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This is the first thing from the mostly ridiculous Dante’s Inferno ad campaign that I’ve seen yet that makes me care about the game.  Why?  Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.”  Makes up for the fake protesters, the fake game, and encouraging game geeks to molest booth babes.



Dragon Age: Origins was a big game. Now, it’s getting even bigger, with the upcoming expansion pack, entitled Awakening. While this is very cool in and of itself, things have gotten even more exciting with the release of some recent trailers for the game, neither clocking in at over a minute long.

The Dangerous Children trailer after the jump seems almost like a survival-horror quest, while the Anders clip appears to be full of humor and badassery. Throw those two together in the same expansion disc, and the world of Dragon Age is looking better than ever. Read more… »

Last year I turned the world of video game unboxing videos upside down when I created my own personal unboxing video for the PSPgo.  Well it appears that those crafty game designers over at 2K Games have seen my incredible piece of cinematic brilliance, and have decided to one-up it with their own Bioshock 2 Special Edition unboxing video.

I must admit that the beginning of their video starts out as you would typically expect, with some random person boringly taking everything out of the box, but by the end they take it to a whole new level.  Trust me when I say you need to watch this, as it’s just pure comedic genius. Read more… »

If you’re old enough to remember playing games back in the 80’s, then at some point you probably played Sega’s classic arcade flight game After Burner.   If you’ve actually been to an arcade in the last four years there’s a good chance you stumbled upon the fourth game in that series, After Burner Climax.

The great thing about the After Burner series is it doesn’t matter if you’ve played the first or the fourth game, because they’re all exactly the same.  Now you can bring that lack of innovation home, as Sega is releasing After Burner Climax on PSN and XBLA later this year.  You can check out the first full trailer above, but be warned you might need a barf bag. Read more… »

Chances are you missed it, but back at E3 ’09 a trailer for a game called Flip’s Twisted World was aired. It’s a quirky little platformer that obviously draws inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy. The hook here is that gravity can be reoriented by twisting the Wii Remote. Up becomes down, left becomes right, front becomes back, and so on.

What’s most impressive about this game so far is how polished it looks, and I don’t mean just visually. This is the first project from developer Frozen North Productions, a team that as of right now is only about twelve strong. It’s embarassing that a dozen guys can pull something like this off while the bigger industry players can’t seem to “figure out” the Wii.

Flip’s Twisted World has been flying under the radar, but hopefully this new developer video will get you to take notice. The world could use more solid platformers. The game should land on shelves this spring.

Colored Game Boy

Well, here it is: your very own anti-drug commercial. It’s been a while since the last Retro Ad, but Game Boy has brought us back with a bang.

There’s nothing I like more than buying a brand new Game Boy, downing an entire bottle of Swiss absinthe, and then tripping balls as “I SEE RED” sears itself into my brain.


Michael Pachter Captioned

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter, famous for his various bold claims about the future of our favorite hobby, has just been given his own show on  Oh joy.

The official description of the debut episode of Pach-Attack!: “Pachter has broken free and is attacking the internet with his biggest winners and losers of 2009!”  I spoil the show for you after the jump.


I honestly can’t come up with any words that are worthy of describing the new Mass Effect 2 launch trailer Bioware has recently released.  To say that it’s epic, inspiring, or emotionally moving simply does not do it justice.  Hollywood doesn’t even put trailers together that are this good.

If you have never played Mass Effect, you need to watch this trailer.  If you have played it, but you didn’t like it, you need to watch this trailer.  Even if you know deep down in your soul that this is your most anticipated game of the year, and you don’t need anymore convincing, you still need to watch this trailer. Read more… »

With all the multiplayer coverage bombarding Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it’s easy to forget that there even is a single player component.

In an exclusive episode of GameTrailers TV, details of the single player campaign have finally emerged, revealing that the original B Company will be reprised as players once again take the role of Private Preston Marlowe.


Suda 51, the charismatic creator of many gaming gems such as Flower, Sun, and Rain, and Killer 7, goes behind the camera in this all new developer’s diary, which takes place in a public lavatory. Complete with a (non Suda) American voice over, this video is just about as over-the-top as Sylvester Stallone.

In short, if you’re a fan of insane action, you need to watch this video, and you may want to pick up No More Heroes 2 on January 26th, 2010.

The U.S. commercial for Capcom fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ranks among the greatest game commercials I have ever seen. Period.

It’s like the guys at Robot Chicken crammed an entire episode’s budget into the most high-octane 20 seconds of stop-motion beatdowns. Really, there’s nothing more to say. Watch it. WATCH IT!

A couple months ago Square Enix promised that on the 13th of every month, leading up to the March 9th release of Final Fantasy XIII, new information about the game would be revealed.  Well it’s January 13th, and today the developer once again delivered on their promise, this time with a new trailer complete with English voice acting.

If you think this is just another FFXIII trailer, you would be wrong.  Not only is the voice acting incredible, but it’s completely in sink with the characters’ lips.  This was a real shock for me, because I was expecting another badly dubbed JRPG.  Oh, and that song in the background is the new Leona Lewis single, “My Hands”, which is the theme song for the game. Read more… »