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What’s the next step for Nintendo’s innovation?  Of course…  Puppets!

The new Wii game from Swedish developer Zoink Games – Wiiwaa – involves forcing a Wiimote down the throat of a puppet that looks like an Uglydoll, then shaking the puppet (and presumably doing other things to it) to make it perform on-screen actions.

Watch the video.  How could someone not say, “You know, Nintendo… this is really weird.”

Maybe because Nintendo would respond, “Yeah.  That’s what they said about motion controls.”


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Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal isn’t the first product to offer the capability of using your entire body as the game controller.  Believe it or not, Sega attempted this way back in the Genesis/Mega Drive days… with the Sega Activator.


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Prince of Persia Trailer
By: | November 5th, 2009

Finally it’s here.  After months of anticipation, Disney has finally released a trailer for their upcoming film Prince of Persia, and it seems just as exciting and thrilling as the video game.   We all know that video games turned into film have rarely, if ever, been very good, but with these high profile names floating around, it’s hard to believe that this game will fail much like its brethren.

With the leading role played by Jake Gyllenhaal, a stage presence by Ben Kingsley, a Jerry Bruckheimer production and backed by Disney, it’s shaping up to be the first great video game film made.  Let’s hope it lives up to its hype. Read more… »

MW2 Launch Trailer

Spending the minute and thirty-two seconds it will take to watch this Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer will change your life forever.  All those reservations you might have had about purchasing the game will fade away as your senses are bombarded with some of the most intense looking gameplay to ever grace a game console.

I honestly don’t understand how anyone can’t be excited about this game.  It’s the sequel to one of the best selling and best reviewed console games of this generation, and there’s still so much that’s not even known about it.  It also has a huge amount of controversy surrounding it right now.  What is there not to love about it?


It feels like Darksiders has been in development for an extraordinarily long period of time.  If I didn’t know better I would think it was a Blizzard game, but alas it is not.  It is however looking more and more incredible every single time I see a new trailer for it.

Take this latest trailer for example that just got released today.  I don’t know how you can watch this and not be even the slightest bit interested in this game.  You get to play as one of the four Horsemen of the apocalypse as you take on both angels and demons in a fight to save our world.  I’m telling you now, this is going to be the sleeper hit of 2010. Read more… »

Just Dance

It may not have been my most anticipated title at iDEF, but I certainly gave Ubisoft’s upcoming Wii game, Just Dance, a fair go. I sold what little pride I had left to the eGames booth babes simply to entertain you fine Gamer Limit readers.

While I won’t be hailing it as the “greatest release since Guitar Hero” any time soon, you can hit the jump and read my thoughts on the game. Oh, and see the ridiculously embarrassing video – but you don’t have to watch that.


I woke up this morning to wonderful news!  Electronic Arts has just released the first teaser trailer for a new American Mcgee Alice game, currently titled Return of Alice.  It’s been nine years since the original American McGee’s Alice was released for the PC, but unfortunately its twisted retelling of the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale never attracted much of an audience.

With this new one being released on consoles, hopefully it will get a lot more attention.  Unfortunately you’ll have to wait till 2011 to get your hands on it.  Until then, you can enjoy this freaky trailer. Read more… »


Morgan Webb: “This is the only game out there [Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time] for people who like action platformers. I guess there’s Mario Galaxy, but it feels like it’s aimed so much for kids.”

There’s not much I can say to that, so just enjoy the header I found on Google Images, and hit the jump for the awful clip, containing one of the worst quotes of all time. Read more… »

As previously predicted, Assassin’s Creed 2′s Lineage premiered today on YouTube. While we’re not so surprised that Ubisoft are investing quite a bit of moolah on AC2‘s marketing campaign, a mini live-action series is something else. For a 14-minute viral video, it’s pretty damn epic. It’s not going to win any Oscars, but as it is, there’s an impressive level of commitment shown for Ezio and the franchise.

Sneak inside for the official short movie.

The new Bioshock 2 trailer, titled “Siren Alley,” was released today, and the game is shaping up to have much more of a shooter feel than the first.  Think more Unreal, less Metroid Prime.

Still, more Big Daddy is always a good thing.

Note the second-to-last title card – a preview embargo?  You’re sure to hear more about that in just a few short days…



The Xbox Live dashboard update preview program has made its way to a select few. While many have longed for features such as Twitter and Facebook, the dedicated applications may not be for everyone.

The update is expected sometime in November and includes Twitter, Facebook,, Zune Marketplace, internet video, and a music games store dedicated to downloads for games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Read on to check out Gamer Limit’s preview of the biggest features in the Xbox Live dashboard update. Read more… »

If you’ve never played Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 before, you probably won’t ever want to pick it up after you watch this video: in fact, a lot of people will probably want to stop playing it after all of the infinite combos make you feel like a scrub.

This particular video features Justin Wong as Pink Storm at Seasons Beatings 4 in Columbus Ohio. If anyone’s wondering, the comeback starts around 1:40, when the crowd starts going wild. While I never won any big tournaments, there’s nothing quite like participating in them amidst a large roaring crowd!