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1Are you disappointed with Modern Warfare 2′s multiplayer?  Don’t worry about it, the Germans have you covered. The modding team known as Blackmonkeys have spent the last year creating their own rendition of Modern Warfare, which has rightfully been named Galactic Warfare.

The mod is set in a galaxy far, far away on the planet Tatooine. The combat focuses on battles between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, and believe me, this is one interstellar space war you don’t want to miss. So join me after the break for the teasers.  PEW PEW!


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Retro Ad of the Week: Atari XE
By: | December 3rd, 2009

Atari XE

[Every Thursday is Retro Day at Gamer Limit, so kick back and enjoy the classics. Feel free to check out our full schedule right here!]

If you are one of the lucky kids who remembers gaming in the 80s, you may recall the hilarious marketing ploys Atari utilized in an attempt to compete with the NES. If you haven’t heard, then I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you that they didn’t succeed.

Hit the jump to check out this week’s retro commercial, which truly shows the respect, ingenuity, and humility of Atari.


titleNow that the November rush is beginning to slow down, and the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner, developers and publishers around the globe are preparing themselves for the rightful ascension into video game stardom.  To kick it off, Spike TV will be broadcasting its 2009 Video Game Awards  show on December 12.

Aside from the red carpet event, gamers have something more important to tune into: 2010 video game teasers.  Read on to get the shimmy on some of the trailers. Read more… »

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Contra Life 2
By: | November 25th, 2009

If there’s one thing I love, its creative mod-videos. Well, buckle up for one of the most popular level mods of all time (Little Big Planet especially): Contra’s first level.

In my opinion, 3D mods for 2D games put a whole new spin on retro titles: the creator has to interpret everything that isn’t viewable on a 2D plane, as well as figure out a way to incorporate the parent game’s mechanics as seamlessly as possible. Obviously Contra is perfectly suited for a parent game like Half Life 2.  If you enjoyed the video, the author, m0rtanius, also has Half-LifeVania and Super Half-Life Bros. for your viewing pleasure. Read more… »


In the history of gaming, developing quality AI partners has always been a tremendous challenge.  While very few dev companies can pull off the miracle, many fail utterly.  And no matter how grand Valve’s latest title may seem, it suffers from incompetent AI as well.

Since Left 4 Dead 2 focuses on multiplayer, we can never get too upset toward dumb AI.  In fact, the only people to blame is yourself for playing single-player in the first place.  Nonetheless, this is quite hilarious and should be seen by everyone. Read more… »

Ode to Minions

Many of us have spent countless hours slaughtering the hordes of enemies in video games who get in our way.  We snuff them out of existence in a heart beat, yet all they were doing was performing a task someone else ordered them to do.  Those goombas and piranha plants are someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or maybe even sister, but we never stop to consider that.

Matthew Taranto, who writes the online comic Brawl in the Family, cares about all those dead enemies and their families.  To celebrate his 200th comic he’s actually written a song dedicated to them entitled “Ode to Minions.” It’s a heartfelt tune about all those hard working bad guys who are simply trying to work a 9-to-5 day job to put food on the table.

Come on inside to watch the “Ode to Minions” music video.  You’ll never look at bad guys the same way again. Read more… »

Ravensword screen

After the release of the CoD:WaW Zombies app yesterday for the ridiculous price of $9.99, you may wonder if it was the 3D graphics and the first-person gameplay driving up the price.

You’ll soon realize that’s not the case, as Ravensword: the Fallen King was just released today.  It’s an ambitious Elder Scrolls-style sandbox game, and it’s only $6.99.


Where is my cross game voice chat!?

So many features on PS3 user’s wish lists for future firmware upgrades. And on the top of everyone’s list is Facebook, right? Well, of course it is!

Sony has recently revealed on the official Playstation blog that the upcoming firmware 3.10, to be released “soon,” will provide Facebook support. So, as Sony continues to play catch up with Microsoft’s Xbox dashboard update, one can’t help but feel that the wish list is now complete. I mean, there isn’t any other means of social communication we need on the PS3. Nope, none at all.

Hit the jump for a preview video of this dream come true. Read more… »


I finally got my hands on Sky Player after its launch on October 27th. The new service for the Xbox 360 was removed after Microsoft and Sky experienced technical issues over the “phenomenal demand”.

In a statement last week on a Sky Player Blog, Sky offered compensation to those who had already signed up to the feature, yet were unable to access the services on offer. I was one of the many unfortunate people unable to access this service until now. So join me after the break to see its features in action.


FF13 Release Date

Square Enix has just given millions of JRPG fanboys a reason to scream for joy like a bunch of little school girls with the announcement that Final Fantasy XIII will be releasing in North America on March 9, 2010 for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.  Considering the Japanese version launches in mid December, this is quite a quick turn around for a company who enjoys taking their time with game translations.

They have also announced new information will be released on the 13th of every month until the game launches in what they are calling the “Lucky Number 13” Campaign.  To see the first incredible video from this new marketing campaign, hit the jump.  Read more… »

Legend of Zelda

[Every Thursday is Retro Day at Gamer Limit, so kick back and enjoy the classics. Feel free to check out our full schedule right here!]

After last week’s reminder of that ghastly creation known only as the Sega Activator, we here at Gamer Limit feel that it is only fair to offer you a more elegant advertisement this week.

Hit the jump, and step back in time with one of the original (and apparently banned) TV spots for The Legend of Zelda.

And who said gamers weren’t cool?

If you’re anything like me, then you’re just as excited about PokePark: Pikachu’s Big Adventure, despite being 24 years old and without guilt.  The Pokemon series has always held a soft spot in my heart, and I think now is the time I come out of the closet and tell  you.

I found this trailer while surfing around Destructoid and became instantly intrigued by the site of another installment to the long standing series.  Instead of fighting Gary and man-handling Misty this time, you traverse through a free-roam environment making friends and testing your skills. Read more… »