I fell in love with them in the first place.  Take this newly released New Super Mario Bros. Wii trailer for example.

After only a single minute of in-game footage, I’m completely convinced I want to buy this new Mario title.  All the old school style gameplay elements, served up with new shiny graphics and a heavy dose of co-op, makes this game a must have for my slowly growing Wii library.

Take a gander for yourself, then let us know if you’re interested. Read more… »

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Gabe Newell meets Aussie modder
By: | October 13th, 2009

Gabe Newell

The saga of Gabe Newell being flown out to Australia has been a popular talking point for gamers across the globe. The fantastical idea of an unknown modder catching the attention of the man who gave us Half-Life and Left 4 Dead has been a heart-warming tale indeed.

Well, now Gabe has come and gone after keeping his promise to Joe W-A. Hit the jump to check out the extended interview from the latest Good Game episode.

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Bluuuuuuuuur THUNDER!
By: | October 11th, 2009

So I’ve been following a bit if Blur coverage, but I had no idea it was basically Hydro Thunder on wheels. Ok, so it might actually have more in common with Wipeout in the sense that Blur is favoring neon super-charged futuristic weaponry and visuals, but hey, I can dream!

Does anyone think this game stands a chance? Or is it just going to be Midnight Club with powerups?


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New Nostalgia video released
By: | October 11th, 2009

Nostalgia banner

Nostalgia, the soon-to-be-released steampunk RPG from Ignition, has a new trailer!  And it’s pretty.

Well, it’s as pretty as a steampunk RPG on the Nintendo DS can manage.  It actually looks like it shares a lot of character models with the recent Final Fantasy III and IV remakes…

But whatever.  New IP’s are always cool.  Check it out.


Taito is at it again: as if you couldn’t get enough shmups, Darius Burst is hitting PSPs on December 24th in Japan. Honestly, the graphics are looking pretty slick, and the trailer shows a good balance between mild bullet hell and power-up based combat.

For more information on the shoot ‘em up genre (shmup), feel free to check out one of our past articles!

You just can’t get enough Dragon Age content injected into your veins, can you? It seems like every week we get a new boss trailer: sooner or later, we’ll know how to beat them all before we even get our hands on the game!

This particular video features the Broodmother, a hideous creature that lives below the Dwarves’ place of residency. It looks a lot like the creature from Blade to me, but feel free check out the trailer and see for yourself!

There are a couple of elemental truths in life.  One of them is “there’s always a girl”.  Why couldn’t you go out with the guys last Friday night?  There was a girl.  Why couldn’t you get that drug shipment to the dealers on time?  There was a girl.

Ok, maybe you’ve never experienced that last one, but that’s probably because you don’t live in Liberty City.  Luckily for you, Rockstar has created this wonderful video for their upcoming GTA 4 expansion, Episodes from Liberty City, to show you what you’ve been missing.

Check out the trailer above to find out why “there’s always a girl”. Read more… »