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Gears 2 is fixed..again
By: | June 24th, 2009


The release of Gears Of War 2 wasn’t exactly smooth. Sure, single player kept most gear heads compelled throughout but, when we begun to sink our teeth into the multiplayer which kept the original Gears on top of Xbox Live charts we were met with long matchmaking times and infuriating weapon glitches. Well after a few patches apparently Gears 2 is being fixed…again.



Left 4 Dead 2 just can’t catch a break. Not only are thousands of angry fans boycotting its November release, but apparently the ESRB has also taken a shot – insisting the box art be toned down. How, you ask? By reducing the amount of zombie chewed fingers – thats how.

Hit the jump for details, including a before and after comparison of the art.



Following last week’s substantial offerings, this week’s update comes as a disappointment when compared to the European Store’s previous few weeks of glory. Other than the obligatory and over priced DLC for Rock Band and Guitar Hero, there are very few table scraps worth picking through.

A listing of this week’s shameful store update can be found after the break.



“Welcome to the future” is a phrase that gets used in videogames far too often. Only last week at E3 were Sony and Microsoft trumping their new motion technologies as something that would change games forever.  Many were blown away by what was on offer, especially the footage shown of Project Natal.

Countless scenarios have been brought up by gamers on how the new tech could be implemented, from strategy games to RPGs and every genre in between. Before we all start throwing our controllers away and jumping on the motion control bandwagon, it’s time for a history lesson.



After the string of controversy and burning effigies* that surrounded the much maligned StarForce, many would be surprised to hear that they are actually still in business. Like some kind of undead creature, the silver bullets of mass developer desertion only seemed to wound them, and thus they have resurfaced from the dust and expressed a possible resurgence in an interview with Gamasutra.



According to a recent study performed by the Medical College of Georgia, playing video games may just be a viable option in the treatment of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. A group of Parkinson’s patients were asked to play an hour of Wii Sports (tennis, boxing, and bowling) for 3 days a week over a 2 month period. Those tested were found to have increased levels of dopamine, as well as a considerable decrease in depression.



To avoid any notice I’d be sure to receive upon making such bold a claim, let me state now that yes, I did take games such as, Resident Evil 5, Dead Space, Condemned 2 and Alone in the Dark in mind when I made the decision that Fallout 3 was my scariest game of all time. Bethesda’s first go at the Fallout series put us in a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland that was no doubt grim and depressing, but was it scary? After investing close to forty hours of time roaming the Capital Wasteland I’d have to say yes, it’s god damned terrifying.



Ask me what my favourite game series is and I’ll tell you Metal Gear Solid. Ask me my favourite MGS game and I’ll tell you, without a blink, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. A new rival is set to join the series, with the PSP taking another bite of the action.

“I’ve learned something… I’m not living unless I’m in battle” – Big Boss


Denmark-based studio Deadline Games has sadly filed for bankruptcy. They were founded in 1996 and were responsible for such titles as Total Overdose, Chili Con Carnage, and the recent Watchmen: The End is Nigh games.



This week’s PSN update arrives with a host of new content, including notable releases such as the much anticipated Big Surf Island for Burnout Paradise and VidZone, Sony’s brand new music video application. Compared to the deprivation the European store has previously received, this update continues the recent trend of SCEE actually delivering a worthwhile dose of both quantitative and quality content. My only complaint is that the irresistable Iron Maiden track pack is only available for Rock Band and not Guitar Hero.

A full listing of today’s update can be found after the break.



For some, the 16-bit glory days ended far too soon. When sprites and text-based dialogue were the staples of any story driven title, many considered these elements to be the best way to tell a tale. It’s hard to doubt these claims, especially when you look at some of the renowned games that come out in the 90s – Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Phantasy Star, Lunar and so on. The death of the cartridge and the rise of 3D removed most limitations, and some would say, the creativity which blossomed while finding ways around them.

For a global group of diehards, though, an ambitious new project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Genesis/Mega Drive moved quickly from concept to reality. Pier Solar, the first brand new title to be developed for the MD/Sega CD, has almost completed its lengthy development. One of the first successful projects of its size, the developers originally began as a small forum community and grew quickly into a small indie development studio.



An interesting new addition to the PSN is set to materalise tomorrow in the form of VidZone, a new music video streaming service exclusive to European territories. Once launched, it will arrive pre-packaged with a strong wealth of content, with a reported 10,000 videos available to view. These videos can also be arranged into custom playlists for ease of use.

After a simple download from the Playstation Store, VidZone will sit neatly at the top of the music category within the PS3‘s integral XMB menu. With several major and independent record companies in tow (including Sony BMG, would you believe), VidZone’s seeds are soon to be planted and can only grow from here. Let’s just hope it grows a trifle faster than Home. Read more… »